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add more resolutions and



Yes!! My PC is not the best, and whenever I play, it is really laggy. Thank you "goodboy BG!"


i am on laptop it's not verry good and i have bad fps (win10 Home 4GB RAM 500GB HDD GPU 1300MB VRAM overclocked CPU 1.60 GHz)


oh god. i thought my 2.6 ghz 16 gb ram quad core processor ASUS notebook was bad


mine is ASUS too


Dual Core 3.0 GHz, 8 GB Ram and the game is runnig very good on fastest settings


I have only 1,9 GHz cpu and game runs beatifully and no lag

i think the game is runing bad on laptops because laptops don't have video cards they use the CPU and that is the problem but i am not shure about that

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goodboy_BG That's only if you have it set to run on integrated graphics that it'll use up memory and it's not just laptops that can run integrated graphics, towers can run on them too. Laptops and notebooks can also have video cards but it depends on the laptop itself. I personally have a GeForce GTX 950M 2GB video card in my 15.4 inch laptop and I can run it just fine on max settings.

I have the i7 7700 not the k version tho sadly with a gigabyte 1070 8gb graphics carda nd 16gb ram and i am ok with the game.

i have apple laptop air 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 with 4GB RAM and it runs on the best graphics settings without one tinny lag spike for about 40-50 mins then it starts to realize what its doing and then it starts to slowly die


I play on a 1.6 GHz laptop with only 3200HD graphics. After tinkering with the settings a bit I found that "Simple " reduced the lag to a reasonable level. Using a counting system in my head to adjust for the action vs. result was possible and i played it anyway.

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please make this game for the Xbox one and PS4 because not that many people have a computer and i dont have a computer but the controls would be easier and the game would be more popular and im bursting to play this. game but i cant so plase agree with me


"not that many people have a computer" lol

Ill Like That So Much And Scrap Mechanic On ps4 and xbox = best


Well i don`t need that i have a gaming PC 

i just want raft to go on steam faster and make it multi player because that "MOD" does not work ( i cant seen to get it to work but my friend did :(  )






Yeah ur right.Add some more resolutions or even graphic options.For example turn off the fog.because the fog is the laggiest bit.water particles off or on.Beautiful skies like in minecraft to turn off or on or just make the game that is playable on every platform.that it doesnt matter how much RAM do u have or how much does ur graphic card have,etc.

That makes the game shittier and ppl dont play it because its not good graphic and i think that fog is nice and realistic


Sorry love raft but the fog is the only laggy stuff. If the fog isnt there my game would run at 60 fps but with tje fog is running like dog poop. Literally. And resolutions like 800 6đ0 should be added for smoother gameplay. Its not worth it tjat the game looks good it only matters that its playable and i say no to fog!!!


How about we have fog, but there is an option to turn it off?


How do you know it's the fog if you can't turn it off? I'm sure the water would lag you more than the fog.




"Rubber Duckies"? Does it at least have a benefit?

The "pets" part is a bit flimsy though, cause how are you going to be able to obtain one if you can die very easily in the ocean

The island part is kind of dumb though... Why would you have an island in a game that revolves around a raft. I feel like it's kind of defeating the purpose of the game

ikr it would just turn into stranded deep


I agree with what he said. Maybe some suggestions more centered to the game plot? Tamed fish that grab seaweed and stuff for you? and even that is stretching it.


Regarding pets, I could see having a seagull land on the raft from time to time with something in its beak. You could feed it some fish and tell it to go collect something specific you're short on. Obviously, they couldn't carry a barrel but I could see them grabbing some scrap or seeds or a tin can. Yeah, that requires a bit more intelligence than is really realistic for a bird but this is a video game.

A parrot could be a fun animal companion. While it may not be helpful in terms of collecting stuff, it could squawk when the shark approaches or give you occasional hints.


The parrot idea is really good.


Is not night

I see suggestions about birds. What about seal, walrus,... or dolphins? They can help you when you go diving or protect you from the shark

yes! more resolution. its only 640x400 in my laptop. and cant even see shit.


Are you using a laptop from the 90s or something?

Something is wrong on your end if the game is only letting you choose 640x400


hey man create day/ night and in the night is 2 shark ... i think is ok .. ca add bed + crafting table... or something in invetory


Make please co-op if u can






YES make co-op so ppl can play with friends



Its Coming in 2018 Steam Release


Создатели игры Raft не могли бы вы добавить оружие которое помогает быстрее избавится от акулу к примеру дробовик чтоб был лучше копья и дробовик состоял из таких деталей как 40 дерева 50 железа и 10 листьев пальмы это сам дробовик сделан а патроны к нему делались так 30 железа 10 дерева 10 пальмовых листьев и чтоб убивало акулу побыстрее . и чтоб вмещалось в него 2 патроны! если добавите к примеру версиях как 1.05 или в 1.06,1.07 я буду рад и пожалуйста можно после убийства акулы она возродится через минуту а не сразу! пожалуйста!

I've got a 4gb ram intel I3 hd 4400 graphics and i've got a little bit of lagg

My pc can run perfectly on max settings, are you sure you changed your settings to suit your pc?













I dont like the weight system. But should put more on the inventory thing. 10 per stack is quite limited.

but being able to hold more than 10 per stack is really unrealistic. Have you ever tried stacking 10 tin cans filled with water?

What type kind of abilitys do you have in mind, i believe a tiered ability system could be plausable.

What type of material, and what would the material be used for?

What kinds of upgrades? Perhaps you could upgrade parts of your raft to increase health. Possibly to increase boyouncy in the future (hint,hint)


You could go for a type of smeltery, where u can smelt scrap into metal ingot and u need like 10 scrap for 1 ingot or some stuff, then you can improve your raft with metal reinforced planks with like 250 health, but u need planks and scrap to repair it. Sometimes its bit unrealistic you dont have to fire up the cook station or the water supply. I had much fun til now playing this game, keep up the good work, thank you so much for your thousands hours of time!!


something like Skyrim where as you level up you could craft better things

good idea!!


I love the game and thanks to you that you are working on it. I wish that you would include a night. To make it a bit harder maybe things like waves, illness or storms. I also would like more ways of hunting ( birds with a bow or crabs with a busket). A new recourse like plastic garbage would be also interesting. Or how awesome would it be, If you could catch some turtles and use them. The game would be also harder, If you must keep you warm and hide from rain. All in all there are many ways to improve this wonderful game so keep it on guys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


the idea about the waves is very cool


Had to have arpao. Boats.chuva .... When you kill 1 shark, you get 2 when you kill 2 and you're 3 ... a mount to put in the shark and to tame some. Wetsuit, flashlight .. shark leather to do the wetsuit. Had to have a shelf to put a 4 chest on the side and on top of the other inguau the rust.ilha. The shark could jump. Cave. Under the sea. Motor for the boat.fuego bed day night. Bulbulous An alarm system.The doll cries when bitten.


I swore when you made storage it was going to be a barrel. *Next Update* WAT? why chests? Make it barrels!!!!

i am thinking about maybe a little bout so you can explore and find wrecked ships or buildings. also if you don't mind i would love to help make models because this is a fun game i really do enjoy the game. good luck bye.

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Please put in the game a bed, or a sleeping, I also know what needs to this:

3 thatсhes

4 planks

and 6 nails.

Please, can you put the rain on Raft ? It is an element of the game that you have not thought about.

i just want raft to go on steam faster and make it multi player because that "MOD" does not work ( i cant seen to get it to work but my friend did :(  )