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i think the game is runing bad on laptops because laptops don't have video cards they use the CPU and that is the problem but i am not shure about that

the idea about the waves is very cool

mine laptop is like 9 years old

i hope soo like most of the people from this community i love that game

graphics are up to date and i'm with dx11 still no ocean

CPU: intel celeron 1,60 GHz

GPU: intel HD graphics 1300MB VRAM (overclocked)



Windows10 Home 32bit

mine is ASUS too

i post it there but nobudy saw it i put image link too

yeah me too i tried everything overclocking changing directx nothing works

when i open the game it flashes like that also i don't have ocean maybe you can fix it by installing directx 11

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me too not that my pc is good but i don't have ocean too

what fps do you have good or bad

Raft community · Created a new topic no water bug

please help me with that bug

i have 4 gb ram too and i am on laptop maybe my bad fps is because o that gpu is 1300 mb overclocked

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i don't have water at the map and the menu also bat fps is it because my pc (laptop) is old

here is the image

if someone have this bug too please reply

and sensitivity is also a good idea

i am on laptop it's not verry good and i have bad fps (win10 Home 4GB RAM 500GB HDD GPU 1300MB VRAM overclocked CPU 1.60 GHz)

yes you can, but you have to search for the right angle if they didn't patch it

add more resolutions and

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS please add more resolutions

no you can't

i didn't mean that i mean i don't have water in the map i can collect water and stuf but there is no water just flying raft and shark and other stuff

please help me i don't have water

destroy the flor under it

plese help i don't have water

please help me i don't have water is my GPU outdated (intel HD graphics V9.17.10.4229)

do i need dx 12 because the game works on 8 fps on my laptop i have 4GB RAM memory 786MB VRAM (intel HD graphics) and 1.60 Ghz CPU 2 cores plese help me i realy like this game but i cant play it also there is no water

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can some one tell me what RAM VRAM and CPU i need to play this game normaly because i have like 3 or 5 fps. Oh and i don't have water