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How about we have fog, but there is an option to turn it off?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I thought my game was glitched thanks for your reply :)

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Was shooting the red king for 10 minutes on the final stage before i stopped playing. At first I thought it was funny, but then it annoyed me because this means that level 60 is unbeatable and the game has no ending currently.

Pressing "r" rotates certain build-able structures/items.

Flaw in game: you need to be within kissing distance to hit someone.

Thank you for your response, I am satisfied knowing you are working on it. Love the game so far! :)

Replied to OnlyA in Raft comments

If your game is not saving, you probably have an older version which does not have the save function. Try downloading the new version of Raft.

It's extremely likely that the Assembly-CSHarp.dll file is corrupted. If downloading again didn't help try deleting all the previous files associated with Raft (make sure you delete completely, not just move to recycle bin) and try downloading again (make sure it is the 64 bit version (it should say X64 at the download link)).

For me planks got really scarce all of a sudden after playing a few hours, but they still spawned sometimes. I've never had a resource not spawn.

Posted in Raft comments

Dear Raft Developers,

I am enjoying the first look at Raft you have provided for us and hope to see more updates in the future. One thing I noticed while playing the game is the sounds are very quiet, and there is no ambiance. While I'm sure you will add ambiance sounds such as the water splashing against your raft or wind, I was hoping you would implement quickly, as it really contributes to the game a lot. Thank you or developing this creative, new game which has recently received a lot of attention on YouTube. Keep up the good work team!


A pleased Raft player.

Replied to fvckraft in Raft comments

Not to be rude, but that's your fault, not the game's. In other survival games such as Ark you would have been killed by a dino or starved if you went away without pausing.

Replied to AndreeRc in Raft comments

Can't send you a video, but I assure you there is a save feature implemented within the game. The main menu should look different from yesterday if you have the correct version, if not try downloading again.

Replied to BrisadoTM in Raft comments

Hey there, if these problems do not go away you can try this: for the first problem when it gets stuck press escape and it should prompt you to continue, go to main menu, or exit game. At this prompt, press go to main menu and try loading the game again. I had this problem as well and this fixed it. For the second problem, it could be you put the graphics on the lowest or (and this applies to the third problem as well) your game files could be corrupted and you should try downloading again. (Make sure you download the 64 bit version.)

There is a save function, just press escape in game and you will see it, if you do not see it then read the reply I left to the comment below.

Replied to ZomGameZ in Raft comments

Yea as the guy above me said there is already a save function all you need to do is press escape and either exit the game or go to main menu and it will save. If it doesn't show the word save on the buttons when you press escape, you probably have the previous version so just download it again.

Although I've never had this problem in your situation i would try this: first of all make a spear, then a cooking station. Kill the shark by jumping into the water then when he gets near jump back on your raft and stab him a few times. Eventually he will die and stabbing his dead body will give you meat. Cook the meat and eat it which gives you both food and water, so you have enough time to build anything else you had trouble with before.

Replied to DogDiltz in Raft comments

Dog that's a bug it happened to me as well. I pressed escape and went to the main menu then tried loading the game again and it worked fine.