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A member registered Jan 02, 2017

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Sorry love raft but the fog is the only laggy stuff. If the fog isnt there my game would run at 60 fps but with tje fog is running like dog poop. Literally. And resolutions like 800 6đ0 should be added for smoother gameplay. Its not worth it tjat the game looks good it only matters that its playable and i say no to fog!!!

You know what we need on raft. much more tools and items. And something else. The item nets are OP so it would be cool if u can only take items from the nets like 10 times then it breaks and u have to repair it with wood. Not that u have to make another item net just to repair it after using it too much.

Better sensitivity would be better and guns.Add guns u could trickshot

Yeah ur right.Add some more resolutions or even graphic options.For example turn off the fog.because the fog is the laggiest bit.water particles off or on.Beautiful skies like in minecraft to turn off or on or just make the game that is playable on every platform.that it doesnt matter how much RAM do u have or how much does ur graphic card have,etc.