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Yes!! My PC is not the best, and whenever I play, it is really laggy. Thank you "goodboy BG!"


i am on laptop it's not verry good and i have bad fps (win10 Home 4GB RAM 500GB HDD GPU 1300MB VRAM overclocked CPU 1.60 GHz)


oh god. i thought my 2.6 ghz 16 gb ram quad core processor ASUS notebook was bad


mine is ASUS too


Dual Core 3.0 GHz, 8 GB Ram and the game is runnig very good on fastest settings


I have only 1,9 GHz cpu and game runs beatifully and no lag

i think the game is runing bad on laptops because laptops don't have video cards they use the CPU and that is the problem but i am not shure about that

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goodboy_BG That's only if you have it set to run on integrated graphics that it'll use up memory and it's not just laptops that can run integrated graphics, towers can run on them too. Laptops and notebooks can also have video cards but it depends on the laptop itself. I personally have a GeForce GTX 950M 2GB video card in my 15.4 inch laptop and I can run it just fine on max settings.

I have the i7 7700 not the k version tho sadly with a gigabyte 1070 8gb graphics carda nd 16gb ram and i am ok with the game.

i have apple laptop air 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 with 4GB RAM and it runs on the best graphics settings without one tinny lag spike for about 40-50 mins then it starts to realize what its doing and then it starts to slowly die


I play on a 1.6 GHz laptop with only 3200HD graphics. After tinkering with the settings a bit I found that "Simple " reduced the lag to a reasonable level. Using a counting system in my head to adjust for the action vs. result was possible and i played it anyway.

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please make this game for the Xbox one and PS4 because not that many people have a computer and i dont have a computer but the controls would be easier and the game would be more popular and im bursting to play this. game but i cant so plase agree with me


"not that many people have a computer" lol

Ill Like That So Much And Scrap Mechanic On ps4 and xbox = best


Well i don`t need that i have a gaming PC 

i just want raft to go on steam faster and make it multi player because that "MOD" does not work ( i cant seen to get it to work but my friend did :(  )