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добавить пиратов

Я не думаю, что пираты были бы хорошим дополнением к игре. Возможно, подводное плавание, все больше и больше материалов крафта рецептов было бы более полезным.

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Hi, i got some suggestions! like if you agree!

Island idea:

+ add islands!

+ palm trees on the island, so you can cut them down with your axe.

+ we got the building system for a raft, sure wanna keep that going, but if you add islands, you can have 2 building systems, so you can make a house on an island! i think that would be cool!

+ sails, so you can acually GO to the islands, without using smaller boats! The main raft will be slower than the small boats.

Island building system:

Roofs, but not only flat roofs, but maybe also square roofs, made of thatch or wood!

Thatch roof materials: rope, thatch

Wood roof materials: wood, nails

And also add wooden walls!

With the same materials as the wooden roof.


+ Sticks, for a campfire!

+ Stone, for maybe stone walls and roofs, for the island, and maybe for flint and steel, so you can start the campfire!

+ add a hoe, so you can plant vegetables on an island!

+ When you are on the island, you can start a farm with your hoe. Add carrots and weed! With weed you can make bread!

Game ideas:

+ Add more drinks, like rum or regular milk (can be found inside barrels)

+ Add a way to destract (is that how i spell it? :\) the shark for one day and one night, so you can build safely.

+ Add NPC characters: Humans on other rafts, so you can trade or fight them. And populations om SOME of the islands (in NPC villages). And maybe some animals, so you can hunt, tame or eat them!

+ Add more furniture, like torches (for the walls on the ISLAND, not on a raft.) beds, and a closet (with the same use of chests, but you will need more materials to build it, and it will have more space to put items in!)

+ multiplayer mode!

+ smaller boats! very usefull in multiplayer mode, becaus you can build the main raft, and explore the ocean with smaller boats! the main raft will be like a mothership! sounds cool to me.... :\

OOH OOH, this is maybe the best of all...

+ Add wooden plates, so you can put food on it!!! :O (like fish, potatoes, and beetroots) and that you can also sit on the chairs, because they are kinda useless now, exept for decoration...

Hope you guys like my ideas!

I wrote this with my friend and more ideas will come later, pls add tips in the comments below! :D


I like this idea would make the game 100 times better. so cool, Im donating a dollard already


just wondering, what would the npc characters be like? who would they be?

btw theres already an npc... the shark


i will put it in my main topic. gunna edit it right now :)

Thanks 4 ur tip!


that would make the game so much better


just look at the title of the game, they wont add islands.


why not? only because its called 'Raft'? It still has a lot stuff with a raft.


There shouldn't be islands in Raft. It defeats the purpose of a raft in total. If you found an island with a healthy amount of food, you have a water purifier, and enough trees for a house, your basically set for the rest of the game. Zombieslayer008 is right, it's called Raft for a reason. If islands were added, this would turn into a regular survival styled game. This game is different, and I think we need to keep it this way.


umm they said they would be adding islands...


Rly? I cant find this message anywhere where did they post that?


In one of the surveys they had a question about wat ppl would want to see added to the game. They said they would eventually be adding all of the options in the question, which were:

- Moving your raft



-Other NPC Rafts


I really like your idea so what i was thinking about is maybe make something dangerous on the island could be canibals or wild animals that wants to hunt you down. so i wont be that easy to get to the island. it could also be cool if there was some secret rum storages from pirates or something


Would also be nice if they added, sea exploration (or at least more verticality the game, right now you can only go up). Not sure about the Islands stuff because I believe would make it too similar to Stranded Deep. And the village ideas would be cool but if NPC's can live on the island what reason gives the player to stay on the raft instead of going to the island? Maybe dangerous predators etc could be added to make the player consider the risks of going to land for resources (would also need to make the resources coming from the ocean, less reliable, to also make the player need to go into the islands, otherwise they would stick to the raft and that would be boring). All great options and all, but if executed poorly, it can skew the scope of the game and make it seem lost and with no purpose


Raiju, great ideas you got there! And lets turn all villagers into cannibals, and the other NPC's live on rafts! And maybe they can add some new weapons. And maybe the developers can think about dock building. so you can build docks and explore other islands. And yes, the resource floating by are way too much. So if they add islands, they can also make random chests on the beach of the islands. And i think the idea of predators and stuff awesome! if they will add all of this, this game will be so awesome! predators: crocodiles, of course sharks, and lions (rare).


I agree with sea exploration. There needs to be a way to attach either sails or have manual rows on your raft to explore different areas across the sea. When you explore new areas you can find other computer generated ships and rafts with NPC's on it where you can trade, fight, steal and whatnot, creating friendly or hostile relationships with other people. When you go to other areas, you would encounter different things flowing in the water, and in different directions. At endgame, if you have the resources and you have made generators from harnessing fire or using wave power, you could attach simple motors to your raft to get to areas faster. Since you and NPC's will be on the same ocean, there should be different weapons instead of a spear. To plunder other ships and sink them, you would need simple firearms, using rare gunpowder, scrap metal and other materials to make them. Or you could mount cannons which take up lots of space, are hard to maneuver and are expensive to fire and to craft, but that deal significant damage to other ships and NPC's.


not trying to be rude but it sounds a lot like stranded deep like that


Here are my ideas and glitches:

Raft glitches:

  • when making something with a full stack of something and a stack that is less than what you have to use to make that something, it will first get rid of the small stack because that's not enough and then subtract the cost from the full stack, making you pay that small stack extra.So for example: you want to make something of 4 wood, and you have a stack of 2 and a stack of 10 wood, it will get rid of the 2 stack and then subtract 4 from the 10 stack.
  • The shark swum on my raft when i made it really big, then when i killed it, the items went under the raft so i couldn't get the meat.
  • The items spawn not on the full width of my raft, here is a picture:

This could just be meant to be but I thought I would mention it anyway

Raft tips:

  • I'm going to mention this one even though I'm 99% sure this is planned already: add more items, now I've played something like 3 or 4 hours and I'm just building a big platform because there's nothing else to do. Mostly add items of metal because I had 2 chests full of crap before my house was done. Now there's almost no use for scrap.
  • Add more graphics options. This is mostly for the bad computers (like mine) because it actually looks awesome but I'm playing raft at about 10 fps with the second to lowest water quality and all other graphics off. Also: the game is always like a third of a second later than what I do, even though that's probably the fault of my computer, I wanted to mention this too.

Smoke Weed Everyday :D


ok just saying most of these ideas are just from the developers ideas... they are already planning to add most of these..


They are not adding multiplayer....


good idea mincpower

a island and having stone

but also if i may can i add something

maybe some new weapons as well and new build options (like the chair and the lamp and the table)