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I understand your view point on islands, but I wasn't "complaining". I was just stating my opinion on a largely discussed topic, and the downsides of it. I actually agree with you about not all islands having water, food and trees. If there were mini islands just for either small island homes or aesthetic purposes, it would be nice.

Again with the islands...

It ruins the purpose of the game, if you find an island with a sufficient amount of food and clean water, it defeats the purpose of even having a raft. It would be basically changing the whole game into stranded deep. Think about this: The two major sea games are Subnautica, and Stranded Deep. Raft sits right in the middle of both of them. Stranded Deep is island focused while Subnautica is underwater diving centered. Raft is no islands, and no diving, which, like I said, sits right in the middle of both games. Many people think that since it has neither, it needs some main focal point so the game can thrive on, so they either say islands, or diving. That would turn the game into one of those two games. What I think there should be is sea exploration. Going around in your raft finding other NPC rafts and creating positive or negative relationships with the NPC's.

I agree, once you find land, it's almost like you won't ever go back to your raft. What would be the purpose. It would turn into an ordinary survival game.

Good point, if they had diving, the shark mechanics would need to be improved on so it wouldn't constantly chase you when you dive.

Yeah, but if they add a sufficient amount of food, they would need to decrease the speed of how fast your hunger and thirst lowers. With more types of food also, it should also be possible to combine some food, like making sandwiches or salads.

I agree with sea exploration. There needs to be a way to attach either sails or have manual rows on your raft to explore different areas across the sea. When you explore new areas you can find other computer generated ships and rafts with NPC's on it where you can trade, fight, steal and whatnot, creating friendly or hostile relationships with other people. When you go to other areas, you would encounter different things flowing in the water, and in different directions. At endgame, if you have the resources and you have made generators from harnessing fire or using wave power, you could attach simple motors to your raft to get to areas faster. Since you and NPC's will be on the same ocean, there should be different weapons instead of a spear. To plunder other ships and sink them, you would need simple firearms, using rare gunpowder, scrap metal and other materials to make them. Or you could mount cannons which take up lots of space, are hard to maneuver and are expensive to fire and to craft, but that deal significant damage to other ships and NPC's.

There shouldn't be islands in Raft. It defeats the purpose of a raft in total. If you found an island with a healthy amount of food, you have a water purifier, and enough trees for a house, your basically set for the rest of the game. Zombieslayer008 is right, it's called Raft for a reason. If islands were added, this would turn into a regular survival styled game. This game is different, and I think we need to keep it this way.

Some additions towards building your raft:

- Roof (the only roof currently is just floors that need pillars. How about a roof that doesn't need pillars?)

- Triangular roof (like the roof on a house)

- Triangular foundation/floor/roof

- Walls that can stack on top of each other

- Large Pillar (pillars that are 2x2 which allow you to place floors 4 blocks out from it (instead of just 1)

- Cannon: End game mounted item that will need to have gunpowder (rare from barrels) and scrap metal to shoot. Used to damage shark if your not around while it is attacking.

- Ladder

- Roof with a hole in it so you can either put ladder on side of a wall, or put it connected to the hole roof.

- Lastly, metal reinforcements. It's been posted about a lot, but I felt I needed to add it to this.

Since I really like this post, i'm going to list some quotes you said and improve a bit.

  1. "more fish types with varying hunger levels/poisonous fish that harm you when you eat them." I really like this. Later on in the game, getting to know the world that you are surviving in is going to be a key factor.
  2. "The more you advance, the more stuff should unlock. A more advanced cooking station/water purifier to harvest more at once from a singular station. A furnace to smelt the metal down to ingots for further advanced crafting recipes." I'm going to go for a long shot with this suggestion, but maybe a skill tree. The more you do a certain thing, you get experience or points for that subject and can make things less expensive, faster, or give more. For example, once you fish 3 fish, you gain a point you can use to increase the speed of how many you catch, or how big the fish is. So the better you get at a skill, you unlock different recipes for this, which may have a use for the leftover metal we all have laying around in chests.
  3. "As you progress through the game, more advanced materials start drifting in inside the barrels." I'v seen many posts about diving gear and snorkels and such, this could be a way you can go from making thatch and wood walls to survive, to being underwater without a shark to worry about.
  4. "Adding durability to items should also be a must since once you create a tool, you can use it indefinitely." This is needed.
  5. "Weather with hot and cold affects the character requiring you to find shade so the reason to have walls and a roof is useful. Bad rain and storms that damage your structures." Also it could affect how much you need to eat/drink.
  6. "Add a cooldown to the annoying starving/dehydrating sound." I don't think any sane person can go any longer than 2 minutes listening to that sound.
  7. "From what I have seen from this game, it has a HUGE potential. I honestly can't wait to see what future updates hold." Keep up the great work :)

Couldn't agree more...

Great idea, also if you go in the water, it could increase the speed of the fatigue, because the shell weighs you down.

The ideas you listed were very thought out and could have more of a different approach to what developers were thinking. You listed a lot about having an island and obtaining stones and such. The game is called "Raft", not "Islands". Although I like how you indirectly incorporate islands as a "goal" for the player. If you were to keep the whole game set on a raft, you could have a lot more challenges then finding an island. Possibly attaching sails to go around traveling to different areas of the seas which have different types of enemies other than sharks. Stingray? Eels? Other than that, your suggestions were good. I like the idea about LAN, also the stone walls, but made out of metal (to actually have more of a use to metal). Your suggestion about the difficulty is nice, but I really don't think we need a copy of Minecraft Creative. I'd just stick with the Easy/Medium/Hard. Instead of just more/less sharks, maybe alter your hunger/thirst and attacking period of sharks.

Yup, I'v got the same bug, the yet-to-be-placed floor acts as a solid entity, so you will be able to float in midair. It is even worse if you have a floor next to the staircase, so you will hit your head on the green/red floor when walking up.