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Again with the islands...

It ruins the purpose of the game, if you find an island with a sufficient amount of food and clean water, it defeats the purpose of even having a raft. It would be basically changing the whole game into stranded deep. Think about this: The two major sea games are Subnautica, and Stranded Deep. Raft sits right in the middle of both of them. Stranded Deep is island focused while Subnautica is underwater diving centered. Raft is no islands, and no diving, which, like I said, sits right in the middle of both games. Many people think that since it has neither, it needs some main focal point so the game can thrive on, so they either say islands, or diving. That would turn the game into one of those two games. What I think there should be is sea exploration. Going around in your raft finding other NPC rafts and creating positive or negative relationships with the NPC's.


nice idea with the npc rafts

But i think diving and islands as additional feature cant turn raft into another game the main feature is and (i hope) will ever be the raft you should give the game time to evolve and stop complaining about ideas of fans. Not all islands have clear water, food or even palms and every new feature turns raft into a new game some more some less

So have a nice day and well done so far to the developers


I understand your view point on islands, but I wasn't "complaining". I was just stating my opinion on a largely discussed topic, and the downsides of it. I actually agree with you about not all islands having water, food and trees. If there were mini islands just for either small island homes or aesthetic purposes, it would be nice.


Ok than sry

lol Game Dev adds in island and now the game is better