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Since I really like this post, i'm going to list some quotes you said and improve a bit.

  1. "more fish types with varying hunger levels/poisonous fish that harm you when you eat them." I really like this. Later on in the game, getting to know the world that you are surviving in is going to be a key factor.
  2. "The more you advance, the more stuff should unlock. A more advanced cooking station/water purifier to harvest more at once from a singular station. A furnace to smelt the metal down to ingots for further advanced crafting recipes." I'm going to go for a long shot with this suggestion, but maybe a skill tree. The more you do a certain thing, you get experience or points for that subject and can make things less expensive, faster, or give more. For example, once you fish 3 fish, you gain a point you can use to increase the speed of how many you catch, or how big the fish is. So the better you get at a skill, you unlock different recipes for this, which may have a use for the leftover metal we all have laying around in chests.
  3. "As you progress through the game, more advanced materials start drifting in inside the barrels." I'v seen many posts about diving gear and snorkels and such, this could be a way you can go from making thatch and wood walls to survive, to being underwater without a shark to worry about.
  4. "Adding durability to items should also be a must since once you create a tool, you can use it indefinitely." This is needed.
  5. "Weather with hot and cold affects the character requiring you to find shade so the reason to have walls and a roof is useful. Bad rain and storms that damage your structures." Also it could affect how much you need to eat/drink.
  6. "Add a cooldown to the annoying starving/dehydrating sound." I don't think any sane person can go any longer than 2 minutes listening to that sound.
  7. "From what I have seen from this game, it has a HUGE potential. I honestly can't wait to see what future updates hold." Keep up the great work :)