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Some additions towards building your raft:

- Roof (the only roof currently is just floors that need pillars. How about a roof that doesn't need pillars?)

- Triangular roof (like the roof on a house)

- Triangular foundation/floor/roof

- Walls that can stack on top of each other

- Large Pillar (pillars that are 2x2 which allow you to place floors 4 blocks out from it (instead of just 1)

- Cannon: End game mounted item that will need to have gunpowder (rare from barrels) and scrap metal to shoot. Used to damage shark if your not around while it is attacking.

- Ladder

- Roof with a hole in it so you can either put ladder on side of a wall, or put it connected to the hole roof.

- Lastly, metal reinforcements. It's been posted about a lot, but I felt I needed to add it to this.