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I really like your idea so what i was thinking about is maybe make something dangerous on the island could be canibals or wild animals that wants to hunt you down. so i wont be that easy to get to the island. it could also be cool if there was some secret rum storages from pirates or something


This sound brilliant to me i could really see this being a thing in a future :)

Yeah the pirates would be really awesome

You could make a way to get rescured

Do some events like Shark waves. or pirate invaision

i tryed to build i big raft where i had a floor for all my cooked foot and i needed really mutch scrap at that moment

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So i've been playing this game for a few hours now trying some different things out, and managed to find a few bugs

so first theres this bug if you have alot thatch and make some rope if you are fast enough on crafting you can make 7 thatch into 4 rope becouse the bottom is green for a short time before i goes red when you have 1 thatch. Maybe this could be fixed with some crafting delay(i also think this will give the game some more play time so you cant build everything straight away)

So first time i played this game i went for a big house and some times i wont let me place down floor where im sure it can be placed i fixed it by either relogin to my game or by placing a pilar and ''bugged' it into place im not sure how this could be fixed tho

Well i realy thinks this is a great game and the concept is nice but i realy need an objective so while i was playing i came up with a few ideas, maybe you could ad in some events like pirates or something who could drop a flare gun something that could rescue you,it could also give you something usefull for furture work on your raft i also thought about it could be cool if you had to gather enough resource to build a boat or anything like that. And i hope you'll soon update the game with some storage.

I've injoyed your game so far and hope you will continue on developing this game i think it could get quiet popular in the future i would especially like to see a multiplayer mode for this game.

Sry for my bad english i hope you can understand the most of it. It not my mother language.