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You could make a way to get rescured

Do some events like Shark waves. or pirate invaision


lol i was thinking it would be awesome to have pirates invade and then i red your comment glad someone else is to


Yeah the pirates would be really awesome



Bad idea, it's already bad enough with the shark attacks, adding pirates in would be a hassle.


It's not that hard, you can fend sharks off by luring them to you and then stabbing them. Once you get three stabs in on the shark it will disappear and then another cycle begins. I think it takes 9 stabs to kill a shark.


I would love pirate attacks where you can steal the pirate boats


and weapons and n supplies


Yeah the introduction of pirate ships with different "special" items would be cool, ie telescope, pirate steering wheel, sails for decoration, maybe a map of the area, golden chest etc. etc.


On the subject of pirates, you could make it so that they only start appearing once you have a couple of chests. They come to steal your chests and you have to fend them off. If they were to use, say, a harpoon gun or a fishhook like yours to grab the chests, you could cut the ropes with your spear or the axe. You could protect the chests with walls - actually having a purpose for walls would be nice!



This sound brilliant to me i could really see this being a thing in a future :)

Good idea, also it would be nice if it was possible to steal a pirate ship after defeating the pirates on it and the ability to use the stolen ship to travel to an island. Something like a pirate captain boss fight could be added too. (to make stealing a pirate ship harder)