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Replied to Fumle in Suggestions/ideas

Good idea, also it would be nice if it was possible to steal a pirate ship after defeating the pirates on it and the ability to use the stolen ship to travel to an island. Something like a pirate captain boss fight could be added too. (to make stealing a pirate ship harder)

The idea is cool, but it's impossible to dodge an asteroid, because the ship is moving very slow right and left. Also i would like to see some sound effects at least on star pickup ond when crashing into an asteroid. I recommend using sfxr for this purpose as it's very easy to use. You can download it here: http://www.drpetter.se/project_sfxr.html.

Finished it.

Created a new topic [Suggestion] bot commands

It would be nice commanding bots  with text commands or custom hotkeys. (for text commands, a chat is needed)

Text commands example:
Write /make_new_bot into the chat and a bot that listens to this command creates a new workerbot.
Another example:
Write /craft axe 3 to the chat and a bot makes 3 axes for you.

Hotkey commands example:
Press 1 and a bot chops down a tree

New bot commands would be:
Repeat until <command> command recieved
Repeat <id>. argument of command times
If <command> recieved
if <id>. argument of last command was <value>
Repeat until <key> key pressed
If <key> key pressed

It would be really useful (the most useful would be text commands with arguments), it's not the best thing that every time i want to make a new bot (i have a bot for that) i need to press space, select the bot and click play instead of just pressing a button or writing a command and i need to always send that bot to a specific location or it becomes hard to see if it's that bot or not.

Yes, a solarbot would be a good idea, i think.

Cool graphics!

Please fix the crashes (after punching guards a few times, it crashes)!

Thanks! :)

"I would have liked to hear some more sound effects, maybe the hum of the lasers?" - maybe in an update.

Have you read the help on the menu screen? (scroll down in the black terminal)

"computer - spawnpoint, checkpoint, goal"

On some levels, the goal doesn't really looks like a computer.

It can also look like a red or a black cube and in one level, you need to reach a green & blue colored cube to unlock the way to the computer

There's a lot of levels.

The exit is a computer.

In the first level, it's protected with lasers.

In the first level, it has a red (!) on it's screen