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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Work In Progress Sticky

A topic by Denki created Sep 03, 2017 Views: 6,311 Replies: 58
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We thought it'd be fun to share some of our workings here...

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This is what the third Bot might look like. It's made from metal parts and steam-powered by burning wood and literally has a tail pipe for its emissions :) The head's based on an old Commodore Pet computer monitor.



how log untill this is in the game?

probobly v11 i gess


Great, but we are seeing a start screen

Finally a new bot!


"After what seemed like weeks of paddling in my dug-out canoe to find the desert island Pusheen cosplay event, I eventually came across land..."

Is that a boat?!?!?  AWESOME!


It may be something you might be able to make maybe with a log, mallet and chisel at a workbench in Version 11...


<mind blown>


Interesting! Looks cool!

hey, Do you remember me?

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Yes, I do.... If you have discord, it would be best if we talked there (Rublue3748#0029)

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Poor trees ... hope there will be a Solarbot. ;)


A Solarbot with day/night cycle.   

Yes, a solarbot would be a good idea, i think.


Yes to this idea with a day/night cycle, but they would need to break down or something. They cant just keep going forever (during the day atleast) and also would need to be really expensive to make! Then they could be considered late game bots.

yes to the day/night cycle. no to the breaking... I´d love to see some self sustaining bots at some point...

I hope there will be a metal tier bot, that works like the basic and crude ones: needs to be rewound occasionally.

Uhhhh, what? You do realize the steambot is the metal tier bot, right?

Yeah, but not powered off of wood, but I guess it wouldn't make sense anywhays.

good idea then the solar bot can recharge other bots   

Will this be a multiplayer game at any point? that'd be amazing. Not needed, to be fair, but defiantly cool

My 8 year old has recently developed a big interest in this game! He also keeps asking about a multiplayer version. :)  It's encouraging to think that even if we got bots to do lots of labor for us, we still want other people with us, eh? :)

The animations are super adorable. I'm really enjoying watching him play as much as he is enjoying playing. It would be fun to be able to play multiplayer with him. :)


\o/   Thanks!

Yes multiplayer is an often requested feature but unfortunately not something we're thinking about at the moment as we need to make a solid single player experience first. However it's something we'll definitely consider in the future.


After much research I finally figured out how to make string! And, at last, a means of catching some of the fish swimming in the deeper waters... I have passed on this new-found knowledge to my loyal Bots and we can now feed our Folk some much-needed 'brain food' (not that I'm expecting it to make a noticeable difference to their intelligence).

Haha that's awsome! Hope we will not forced to give folks raw fish?


No sushi. Not yet anyway :)


denki, its a great idea to add fishing!
i have 1 question tough wich is not related to fishing at all.
do you think you are gonna add multiplayer sometime?


Multiplayer's too much for us to take on ATM so for the foreseeable future we want to make the singleplayer experience as lovely as possible.


By the way i have another quick question.
will it ever be possible for bots to pickup other bots?


They can right now :)

Was there a google docs thing for the updates? im curious what all was added and fixed but can't find it xD. Maybe im losing it.


Here you go :)

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Disguised as a ninja and no longer a dog or a frog, I have taken to the forest to set up camp, where I sit contemplatively on a log, strumming my new guitar as the heady scent of my fresh catch cooking on an open fire fills the air.

Sick! :)


Something special brewing for this Friday's update...'s it's BEAUTIFUL! That's odd for me to say that...meh!


Oh my gosh this is hilarious with the music.

Oh, and can we load a game in 21.2 from one in 6.2? i still have that with 'Erin'  I remember this game almost right when it came out!! (or at least close)

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wait i cant find my saves.. where do i find them??

Deleted 5 years ago

The old system used to save in a place like this C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\Test.txt but you might be better off starting again.

aww man..

i guess it will be good to start again

Deleted 5 years ago

How do i use items like the mouth harp and crude scooter?


All instruments can be played by pressing Z when you're holding them.

Move the Scooter into your inventory and when ever you move it will automatically activate.


I have a suggestion for an update, theme vehicles.

Metal scooter.

There is already a crude scooter but the lack of a proper, or metal scooter upsets me. Recipe: Metal workbench, 1 metal plate, 3 metal poles, 2 wheels. 2x or 1.5 as fast as crude scooter


Material for recipe. Recipe: Metal workbench or workerbot creator, 4 metal plates, 1 metal pole, 2 metal gears, and 1 string (I don't know why, just feel like it needs one)


Material for recipe, can be put in house to make folks happier. Recipe: Rocking chair? Maybe... 1 wool and 6 straw


I NEED MORE SPEED! Recipe: Workerbot creator or metal workbench:  3 metal plates,  6 metal poles, 2 wheels, 1 engine, 1 pillow. 4 times as fast as crude scooter


Material for recipe. Recipe: Metal workbench, 1 metal pole

Kayak paddle

Makes all vehicles that require a paddle 1.5 times as fast. Recipe: 2 paddles or 2 planks and 1 pole


Can house 2 creatures, for multiplayer or for carrying a folk, sheep, or cow with you. Recipe: 2 logs, 2 nails, 1 metal chisel, 1 wooden mallet. Same speed as canoe, unless you use kayak paddle


Material for recipe. Recipe: Metal workbench, 2 metal plates


I NEED MORE BOAT SPEED!! Recipe: Metal workbench or workerbot creator, 7 metal plates, 4 pillows, 2 metal poles, 1 engine, 1 paddle. 3x as fast as crude scooter.

Ok yes I admit I JUST NEED MOre SPEED

Also, they can also be made in a new building called a vehicle assembler. Materials needed: 6 metal plates, 2 logs, 4 metal gears, 1 beacon, 6 nails and 2 metal poles.

Ok yes some of these recipes are bizarre but maybe someone else has better ideas..


That's a whole lot of things :) Sounds like the kinds of new things we're thinking about too. We'll be visiting steam power first but internal combustion engines will happen some time after that.

Thanks for the suggestions!


After seeing the "Bees" 2.0 Update. Any hint when we can testdrive it, please?


sorry, we're not sure yet :( we're working really hard to give everyone some concrete information. 


more gif animations!

This has been going on for 2 years. can you not like update it once in 2 years?

Indeed I know they wanted a working game but alittle update be nice and all so we know :P


Unfortunately, if we release it too early, we'll just get loads of complaints about things that don't work or can't understand. We're going to release when we think it will be ready and make everyone happy rather than angry/confused.

:P I can i can understand that, well I just wait alittle longer :P