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its blood he is dying D:

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even this toppic randomly pressed enter please fix it

i find it annoying that the bot making bot grabs bots i want to learn if the bot making bot is grabbing that bot because it takes time before the bot machine creates a bot and while im making this post my tekst just randomly presses enter

my bot making bot is supposed to stop working if bot storage is full of bots but the bot making bot stops while the bot storage has 9 bots in stead of 10 bots

what are you talking about?


version 3 has cheats

more gif animations!

Created a new topic factorio technology tree?

looks like factorio technology tree has arrived

or maybe not

but im lazy and i want a list

good idea then the solar bot can recharge other bots   

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and how to use then and how to make them

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|) | ( |<

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without robots this game simply isnt a good game (edited 2 times)

i want to help with development online :D

the creator forgot bushes can be planted almost everywhere wow

i can see test 'version <different numbers>'

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1:alot of those things are for even further updates

2:there already are random maps

i thought you where a dev because you responded to alot

ben are you trying to spam your account everywhere or are you just nice and answering everything (i tried to spam my account everywhere)

Replied to Ben in just a thing

thats what i meant :)

or just mess with the code of save


dont have a huge map

try everything with water

you can learn from other game codes

Replied to Denki in When?

when will you answer that?

Created a new topic can stack size be upgraded?

in screenshots i saw a bot having 2 logs in his hand and one with 8 seeds in his hand

Created a new topic can you make a floor on walls?

i want to make a real house

Posted in just a thing

but not the same tier because that would be 2 easy

Created a new topic just a thing

make it so robots can program other robots that are lower tier

that is super advanced for this game

thats exacly what i thought when diep.io not updates for a while (its still not ;-;)

where can we mess with the code and create our own texture because i cant see any coding of texture...

and when will you answer that?

Created a new topic what will be in what updates?

i hope next one has cheat mode

Posted in better storage

and to make it you need 10 of all items in the game?

test versions