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I think conveyors could be neat! They could be cheap to make and last forever, but they only serve one purpose, to push things from point A. to point B. I feel that the bots are just the tip of the iceberg for automation-eske features.

Replied to Nagata in Autonauts FAQ

Yeah, that's a good idea!

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What does a converter do? I've seen it in patch notes, but it confused me.

The sickly only harvests it, like the cows do, but maybe the hoe should be able to break the grass for good!

Maybe put the general storage bizz BEFORE the repeats.

You have to teach them by showing them and doing it, The forever makes them do it endlessly (until you have to shake them up again) and the repeat you drag into the commands list to help simplify the instructions!

You can craft a wood bucket @ the basic workbench with 2 planks.

And you Can cross most water, but you can't cross deep sea water.

Posted in Planks.


That's alot of planks!


Maybe with a sickle, scythe, or a hoe or something.


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In the famous words of a man named bob, "Chickensss"

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This could be handy for feeding folk!

Created a new topic Ideas for a Campaign

I read about the plot description on the main page and noticed, there wasn't much of that actually in the game! So I brought it upon myself to come up with a few ideas of how it may work.

Click here to see an organised document of my ideas.

How I think it may work, is you go from planet to planet, helping out the civilians or doing another type of goal. When you complete a  planet's goal, you can still return there or stay if you wanted, but you also unlock the next planet in the system. Complete all the planets in a given system to unlock the next one. You can always return to previous planets/systems if you wanted and your stuff will still remain, so if you liked a certain area, you can stay.

These are all the ideas I have so far, but feel free to reply to this topic or comment on the document if you had any ideas, suggestions, or constructive criticism!

Nice ideas! I also was kinda wishing that we could get some customization in the game, because I wanted to have glasses mostly. But I now think that it would be cute if we could give the worker bots clothes to wear as well!

aaaaaand, I gave up... I can only sustain 10 or so. >^<

I can relate...

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Put it in your inventory to use it.

Created a new topic How do you update?

Is there an automatic update system, or do I do it manually? Please tell me!

I put mine in a place where I'd keep them forever... I hope.

I'm ready for the challenge!

Day 0, and counting!

Replied to Fizzgig in Deleting Worlds

Thanks, but now I can't find the LocalLow folder, I feel so close!

Created a new topic How do you remove grass?

I wanted to make a fence around my cows, but I can't build fence on simple flooring, so how do remove grass?

Created a new topic I noticed there were wheels...

...so does that mean there will be cars? OwO

Replied to Denki in Autonauts FAQ

Maybe it can do magic things, or let you hire Folk to work like worker bots for money, or something else entirely.

Replied to art0007i in Autonauts FAQ

These are all very good points, but I think I'll have to agree with art on this one.

Good to know!

Nice! I've used Scratch forever ago, so it'll be familiar to what I already know!

Replied to JKeegs in Autonauts FAQ

Cars with wheels?! 


Replied to Greuslich in Autonauts FAQ

I don't have money, so I think it should stay at choose your price. (I still feel like it should be accessible,but still able to support the developer somehow!)

I'm guessing that let's you plant cereal then... neat

Here's a list of what I propose:

  1. Repeat # times (Do I need to explain why?)
  2. Repeat until # produced (Used for crafting multiple items in succession.)
  3. Repeat until x signaled (Used in combination with the 'Globally signal x' or the 'Signal x' command)
  4. Make noise x (Makes a noise for the player to hear... nothing else.)
  5. Signal x (Used to signal within the worker's code.)
  6. Globally signal x (Used to signal to self and other workers' codes.

And here they are in some examples:

I feel that some of these would be very helpful mid game, or even early game! And that the other few would  be neat and fun to use.

I hoped this was helpful to the dev!

Posted in Cows.

I want to chop them, they can be very annoying!

Yes, make the workbench to the tool you want (you need multiple for more than one tool type), then tech it to put a plank and a stick into that workbench.

And, viola! you have your very own, self sufficient robot!

Replied to Quillon in Deleting Worlds
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They should really fix that. It's very awkward and ineffective... also, it's not there.

Posted in Deleting Worlds

I can't find my worlds folder, help!