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This was a fun little game to stumble on! Consider me a new follower :]

This was a pretty neat experience! The Mii Maker was a fun addition, albeit a little under-featured.

Walking around the lounge itself was cool! It's neat to see alot of assets from the Wii Era games be seen in an environment like this.

Overall, pretty good! 👍

Here's one made with the Bitsy 3D hack.

It's less of a game, and more of a small experience. Just enjoy the trees and music.

I'm pretty sure there's a tool for this.

Don't  have the link on me right now though.

I know you can duplicate frames to double/triple/etc. the speed, but is there a method to make it faster, like modifying the base code or something?

Is there a way to change it?

"Everywhere the townspeople looked was a sea of fur and backpacks."

...well then

I get it



YOU WON $100!


How did you implement the click to walk feature?

I want to try and make a custom font for my bitsy game, seeing as it's a new feature, but I can't figure out how? If someone who knows can help with this, I'd very much appreciate it!

What's the BMC?

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oh I didn't know, where can I join?

Edit: I did host one, it's on the Bitsy forums!

I want to host something like this! Unless there is already another one in the works! :)

Oh wow! I'd love to contribute one day!


Mayhaps a way to change the palette of a room (temporarily) with variables, such as {set roompal "Grassy"}

It would return to normal upon leaving the room, so you wouldn't have to reset it! :)

I'm pretty sure you can make sprite colored "tiles" by making a sprite with no text, you'd just have to duplicte it multiple times to use it multiple times!

Mayhaps a menu that's like the tiles menu, where you pick from each room in a list?

Sure, it's just one boss... but it's hard!

How do I switch to the creative UI?

This next update is gonna be big, when's it coming?

ah, makes sense!

What's with the mountain button?

Is this build live?

I want something in a dialogue to tell you how much of a variable you have, here's and example:

It's a gold goin! {rbw}+15 Gold!{rbw} {G = G + 15}
You now have {say {var g}} gold.

But instead of saying "You now have 115 gold." It instead says "You now have  gold." Am I typing something wrong? :(

Or maybe {if item key ==1 than replacetile 1b} Or something like that

The grasslands are locked out? :,(

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Well dang, I can't run as admin, I need my computer's permission.

Is there a way to circumvent this?

Oh! But what does it mean tho

What do you mean by "Running the game as admin"? I didn't think you could!

MODLANDS community · Created a new topic Error on Init

So, I had this problem in the shareware version, and what happened was the mobs and people stopped moving. I could still move the camera and interact with the world, but everyone stopped moving. I closed the game, and now it says: "Error on Init, remember to open on admin"

Help! ,:(

Thanks, I was confused! :)

I wanted to get the demo (I couldn't afford the full version, because I'm broke) but it says it's called shareware, is this actually a demo version, or some companion program? Help

Ah, thanks.

What's a blotter do?


Here's the game's code, if necessary.