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I wanted to try hosting a collaboration for bitsy, so I wanted to start recruiting people on the itch.io forums. I'll put some rules below:

  1. Reply with the game url on the  bottom, the game should contain an avatar for your character's appearance in the collab, and up to 3 tiles, sprites, and / or items (such as 3 tiles, 2 sprites and an item, one of each, etc.) You can script / add dialouge to your game so long as it follows the following guidelines.
  2. Nothing inappropriate, I want this collab to be safe for anyone to see. I will handpick through all submissions to meet this.
  3. Submissions are due by the 10th of July, I'll still look through any submissions after the fact, but try and release before then so I have time to properly incorporate your submission without it looking like a sticker put on top of the project.
  4. Be creative! Do whatever you want with your game, and I'll try and fit it in somehow! :)

I don't know when I'll be releasing this collab, and I don't have any concrete ideas on what it will be, but I'll be releasing it sometime within the summer, so keep an eye out for this project of ours!

I want to host something like this! Unless there is already another one in the works! :)

Oh wow! I'd love to contribute one day!


Mayhaps a way to change the palette of a room (temporarily) with variables, such as {set roompal "Grassy"}

It would return to normal upon leaving the room, so you wouldn't have to reset it! :)

I'm pretty sure you can make sprite colored "tiles" by making a sprite with no text, you'd just have to duplicte it multiple times to use it multiple times!

Mayhaps a menu that's like the tiles menu, where you pick from each room in a list?

Sure, it's just one boss... but it's hard!

How do I switch to the creative UI?

This next update is gonna be big, when's it coming?

ah, makes sense!

What's with the mountain button?

Is this build live?

I want something in a dialogue to tell you how much of a variable you have, here's and example:

It's a gold goin! {rbw}+15 Gold!{rbw} {G = G + 15}
You now have {say {var g}} gold.

But instead of saying "You now have 115 gold." It instead says "You now have  gold." Am I typing something wrong? :(

Or maybe {if item key ==1 than replacetile 1b} Or something like that

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The grasslands are locked out? :,(

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Well dang, I can't run as admin, I need my computer's permission.

Is there a way to circumvent this?

Oh! But what does it mean tho

What do you mean by "Running the game as admin"? I didn't think you could!

Created a new topic Error on Init

So, I had this problem in the shareware version, and what happened was the mobs and people stopped moving. I could still move the camera and interact with the world, but everyone stopped moving. I closed the game, and now it says: "Error on Init, remember to open on admin"

Help! ,:(

Thanks, I was confused! :)

I wanted to get the demo (I couldn't afford the full version, because I'm broke) but it says it's called shareware, is this actually a demo version, or some companion program? Help

Ah, thanks.

What's a blotter do?


Here's the game's code, if necessary.

I found two bugs recently.

The first being this guy:

I have a system for a quest where you have to find three gems for him, but it doesn't seem to work out well. Here's the conditional, items list, and code (I don't want to show you all of it, cuz spoilers! :3 )

For some reason, it doesn't seem to recognize the fact that I have three gems. nor update the Items and Variables in the list when I collect / change them (Yes, the variables work. I was able to know because of how the default changed the variable to open up the other parts of dialogue). Can this be fixed please?

Also, the colors are broken:

I have been away from the game for a while (I dunno why honestly) but I had this game on the back of my head, so I'm glad to see that the developers never forgot about it! :)

I can agree with that!

I think it'd be neat if you could make it so a dialog could make an exit or ending on a conditional, like for example:

A bed
  - Fatigue <= 5 ?
    I should probably sleep now... {exitRoom:Sleeping 10,5}
  - else ?
    I don't feel tired yet.

Not what you expect, in the slightest!

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Hey everyone!

I wanted to create a little guide of how to add this game to your steam library with a custom icon, so let's check it out! 

Game Linking

1. Download the game and open Steam, this is what you'll need to add Autonauts to your game list.

2. Click + ADD A GAME, then select add a Non-Steam game.

3. A list will show up, click Browse and find Autonauts, then select it!

4. Click ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS, then you'll see the game in your steam list! Huzzah!

Icon Creation

1. Find a suitable image, the discord channel logo should do nicely.

2. Open your favorite image editor, and modify it if necessary.

3. Open steam, again, right-click Autonauts and select Properties. The following will pop-up, select CHOOSE ICON....

4. Look for your wonderful image (DISCLAIMER must be square, or it will be distorted!) and select it.

5. Take a look at the game icon, SUCCESS!

Hope this was worth your time, and have fun!

Created a new topic Expensive Steam Bots

I took a bit of thinking to math this out, worth it!

This is probably why I shouldn't have done a Steam Bot only run. But oh well!

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How does one use a Basket?

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I feel that crowdfunding is one of the best options you could have for this game, it's  a shame I couldn't afford it though... `~`

Replied to pugly in Autonauts FAQ

Yes, it is a sad truth we face in this era...

I tried, you can't.

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What a cute lil' fish!

You can't yet, but you can remove it temporarily with a sickle.

Replied to Denki in Weird Boulders

... I deleted it, and I'm on the new version now... >~<