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A crafting-adventure you can mod from the inside! :) · By triplejumpgames


A topic by IncredibleWolfy created Jan 21, 2018 Views: 528 Replies: 6
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i love the demo but prity frustrating that after 1+ hour game crashes every time and then i lost everything cuz autosave doesnt work! 

i might wait befor supporting this game with money duo to the ammount of bugs but i wanne say! this looks very prommising and if u keep going u have true fan added! 


Thanks! I'm working on fixing those bugs!

Played the demo for a bit today - Great concept.  Cool mechanics!  I want to play more when I have time and join one of your live streams.  Great idea and fun game here.  Just thinking of the code for the conveyor belts makes my mind melt - hahaha  Great Stuff!


Thanks! If you like the conveyor belts, just wait until you get to the portals! ;)

The grasslands are locked out? :,(

What do you mean?


That's been fixed for a bit now