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This hits home...

Ahhhh YeaaahhH!

Exactly - it is inspired by an old Mac game called "Despair"

A really quality demo here.  Love the game loop and the UI!  I died a bunch, got stronger, killed more shiz!!  Great work!

never in my life have I seen better graphics or heard better sound. 10/10 (Nightmare Fuels) :) :)

it was GMS2 :)

No - It's a way of life!

yep, it does :)

Epic update released today!  So much added content.  A great game if you are into solid 2d platformers.  Controls feel smooth and full controller support is great!

Interesting - The Dog Toys are underground.  They are a Block.  They are randomly spawned.  Thanks for playing!

Yes, we did a large update for 1.2 and released it to steam.  This was in November of 2018 - - Thanks for playing  :) - We also recently released a sequel --

Thanks so much -- I worked really hard on optimization.  I was a noob at the time so it turned out steller  hahaha - Thanks for the great words.  We just released a follow-up game --

Thank you so much!!!  Glad you enjoyed it!

Updates to this game have not really happened since 2018.  Our focus has really been working on the squeal - - - we are actively working on a Linux version for that game.  Once we have all that setup a Linux version of this game may be possible. Thanks for the comment.

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We haven't really updated this game since 2018.  Our focus has really been on the updated squeal - - we are actively working on a Linux version for that game.  Once we have all that setup we may come back here and try to get a Linux version for this game also.  Thanks for the comment.

Thanks - We set to create a world that forces players to explore, but that sort of makes it a little confusing.  Haha.  Thanks for playing -- 

Ahh...thanks. 😁 really nice of you to say. I love creating worlds, ideas and atmospheres. Every player means the world to me! We'll keep working hard on this!

Perfect!  Right in line with what we thought initially.  Thank you.

Thanks so much for this lets play.  Seems like you enjoyed playing.  1am gaming is the best!  I shared this where I could.  Thanks for the Video.  Have a great day!

Amazing! Yeah..those creepy space Really good feedback here. It really helps us to read player feedback like this. Additional boss like aliens is on the future build list as well as holding space bar to buy ammo fast! Thanks for playing and for the feedback. How long do you think it took to complete all tasks in v1?

Really cool ideas here! Glad you enjoyed it so far. I took some notes down about this. Thanks for the comment and thanks for playing 😃

That is fantastic.  Thanks for taking the time to play our game and give us awesome feedback!

As of this initial build we do not have a linux version.  It may be considered in future updates as we plan to continue development on this game  :)

Thanks a bunch!  That is a really nice comment.  We have worked very hard on this so far and love the game ourselves!  We hope to update it more and get a Steam Version going.  Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks Stuvik for the great stream!  I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the world of Terrene!!!

Absolutely!  I'm glad you are enjoying it. 

They say making mistakes is how you learn.  Guess I'm a F###### Genius now! 0/1,000,000 - Great Collab!

Ahhh yeah. Thanks man! I'm glad you think so. We had an epic time creating it!

Thank You Thank You! Very good explanation of the game there! Thanks for the inspiration.  You are a motivation to myself and many other Devs I know.  Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for playing!  Currently your final goal is crafting each item.  There is no current use for crafted meals. There were plans for a store to sell them at, but that was never implemented. Again, thanks for playing and the comment  :)

Dude - Thanks a billion for playing - I'm glad you like it.  We feel it is crack too!  So many places to see and things to do now!

Thanks so much for this Video - I hope you enjoyed your time in the game!

Awesome game!  Congrats on the Demo Release - HYPE!


Thanks dude! Me and Wirehead had a blast putting this one together. Your support with release streams was epic. We thank you so much for all you have helped us with 😁

very nice comments from a very nice guy. I cannot thank you enough for you support of my little brain-child projects.  I love that you dug deep in this game when, as you stated, there a literally millions of other small indie titles to choose from.  I will continue to bring indie games to the world. Life is Short = Be Creative - Thanks a million - 😀

Thanks! Strange is right. I agree it gets a little repetitive/grindy too. I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it. It was a very fun project to create. Plus free is a good price to try something that might not be for everyone. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing 😁

Thank you so much for the kind words. I love making strange little games that are open for interpretation. Thanks for playing :)