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I agree with you.  I really enjoy this game - 

LOL - Yeah - It really helps in this Collaborative environment - I have used it in Solo-Dev before, yet it didn't get as much use for me - it still was a good tool for laying out what I wanted - Thanks for playing  :)

I bet you will - Glad you played it - feels strange to release something in this simple early version - but it will be cool to watch it all come together piece by piece - 

great feedback and thank you so much for joining the alpha. We appreciate it a lot. Currently we call that the endless void in which you traveled to. There you have access to free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all day long so why would you come back to do work? LOL. We will most definitely not allow the player off the edge of the map in the future. Thanks again for playing. Stay tuned for a new update soon.

Cool - I dig your updates  :)

this is great! Dig the back-story and the planning you have done.  Super!

I had myself a watch!  So great!  You crack me up so much.  The part with the Goat/Sheep debate had me rolling.  My animals are rather.....well.....special - I'm glad you gave the game a shot and made a video.  If you ever decide to jump back into it remember the "Shift" key toggles run/walk, Caves are full of stones and metal, plant a huge garden and you will collect even more seeds!  Again....can't thank you enough for this play-through!  You are awesome!

thank you so much!  This is great!

thanks so much! I hope your day is great :)

I am hoping sometime this week.  We are just working on the final build testing.  Very soon.

I have the same issue - EXE just opens a command prompt for a second and then nothing loads after. Windows 10 - Really want to try this out!

Haha - - Thats the best part about games - Sometimes they are fun, sometimes they are hard, sometimes they are dumb and sometimes they are just plain BUGGY!!  Combine it all into the games overall experience!  The things you made fun of here are the things I make fun of due to being a complete NUUB in Game Making, yet still making something in the long-run seemed fun to you - Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!

Awesome! Thanks for doing this. I appreciate it a lot. It seems to run a little slow. I need to look into you optimization a little more. Can't thank you enough for playing and sharing.

I hope you enjoy it too.  I actually really enjoy my time with it!  Thank you for the comment. 

I dig this - Neat little chill game with a good message.  It actually brings up a lot of thought around GameDev and staying positive and hydrated :)  Good stuff.

Thanks a Bunch -  I hope you enjoy !

I enjoyed my time as "Lil Naked Dude" - Please keep adding to this - this could be really neat!

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Thanks so much.  I can't wait to share it.  Testing it is a Blast so I'm sure people will dig it.  It is unique and a little different.  A chill experience.  My kids absolutely love it.  I love it.  You can't ask for more than that!  Thanks again...

Played the demo for a bit today - Great concept.  Cool mechanics!  I want to play more when I have time and join one of your live streams.  Great idea and fun game here.  Just thinking of the code for the conveyor belts makes my mind melt - hahaha  Great Stuff!

Great game.  I have enjoyed my time in the game a lot!  Keep on updating this and creating.  Very good!

I really enjoyed the most recent update to this game! Great job.  The look is great and so is the sound.  Really good stuff here so far!

Wow! Thanks a million for the great feedback.  I'm glad you enjoyed my little game.  It has its rough edges, yet I am very proud of it as a one person team.  The feedback you provided makes my day and is very constructive.  I can answer some questions:

The Gun Level:
Each level you do more damage. Off the top of my head I think it is 4 shots to kill a deer on level 1 yet only 2 on level 2. Level 5 is the cap.

Believe me - I want a save.  It was my first time working with GMS2 and I laid the whole game out and when I went to add the built in save, loading the game again literally broke all the depths on the instances making all the menus behind the player etc?  I will need to build out a save function from the ground up and refactor the way some of the variables are setup.  Bla Bla Bla Dev talk, yet it has made me super sad to not get it implemented as it is 1000% needed for the game.

I had it implemented in the early stages of the game.  Would be cool to have a reason to use energy and also you could get more hungry after running a lot.  All ideas.  I might revisit this.

I'm really happy with your kind words here.  I have seen you on my Twitter feed.  I will continue to check out your work there.  I'm pretty relaxed around game making and sometimes use it almost therapeutically.  Life is Short = Be Creative !

Thanks my Friend :)

Loved this game - Super fun!  Thanks for making this and I look forward to future update!

I resolved this issue in version 1.0.1

Its all good - Had a blast with it - I recently tried to figure out that Web Player a bit ago - it had been since the Unity Web Player that I ever mess with it - Things have changes !

This is epic - I will win - The player gets a mind of his own sometimes :)

Really fun game here!  Great work!

This is a cool little RPG  :)

Thanks a bunch!

This is a really fun start to a game - can't wait for updates!!!

This is the place to tell me your opinions and ideas for the game.  I would love some general feedback around the game.

There has been a Bug submitted around the Enemy Collision - Sometimes they will become stuck on the Player Object - I will be actively working this issue - 

EARL GREY community · Created a new topic -_BuGs_-

This is a Place to Log any Bugs Found in the Game - Any help is very much appreciated!

Breaking down gear would be awesome.  Sound like you're deep in though on this and money  :)

The enemies seemed pretty well balanced.  The bees were super fast and "dodge' was totally needed.  I found it to be challenging.  If I got too many enemies attacking me at once it got a little difficult and I got my ass handed to me a couple times.  But I never felt it too overwhelming or underwhelming.  Again - it seemed pretty well balanced and was hard enough that it made me want to level up.  Kept me wanting to continue (important to keep players wanting more).  Too easy and it gets boring.  I did not find it too easy.  I'm sure you know this already, but this balancing stuff is crucial and a tough part of Development - I feel you are very close on this already and that is fantastic --- 

Seriously though - great stuff here man!

Ok - Good to know my Friend - Thanks - 

This is so good man!
I played and beat the first Realm, got to level 5, upgraded my character and beat that damned Lumberjack! 

My Thoughts and Feedback:

  • The leveling/Inventory system feels great and all I really need is some place to sell of my old un-needed gear (And a Place to Spend my Money).  I really liked this part of the game.  Very well done.
  • The combat is good and rewarding.  I did feel I was moving a little slow, yet it seemed pretty balanced for the speed of the enemies.  I would get my cursor lost when there was a lot going on.  A cross-hair or Pointer Graphic would be sweet !
  • The Skills - So Great!  Makes combat really fun a customizable.  I look forward to opening more of these as I am only level 5 (and there are 3 more classes to play).
  • The Art - I love it!  Perfect and simple and the little animation added give it a cool feeling.  The enemies are great!
  • The Sound - For some reason I have no sound?  I logged a comment in the Bug Section of this discussion board.  Not sure if this is expected in the current build.


I really like this game and think it has great potential.  Of course there is more balancing and Dev work that I know you are working on.  All-in-All you have a great start to something awesome here!  I will continue to play and give feedback when needed.  See you on Twitter ;)

I get no sound when I play the Demo - Is this by design currently?
Windows 10