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This game was a lot of fun dude!  I enjoyed it. Favorite levels were volleyball and cat (of course).

Im glad I cood injoy youR mind 4 SM tyme with dum

no, thank you

Yeah - this was an amazing experience.  I was too sober I think..? 😂


I didn't want to read the rules.  Rules are for people who need rules.  Did Ed help make the website annoying?


I smell fire.  Is something on fire?


Great game my friend.  A great breakout style game.  Love the cool vibe and the speed control.  Gets awesome with a bunch of balls.  Fun game!  Thanks for letting me write chill tunes for it  :) 

This was fun.  Love the evil treats and the straw feature is great.  Enjoyed this a bunch!

You are a master of stuff and things my friend.  Thanks for playing my weird ass game  🤣🤣🤣  Always see you playing Factorio and then I'm playing Factorio too - lol Be well friend!

Thanks for playing.  Strange that the middle mouse never worked for you.  Bar should have filled up and turned green.  Still, glad you tried it  :)

Thanks for playing.  Was fun to make all those little guys - lol

Thanks for playing.  Yeah, had to balance that Salt Blast.  It crushes those tasty evil treats lol

Was a lot of fun.  Little dude cruises and that's part of the challenge.  Made me want to snack on chocolate so that's a win!!

Cool game.  Graphic are great.  Love the pixel art.  The movement is really good to.  I definitely get crushed by the first guy with a sword a couple times.. lol

I died a bunch then actually did  Fun game.  Hectic!!

I enjoyed this game.  Graphics are rad and the sound design it great!  Was fun.  

Cool racing game.  I see some other comments about micro-machines and I got that vibe too.  Different cars and tracks to choose.  Good work.  a great start!

Yeah, Crafting, Enemies, some type of player progression... things like that I think...

Thanks - you know me, working on a bunch of things.  Hopefully it gets some more cool stuff added.

Thanks - we shall see where it takes us!

This hits home...

Ahhhh YeaaahhH!

Exactly - it is inspired by an old Mac game called "Despair"

A really quality demo here.  Love the game loop and the UI!  I died a bunch, got stronger, killed more shiz!!  Great work!

never in my life have I seen better graphics or heard better sound. 10/10 (Nightmare Fuels) :) :)

it was GMS2 :)

No - It's a way of life!

yep, it does :)

Epic update released today!  So much added content.  A great game if you are into solid 2d platformers.  Controls feel smooth and full controller support is great!

Interesting - The Dog Toys are underground.  They are a Block.  They are randomly spawned.  Thanks for playing!

Yes, we did a large update for 1.2 and released it to steam.  This was in November of 2018 - - Thanks for playing  :) - We also recently released a sequel --

Thanks so much -- I worked really hard on optimization.  I was a noob at the time so it turned out steller  hahaha - Thanks for the great words.  We just released a follow-up game --

Thank you so much!!!  Glad you enjoyed it!

Updates to this game have not really happened since 2018.  Our focus has really been working on the squeal - - - we are actively working on a Linux version for that game.  Once we have all that setup a Linux version of this game may be possible. Thanks for the comment.

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We haven't really updated this game since 2018.  Our focus has really been on the updated squeal - - we are actively working on a Linux version for that game.  Once we have all that setup we may come back here and try to get a Linux version for this game also.  Thanks for the comment.