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Thanks! Check out the demo!

Hmmm, have you tried installing to a different directory? If you're running w/ admin and it keeps doing that, it might be an issue w/ files being corrupted.

This is a cool idea!

Can you upload the License Agreement so we can read before buying please? Thank you

Thank you!

Hey everyone, I'm building a game called Modlands! It's a sort of Twitch-integrated world sim, where you build the world and your Twitch chat plays as characters in the world. This week I'm staying at home to make an experimental gameplay build that'll make the game a bit more of an RTS/colony-sim hybrid.

You can check out the game here:

I also do weekly video devlogs on this Youtube Channel! -

Thanks to for being such a convenient site to host this game and do open development! :D


You choose "Creative Mode" when creating the world

That's been fixed for a bit now

For now it has to run as admin; maybe in the future I can set up the installer to make the shortcut run as admin from the start.

It needs it to save/load maps.

When you right click on an icon you can choose "Run as Administrator", or you can go into Properties->Compatibility and turn it on permanently. :)

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And you're sure you are running the game as admin?

If you are and you're still getting that error, send me the .worldSave file from the Maps directory on Discord and I'll take a look at it!

That's the demo. I'm going to rename it to "demo" this week, because I've gotten this same feedback a couple times. :D

Thanks! If you like the conveyor belts, just wait until you get to the portals! ;)

Thanks! I'm working on fixing those bugs! Early Access begins! :D