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Last year in March I did a review about this amazing game but never shared it.

Hi, I played your Demo and loved it. Cant wait for more. I also wrote a review about your game.

I wrote a small piece on this amazing bit of art. If you are interested here it is. It was breath taking just standing in a huge filed seeing how big the impact is. Thank you.

Sorry for taking so long to respond. It does the job until stone is full and then I have to go manually reset it if stone is empty

Hi, I am not sure if it is a bug  but I thought I would say. So if I use the statement "if ? storage is full" it kinda does not work. So it stops if it is full but does not update to tell the bot to go again. So I think the bot is not begin told to go. I am pretty sure this is happening with other storage statements.

Thanks, I could.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Remove old bots

I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of your old bots so they can be replaced by the new bots or do you just ditch them in a corner?

All good, It is a great game and done by two people is insane.

I think it would be so much fun playing with your friends. It means each person can focus on certain aspects or all the aspects. Sorry if this is not very detailed.

I played this game with my brother. It was hilarious because we threw objects at each other to slow the other one down. Please continue to support this game. 

I love the game so much even in such an early stage.  I love how you can change the layout of your kitchen to better suit your style. Keep it up.

Looks like a fun game but it took me 5 mins just to move a box to the belt. Other than that it looks like a great game.

What do you mean?