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How do i use keyboard with multiplayer? it just player 1 press select

I subtly note the XP icon that appears when the bot uses said ancient hoe.


also why did we need to know that

scratch is like putting together a puzzle

it basically does it all for you

At least, I think so

Well, there's two people.

One is Aaron

I don't know the other's name


Give 'em time

You're not the one making a video game, are you

These things take time

Sometimes a video game can take several years to finish

It's not like you can just wave a magic wand and have the game done

They could've just given up on the game but nope

Please don't be rude, there's only two people working on this game


I'd suggest using the trees for some sort of carbon-based generator. You know, a fuel source. I don't own this game, so I don't know if something like this already exists or not.

This game just keeps growing! Can't wait until you've finished with it!

And a pretty nifty video too!

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Woaaaaah

Dang I left for TWO DAYS and you made a pretty dang cool new page!

dude this is two people working on a game

I dont think they can do all that in 3 days

Same with raw apple pies.

I might legitimately ask this.

How do I do research?

Never mind, I found it.

What is a "Worker Storage?"

Dude, don't necromance unless it's absolutely necessary.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic How do I...

I'm not even going to bother saying it. This is just where I'll ask "How do I...?"

Speaking of How do I...? How do I add bots to a storage?

Oops, found another one concerning the signs! They can't hold all the text I type! For example, I typed: "Apple Pie Production", and it only fit "pple Pie Productio"

Really? It was a bug?

Not really important, as you can simply rename them.

How do you make signs? I simply can't figure it out!

Is this still active?


I think this is it?

(1 edit)

I'll go get mine "in a minute."

Yay! It works again!

Yo Denki! The community page is down!

Uhhhh, what? You do realize the steambot is the metal tier bot, right?

Where's the water? :/

Both, Native, xbox 360 wired, generic USB

For some reason, when I try to play ANY game that needs a controller,  it just won't work!

P.S: Yes, the controller works, I have played lots of steam games with it.

Looks fun, one problem... I simply CAN'T CONTROL THE CHARACTERS HELP

Sorry bud, this is NOT the time NOR the place for this.

It won't let me start it