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photon readings negative


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It'll be a pleasure to help anytime I can.

Okay, thank you for your attention.

I already got it fixed, I just needed to delete both the Autonauts files and then download another one again. Thank you for helping me, Denki.

It's awesome! Thank you for making this game.

It's awesome! Thank you for making this game.

For some reason, when it says ''I'm so afraid'' I cannot advance any  more. Is that intentional? Or a bug?

Doesn't auto save either. I also tried downloading Autonauts again and it worked for a while, then it stopped working again.

Thanks for the information.

I go to other islands to find more cows to put in my cow farm, but I can't use the canoe with the cow in hand. Is there a way I can do so?

Love the retro style!

Everything is normal in the game, but when I leave it and start it again, it doesn't have the saves I created last time.

For some reason, after I made my 8th save on Autonauts, the game stopped saving. Whenever I saved again, it would not save to the archive. I would like to know how I can fix that, and, if I even can, how to get my lost progress back.

Thanks for letting us know, bud. Your information is most appreciated.

Thank you a lot. I appreciate the fact that you actually read this and replied to me.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Older Versions

I'd like to play older versions of the game, because I missed out on those and I would like to feel how the older versions were like to play. Could someone tell me how I can get those?