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Why so much hate?


I cant wait to make a moat around my village :)


Apple Pie and Fish makes me sick 246 not because it dirty not because its (oops. I forgot the rest...and might of changed a bit :3)

uh oh....


Read the title.


Ohhhh, now it makes sense!

So you try getting yourself  killed by honey bees? Or do you mean by 'raiding' attracting the bees?

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The only way to do that is to bridge to that area, sorry!

Who cares? The more time the update takes the better it will become!!!

er. yesNOPE

sighhh... NO

argh.... im out D:

HEY! watch the age stuff!


Ha ha ha


Its still the stone age, but the update will bring us to the bronze age. The game is still not ready

wind it up, click on it


hmm...maybe..but we shouldn't go too off topic well are you sure? I put that crazy thing about evil bots...

what things are going to be added? just say yes, no or maybe

1 power

2 rivers and different land formations

3 random maps

4 the rotting system 

5 evolving folk

6 ending to the game(after folk evolve or if bots become automatic completely(and extra sappy stuff too)

7 wildlife

8 larger lands

9 space links to leave planet

10 game modes(hard, easy, normal, impossible. domination, automate.

11 evil bots trying to destroy different worlds

12 natural disasters

13 roofs

Done! also, have a nice time making the game! :D!

Happy new year to you too! :)

ok oK OK! I have been a bit grumpy that the update isn't here,but its nothing to be angry about!You need skills to code on unity! (try getting angry at a 9-year old computer which needs to be murdered at once a.k.a my computer)

I'm not even gonna answer.

Yes, it is from a tree, a apple tree. The tree is found in some places on the map although i've never found on on the island you spawn on, the first time I found the apple tree was somewhere on the left of where you spawn.Once you find one, do whatever you would do with a normal tree,chop it down. I liked using the apple tree for farming because of its slightly better drops : a log and a apple at the same time so I recommend using the apple tree for farming straight away.(but don't waste time at the starting point of a new game)

Your welcome!

hit a tree with a mallet

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Denki is wanting to add this.But due to where in the stonish-bronze age he will be more looking at making autonauts a game(not that it already

make new ones

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Suggestions
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Sug 1. rotting system: New buildings needed: 3. Time to implement in-game: I think about this time.

The rotting system is a system of when foods go rotten,this makes it so food isn't imperishable.Over all,fresh food perishes faster than processed foods(flour,apple pie,bread.).   New building 1. refrigerator:This freezes food so they last the longest in any other container. Recipe: You can chose,probably consisting of metal sheets,metal poles,metal gears and water. Needs: electricity(after it's implemented). New building 2: refrigerated storage.same thing as refrigerator except that tis not net electricity. New building 3: mold research station: needs 10 rotted foods.(hehhehehehehhe....what a wast!:P) 

Sug 2. Sickness and medicine:New buildings needed: 5 time to implement in-game:In the bronze age!(:D).

Sicknesses infect your folk/babies(:P) and makes them sick(also they can get killed if you don't give em medicine.).Sicknesses can be caught from 1: eating or touching rotten foods 2: randomly 3: from dirty clothes(after a long period of time) and 4: from bots(if they are not washed once in a while)

Medicine is well...medicine and can be crafted in a medical lab once researched.

New building 1:Bot Wash.Give away from title.A bot wash to wash off germs. New building 2: medical lab: makes medicine (duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh).Only can operate with a illness analyser. New building 3:  germ research station: Needs 10 samples of folk saliva when sick(make a test-tube). New building 4: germ-away shield:You already know what it means :). New Building 5:illness analyser: analyses saliva from test tubes from unhealthy folk/babies and declares what illness it is and if it's deadly or not and sends the results to the medical lab for you to make the medicine(this is a way flowers can be useful).


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Well...that's a good idea but autonauts is still in development so he'll (Denki)  be worrying about other stuff first. i really did not think of that....THX

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No,I meant with with the seedling bots always get stuck!It's so very annoying  

still is shutting down..........i'll try doing it in next version