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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki


A topic by Vierz created Feb 13, 2018 Views: 636 Replies: 17
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I have some ideas in my mind so let me show you it!

Metal Flooring-Much better than the simple one but quite pricy!

Large General Storage-Bigger The Better Right?

Coal-Can be collected by mining coal ore[Dont get angry on this one mkay]

Coal Ore-Can be found on Metal Deposits.

Metal Bucket-Much Better than the wood version!

That's All![I Might Add Some MOAR stuff so yeah thanks!]


Nice ideas! Thanks!

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Woah! You actually replied the next update i hope you add a recharge station where bots can recharge have recharge [well for the steam bot it must be a manual recharge]that will be so much fun!


Yeah lots of people have asked for recharge stations. The problem is it makes the bots' scripts really complicated. You can imagine the bot needs to stop what it's doing, get to the charge station before it runs out of power, go back to where it was and resume its script. We'll probably end up having other ways of charging like solar power.

Its like stone age mixed with bots.And yes the recharge station is not in the stone age.But alot of people saying "In the next update we might get in to bronze age"so its like a age thingy that evolved and add new items to the game.Anyways  theres still a thing that i do when a robots has no power i assigned a "Medic" to help the workers out but i need atleast 3 to 5 medics to make the robots get recharged since they well you know they run out of power pretty fast for the BWB[Basic Worker Bot]and for the steam bots which is quite suprising for me.It needs logs like ALOT of them so thats the same i do to them but the BWB is the one who is gonna give them the log to keep them in fll working order anyways that alot that i did say lol.So yeah thanks for the reply Denki!


what! I did not stole ot you know it came in my mind and also,i was playing autonauts when i got the ideas.

HEY! watch the age stuff!

wat age stuff??


sighhh... NO

argh.... im out D:

Stats for the ideas above!

Metal Flooring: Covers 5x5 tiles

Large Storage: 500 Storage slots

Coal: Alternative for fuel, lasts 1.8 times longer in a steambot

Metal Bucket: holds 4 to 10 liquids, gathers 2 liquids at a time rather than one.

I feel like metal flooring needs another stat to make it better

Certain buildings will require a metal flooring?

i think that was one good idea! +1

That's a good idea, because bigger flooring  can sometimes actually be a downgrade if you want a pretty workshop.

Maybe  a barbarian like invasion, we can like capture one of them and execute him/her or make him one of the folk.

this  happens when you have 5 folk in its house.i hope this added even though it propably takes 1 year to make the AI to works

and some bugs would happen.this is my idea for this game,and folk can work as a defending a area or attacking the barbarian base