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pretty sure that the cheat tools got removed after a certain update

dude. have you not read the page? they moved the release date. now it will be in late / at the end of 2019

What do watering cans do?

I'm pretty sure that they made it so you couldn't put more than one log in your hand, as its been a thing since the first version.

There was already a debuff on Baldi's speed

There is a Baldi's Basics IOS ripoff, which is currently 5TH in the Top Free Section! Something should probably be done about this

How much storage does a barrel have? 

You could put the original liquid storage into the game, except made of metal, as an upgrade to the barrel. 

it literally says research in the first sentence

it seems like theres going to be levels, as its XP + 1

Version 21 to Version 30, wow!

how much storage will they have?

The pickaxe could only break dirt, while you could make a drill to break stone, rather than just getting the resources

I know i'm VERY late, but you throw gems on them, that you get from mining.

just looked at the 4 recent posts, and I can't wait to flood a chunk of land with animals, then release them by deleting a fence or two.

spam bot?

to recharge a steam bot, put ANYTHING wood in it. Logs last the longest.

Stats for the ideas above!

Metal Flooring: Covers 5x5 tiles

Large Storage: 500 Storage slots

Coal: Alternative for fuel, lasts 1.8 times longer in a steambot

Metal Bucket: holds 4 to 10 liquids, gathers 2 liquids at a time rather than one.

oh woops necro

To get fertillizer, milk a cow, then wait for it to drop dung. Pick up the dung and IMPORTANT! put it into fertilizer storage. Take from the fertilizer storage, and then you will have a block of lertilizer.

I dont know how to take them off

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you used to only need poles to make crude bread, but now you need sticks, which are non-renewable.