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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog

What do you do with some items?

A topic by Broke-n-Tokin created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 4,493 Replies: 39
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Is there a wiki for this game? Some items and constructs I have no idea what to do with. What is the use for seaweed? Flowers I just sell because they don't seem to have a use other than making the place look nice. Is there any current use for the generator? Any answers would be appreciated. feel free to ask about anything you don't know how to use. Sorry if this thread has already been made. I couldn't find one anywhere.

Dont sell flowers. Once you get a mill you can craft animal feed

What does the animal feed do? I've seen a chicken eat it and a heart appears over its head briefly, but aside from that does it have a use?


Seaweeds have no use in the demo as of yet.

Generators have an area of effect which makes other buildings work faster. It basically boosts nearby structures to make them more efficient!

when will the full game be released?


It's almost done now! :D


how do i sell? lol


When you build a market you can click on it with a tool to open the purchase menu, or you can click on it with an item and you will throw that item at the market and it will give you coins.

There is a plot of land that has 4 grey pillars with a blue dot in the middle of them... does anyone know what these do?


Smack them with your hammer

Will there be a way to reduce lag for the game in the future? (ex.  toggle the water effect, item shining effects, etc)

I also want to add that when I activated the three gem things to get the chest, I was in the chest's path and now am stuck. Help!

Deleted post

I also had the same thing happen to me, causing me to be stuck in the chest.

What is the function of roads? Is it a decoration or does it decrease the energy used when walking on it or..?


Just decorative in the demo. In the final version they will make you walk faster and probably reduce energy consumption as well!

What can you use the Bottle for? It's the only item so far that you use glass for, and sand is only used for glass so far yes? Does the bottle have a use in this beta?


You can put water in it and use it to water crops (makes them grow twice as fast!)

Ooh! That is nice! Maybe for the future; add a type of info or wiki ingame where you can read what all your unlocked items do :)

For instance like the one you can find in Slime Rancher, if you have any knowledge to that game!

what do bottles do? i know you can fill them with water but what do you do with them then?

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How do i sell items?

You have to build the market and to sell you simply equip the item you wanna sell and you throw it at the market.

OK I know this is probably a stupid question but how do i make crops and how do i unlock the windmill?

You make crops with the Shovel which you unlock pretty early in the game, I'm not sure when you get the windmill but you get it after a certain level I think :)

what is the use for the generator

Acelerar predios proximos


I have these blue symbols that are shaped kinda like squares with 2 protruding edges and when i step on all of them they just come back. What do they do? 

step on them in the correct order and a chest will appear in the middle. (Look at the flowers)!!|


There are 3 squares with gem-like pictures on them. How do I use them?

I know i'm VERY late, but you throw gems on them, that you get from mining.

what are the things that you craft in the windmill and how do you unlock them 

You unlock the Windmill when you create the Shovel. I've only found 3 things in the Windmill build menu (Animal Feed, Wheat Seeds, and Tree Saplings) and they were there from creation of the Windmill. 

Is there any way to destroy something you've built. I places a furnace poorly


You can destroy every structure (except the Marketplace, unless I haven't figured it out) by smacking it with your pickaxe. The structures that build things must be in the process of building something and then you can smack it til it breaks before it finishes the build. You receive all of the materials it took to create the structure in the first place, so don't worry about losing the materials. However, I have discovered that if you destroy a Furnace while it is making something using Coal, the Coal will not be returned. Lost 64 coal canceling Gold Ingots :(

I just downloaded thd Alpha and the items I need to craft anything dont appear like I saw in a yt video. If anybody know how I can see them Id be so thankful

What specific Item are you having trouble finding?

its just that I cant see any crafting recipe, when I pass the mouse over an object to craft in the forge the game doesnt show what are the materials needed

The game just cracked and when I opened it again it worked properly. Thanks anyway xd