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Thanks for playing! :D

Posted in SAVES?

Not yet, should be in the next version!

Saving and Loading is almost done you guys! :D

Posted in deconstruct?

It is possible, yes. But it's not very intuitive yet...

You gotta hit a building while it's crafting something to destroy it. You get all the materials you spent on it back!

I am considering ways to make this easier at the moment!

Impossible Dungeons will take a little longer to be done (since I want it to be online multiplayer and that takes much longer to work on). The current plan is to get Forager out this year (around October I presume?) and Impossible Dungeons out next year (Q3 or Q4) with a few playable beta versions starting on March or so.

Despite how awesome a bread tree sounds, yup, this is fixed now in Alpha 3. This particular bug was one of the most annoying ones for sure, so I am glad I finally got to fix this one... Apologies for the run ending inconvenience though!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the bug report!

Posted in love da game

Thanks for playing! 

Save function is coming soon for sure. I think I can have it ready for next weekend, but it will be up for testing for my mailing list subscribers first !

Hey! Thanks for playing!

This is great feedback, I can assure you I am working on everything you listed :)

Awesome video as always!

Your videos of Forager are always so much fun to watch!

I see there must be something wrong with this demo, because you ARE in fact supposed to see what everything costs lol. Whoops, my bad! I will fix it for the next version!

Hey all! You may now contribute to the development of Forager by completing this short feedback survey: https://goo.gl/forms/W8LogVGbFiliHOJG2

Thanks for playing! :D

Eating food refills your energy bar! (Berries, fish, algae)

Hey, thanks for playing! :)

Yes I am still working on it! Though not full time anymore.

Feel free to email me your feedback at cavalleromariano@gmail.com

Something about games compiled with GameMaker. Sorry about that! It's perfectly safe though.

Replied to JB in Forager comments

Haha, that's a great name. I need to make it more like the movie and include actual oil drilling...

Thanks for playing though! Video was fun! I am already working on updates to this too!

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!

I actually started working on Forager today! Hoping to polish some issues that you and other people described and add some more content.

There were some things I really didn't like but had to put in because of the time limit I had while making it. Like the Coinmaker structure. Originally I wanted a much better paced difficulty curve that didn't need to turn into grinding.

Anyway! Thanks again for the comment!

So sorry for this! It will definitely be removed in the updated version!

Thanks for the kind words! Do you have any suggestions of anything you would like to see in an updated version?

Ah damn, I am really sorry about this!