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GameMaker Studio 2!

It's a demo version!

GameMaker Studio 2

Fixed! Thanks a bunch!

We already have it!

You can assign them to buildings by right clicking on them! It gets rid of the droid AND gives the building a production boost!

It's intentional! These are the demo limits!


This can be disabled by editing the file called "secretOptions" in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Forager_Steam

Read this!

FPS issues are all fixed for the next update!

Okay! We will add this!

The files should be there!

It's basically this directory: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Forager__Steam_

Hey Bogz!

Try deleting the file named "gameConfig" located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Forager_Steam_

Then relaunch the game as usual!


PC, PS4 and Switch!

Yes, I love it!

Yup! Should work alright!

Hey, thank you for the support!

I am not sure I can refund purchases on, but feel free to pledge the remaining $10 on Patreon and messaging me about it. I will give you the $20 tier benefits and the full game key at release.

Thanks again!

This issue should be fixed in beta 7! It's coming out either later today or tomorrow!

Yes! Thank you for the support!

Nope! Humble Sneak Peek is just a demo!

You can however get the closed beta + a game key (if you pledge $20 or more lifetime once the game comes out) on my Patreon page.

Glad you like it!

This is a limitation for the Humble Bundle demo!

Yes! The game keys can be either for Steam or, your choice!

This will be fixed soon!

Yes, and yes!

I will be manually sending keys to patrons that pledged $20 or more during Forager's development.

Make sure you are not loading old savefiles into Beta 6.2

If the error persist, you can fix it at anytime by going to %LOCALAPPDATA%/Forager_Steam_ and deleting the "gameConfig" file

Thanks for the ideas! :D

Where is this happening? What did you do to trigger it?

Hey, thanks for the support!

These are two separate games, closed beta can be found here:

Do you remember how much you donated to this alpha project? If it´s $10 or more, I can give you a 1 month subscription to the Patreon page!

I am so glad you like it! :D

Over here!

PC only! But we have some people that got it working on Mac with some workarounds. Full game will also be available on Mac though!

Join here:

I want to distribute a special, closed-beta build of my game to my Patreon supporters and others I manually give out keys to. Is this possible?

When connecting Patreon to, it seems I still need to set a price for the software, or choose to give it away for free.

Thanks in advance!

They are in the final version!

Probably not!


Hey guys, wiki is looking great!

You may have to remake it from scratch once the game comes out, because I changed a bunch of things around... Whoops, sorry!

Is there anything I can do to make the wiki-creation process easier? You of course have permission to use any game asset (including the logo) in the wiki for non-commercial, information sharing purposes.