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Forager will release on Steam & the Humble Store around June or July this year. it will cost between $9.99 and $14.99 (haven't decided yet).

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Forager will release on Steam & the Humble Store around June or July this year. it will cost between $9.99 and $14.99 (haven't decided yet).

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Thanks a lot!

Hernan Marandino did the music for the demo and is also working on the music for the final version of the game.

His soundcloud

His linkedin

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You can download Alpha 6 and continue playing with the same savefile!

Thanks for the file!

And yes, every aspect of farming is getting MUCH easier and interactive with the Steam version!

So sorry about this! Are you not getting ANY xp at all? It was supposed to lock AFTER you got all skills... weird bug

Oof! So sorry about this Croc! D:

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Thanks for the bug reports on Alpha 6 you guys!

Replied to aaron_85 in some questions

Switch your screen resolution to something like 1280x720 or 1920x1080. (Game will still look good, I promise!)

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Awe! Thank you for playing!

Awe thaaanks!

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Thanks! Found the bug! Will get fixed for the next verion.

This is a great idea! Definitely works well with the Zelda aesthetic + reference as well. Going to consider it!

This is an antivirus issue, it's putting the exe in quarantine (removing it from your folder basically) before you can execute it. Try disabling anti virus first!

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Do you remember how did you manage to walk on the water in the first place?

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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know the new codebase is MUCH more efficient in the new Steam version. I tried to go back to the demo and make some of the code more efficient but at this point it's a mess and it will take me forever. 

I realize where most of the mistakes I made are, though. Since I had to make the original game in just 2 weeks for a jam, I made a lot of design choices that were implemented in just straight out weird ways. Resources (the little floating pick ups) most noticeably... Try to have as few as possible of those on the map at the same time! 

For those that have instant lag no matter what they do as soon as they fire up the game. Does that happen with other GameMaker made games that you know of?

Yes! :)

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Thanks for the awesome feedback!

You gotta drop the right colores gems into those shapes to solve that puzzle :D

You are correct, perhaps 5.1 or something like that would have been better...

But oh well! I will stick to semantic versioning for the actual Steam release of the game, since that version is surely expected to have more patches/fixes and change more overtime

Replied to Alex.j0 in Bug thread

Thanks a lot for the great feedback! This is insanely useful!

Here is the building efficiency math:

Base efficiency: 100%

Blacksmithing skill: +20% (Forges & Furnaces)

Engineering skill: +30%

Generator buff: +180% (doesn't stack with other Generators)

So the maximum possible efficiency for Forges/Furnaces is 330% and for every other building is 310%.

Another cool thing to note is that Generators also increase Mining Rod's attack speed!

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This is hilarious lol

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No plans for Linux builds at the moment, sorry!

We may consider it after the Steam release (next year!)

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Not yet!

Press F

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Yes! Forager is coming to Mac for the Steam release!

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It has come to my attention that due to the way GameMaker compiles games anti-virus type software identifies the executable as a virus or malware. Try disabling anti-virus and executing Forager with admin privileges and tell me what happens!

Ah damn :(

Uhmm, that's odd. I have never seen that issue before.

I have been told due to the way GameMaker: Studio 2 (the software I use) compiles games, a lot of antivirus flag the Forager executable as a virus. Try disabling antivirus and see if that helps!

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Hold right click on the save files! (Alpha 5)

Thank you for playing it! :D

Replied to Mundayne in Bug thread

Sounds like it could be a corrupted savedata issue. Have you tried deleting all savefiles?

Replied to Kiruten in Bug thread

Savefiles are located in "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Forager". If you copy that Forager folder into the new computer in the same location your savefiles will transfer properly!

Sounds like you are pretty much done with all the content in the demo!

Did you unlock mining rods as well? Mining Rods & Generators are the two late game structures to unlock

You can put water in it and use it to water crops (makes them grow twice as fast!)

Mac version will be coming for the final Steam release!


Using GameMaker Studio 2 by YoYoGames. It's a 2D workspace. I learned to make games by making a lot of bad games (like this and this and this).

Thaaaanks! :)

Not free! But it will be priced reasonably

Just decorative in the demo. In the final version they will make you walk faster and probably reduce energy consumption as well!

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This version of Forager has become really hard to patch because the code is old and obsolote. I am working on the NEW Forager which uses an entirely new codebase, so everytime I go back to this version I need to see where I left off and HOW exactly things worked... it's just a mess. This is why updates are slow on the Forager demo.

I think it would be in everyone's best interests if I hurry up and get a new working test version with the new Forager (Steam version). We are currently waiting on Valve to approve some last minute info on us and then we will be able to just put the game there and send keys to people much more easily. That way the game gets updated much more as well.

I wanted to do a hotfix this weekend but I just haven't had the time unfortunately :(

Maybe next weekend? No promises!

Remember you can always roll back to playing Alpha 4! I get the feeling that version was less buggy overall