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Thanks for the ideas! :D

Where is this happening? What did you do to trigger it?

Hey, thanks for the support!

These are two separate games, closed beta can be found here:

Do you remember how much you donated to this alpha project? If it´s $10 or more, I can give you a 1 month subscription to the Patreon page!

I am so glad you like it! :D

Over here!

PC only! But we have some people that got it working on Mac with some workarounds. Full game will also be available on Mac though!

Join here:

I want to distribute a special, closed-beta build of my game to my Patreon supporters and others I manually give out keys to. Is this possible?

When connecting Patreon to, it seems I still need to set a price for the software, or choose to give it away for free.

Thanks in advance!

They are in the final version!

Probably not!


Hey guys, wiki is looking great!

You may have to remake it from scratch once the game comes out, because I changed a bunch of things around... Whoops, sorry!

Is there anything I can do to make the wiki-creation process easier? You of course have permission to use any game asset (including the logo) in the wiki for non-commercial, information sharing purposes.

Try executing with admin rights and also check your anti-virus is not interfering

GameMaker Studio 2!

Great work! I am gonna pin this.

You should do the same for the final version, I changed a lot of things, moved some things around and also added more skills too. 

Maybe we can get a wiki going?

You don't! Just download the executable!

Done! :)

Hey, sorry to hear this!

I haven't actually tried running this through the app, so that may have something to do with it.

Try just downloading the .rar file and exporting all the files somewhere, and then executing the game's executable.

For most people, the game is super laggy because of either anti-virus options, graphic card manager options or just because they are executing the game inside the rar file.

Let me know if any of this helps!

It's fixed for the final version!

These are all placeholders. We tend to use placeholders for jam games. When you have 2 weeks to make a game, the final product can be a bit rough!

Final version has, of course, 100% original art assets.

We are looking to do a simultaneous release (both Steam & Switch at the same time)

Hey guys! The game has been VASTLY improved optimization-wise. I rewrote the entire code base so it should work much much better now. Some more info on this:

  • When there are a lot of the same item in the ground, they just "group up" to reduce lag. So instead of 100 Coins you only see one coin sprite but it's bigger and it has the number "100" at the bottom to represent the higher value.

  • Buying lands is not a problem at all anymore. This is one of the first things I fixed! Not only the final release contains MORE lands but also there is always something special in each land you buy. Ruins to explore, enemies to kill, NPCs to interact with, etc. There is ALWAYS something different in each land, and you can buy them all without lagging the game.

  • The only problem I still have is when I place a lot of buildings and have them all be crafting things at the same time. Say I build 1000 furnaces and they are all making different items. I still get a few hundred item drops on the floor that start to lag the game a bit (drops about 10-15 fps, so it's still very much playable). I am going to experiment some more on how to optimize this as well!

Thanks for the support, by the way! :D

Not quite right, but it's close! :D

Omg so sorry for the tease lol. I think that was a jerk move on my part...

But jokes aside, the game is almost done! :) After I finish working on this the folks at Humble are going to localize it to several languages, do some testing and QA and port it to Switch. We can then release during the Fall!


It's almost done now! :D

Thank you so much!

You guys are the best! I can't wait for you to play all the new things, I am really excited :D

In about 6 months!

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, we will do Mac for Steam! :)

Thank you so much! <3

Yes! Absolutely!

Probably. I think I need you guys to play at least one more version of Forager before release!

Forager will release on Steam & the Humble Store around June or July this year. it will cost between $9.99 and $14.99 (haven't decided yet).

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Forager will release on Steam & the Humble Store around Fall this year. it will cost between $9.99 and $14.99 (haven't decided yet).

Thanks a lot!

Hernan Marandino did the music for the demo and is also working on the music for the final version of the game.

His soundcloud

His linkedin

You can download Alpha 6 and continue playing with the same savefile!

Thanks for the file!

And yes, every aspect of farming is getting MUCH easier and interactive with the Steam version!

So sorry about this! Are you not getting ANY xp at all? It was supposed to lock AFTER you got all skills... weird bug

Oof! So sorry about this Croc! D: