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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog

Plans for Mac version?

A topic by Mattcraft900 created Apr 24, 2019 Views: 6,270 Replies: 17
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I'm super hyped to play this game, but I have a MacBook. I saw from a few posts on this forum that the Steam release was meant to come with Mac compatibility; however, the Steam release was 5 days ago and (unless I'm missing something here) I don't see any Mac compatibility when I view the game's page in the Steam store. Are there still plans to make a Mac version of Forager, or is that not happening anymore?


It's happening!

We had some last minute issues with Apple, but it should all be fixed soon!

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Are you able to tell the date of the mac release yet?


Has there been any movement on this? 

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I was wondering if once it is compatible for Mac, I will be able to install it if I purchased it before it was available for Mac (Didn't realize it wasn't compatible before I bought it). If not I will have to ask for a refund from steam sadly.

I think you will be able to play it as it will be updated for mac 


I posted this message on the wrong thread so here it is for real lol:

Hey HopFrog! Its been a couple weeks since you updated us Forager becoming available on Mac. I just bought the game on Steam and I can't play it. Do you have a date yet for when it will be available? Also, will I have to reinstall the game when it is released for Mac? Thanks!

I agree, I know there was another thread where HopFrog was saying this about a year ago. There's a beta for Mac currently but I can't wait for an official Steam release!

Keep us lowly Mac gamers in the loop :)


Where is the mac beta?

I got the Mac Beta from HopFrog's Patreon @ ( its at the $10 level

If you know how to use WineSkin this game runs really well through it! I don't have a mac, instead I use linux and I found this game runs great through wine (which wine skin is based off of).

Can u teach me how?

As I said I don't have a mac, however this site might be able to help:

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Using Wine is a bit complicated. You need to have some knowledge about the dependencies a game has. And make some manual adjustments in the configuration.

I run it with Crossover:

It's the most user friendly option in my opinion. But it costs something. There is a free trail version availlable.

Alternatively you can try it with the free Porting Kit:

It's the middle way between Crossover and bare Wine.

All these programs use Wine at their base but some are more user friendly, some less. Forager runs perfectly on Crossover but you don't have a guarantee that every windows game runs with it. The problem with Wine on Mac is, that it currently doesn't support DirectX 11 like the Linux version. So games which require DirectX 11 at minimum system requirements, won't run.

When you want to run every Windows game on your Mac, there is no other way than buying and installing a copy of Windows on your Mac with Bootcamp.


Hi @HopFrog, I have a query about Forager for Mac. For the initial release of v1.0.0 you said that a Mac version would be available. But now at v1.0.3 there still is no release... and previously (10 days ago) on a page you said some issues with Apple is being sorted out so the release for Mac can be coming, any ideas on when that may be? I am super pumped to play this game but currently cannot...


Hi @HopFrog even if its an update on whats going on at the studio would be nice, but i do understand there is probably issues with the windows version that are keeping you busy. Take your time just wanting an update on where the mac version is at.  

So um, it seems been months, is there a mac ver now?

Unfortunately, the mac version will not be released after issues with apple. 

Check out the article:

typical apple.