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It's happening!

We had some last minute issues with Apple, but it should all be fixed soon!

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Are you able to tell the date of the mac release yet?


Has there been any movement on this? 

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I was wondering if once it is compatible for Mac, I will be able to install it if I purchased it before it was available for Mac (Didn't realize it wasn't compatible before I bought it). If not I will have to ask for a refund from steam sadly.

I think you will be able to play it as it will be updated for mac 


I posted this message on the wrong thread so here it is for real lol:

Hey HopFrog! Its been a couple weeks since you updated us Forager becoming available on Mac. I just bought the game on Steam and I can't play it. Do you have a date yet for when it will be available? Also, will I have to reinstall the game when it is released for Mac? Thanks!