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Using Wine is a bit complicated. You need to have some knowledge about the dependencies a game has. And make some manual adjustments in the configuration.

I run it with Crossover:

It's the most user friendly option in my opinion. But it costs something. There is a free trail version availlable.

Alternatively you can try it with the free Porting Kit:

It's the middle way between Crossover and bare Wine.

All these programs use Wine at their base but some are more user friendly, some less. Forager runs perfectly on Crossover but you don't have a guarantee that every windows game runs with it. The problem with Wine on Mac is, that it currently doesn't support DirectX 11 like the Linux version. So games which require DirectX 11 at minimum system requirements, won't run.

When you want to run every Windows game on your Mac, there is no other way than buying and installing a copy of Windows on your Mac with Bootcamp.