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Is it possible to run it on a Mac? For example with Wine?

How do I start the game under MacOS? There is only a exe in the downloaded files. I don't use Steam.

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I already wrote to a developer and he replyed that he will look after it. I also wrote to staff but no response yet.

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I'm playing the game on my Mac and I'm wondering how I can quit the game to Desktop when I'm in the main menu. There is a button that sais end game but then I come to a screen with the coverart and the only choice I have is pressing c which brings me back to the main menu.

I don't see an other obvious way to quit the game than pressing cmd + tab, then close the game by rightclicking on it in the bar and end it.

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I want to buy the game but when I want to pay with PayPal I get an error message. Seems to be a problem on this site. Buying other games here on works.

Wow, the last update was 2015? :(