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Thanks. I'm going to buy you a beer. :)

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Ok nonetheless, thanks for your effort. :)

Maybe making a new site only for the soundtrack is possible.

I already saw this on other projects.

Thanks for your fast reply. I thought that it is possible to make a exe or ZIP File with the extra tracks and sell it seperately here on with the same price tag, like on Steam. I was interested in the extra tracks. But if it doesn't work here, I'm ok with it. :)

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is it possible for you to offer the Supporter pack here too?

I don't like Steam.

Already bought your game here and really like it.



I'll look into it. Nice. :)

Thanks  :)


in the few hours I played the release candidate I couldn't find any big problems.

I don't have a gaming laptop with a good graphics card (Intel Iris Xe), so I had choose the graphic setting "normal". With higher settings there was some light stuttering.

Thanks :)


is there also an update for Windows to v1.39 like on Android?


Ok. Thanks for the reply.

Is there chance that you'll release your other games DRMfree on and/or on too, sometime in future?

I'm really a fan of your work and I like to buy them, but you know...

Seems as if everything works fine. Thanks for the update. :)

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Sorry for the late reply. I only want the non steam version with the latest bugfixes. Leaderboards are not important to me. I only ask because I dont like Steam Drm. That's why I bought it here. So can you please update the non Steam version here on Kind Regards

Can you please update the Non-Steam Version to the latest version?

Will the newer OSX versions be supported in future? Because the only thing that keeps me away from buying it is, that my OSX version is not supported.

Thanks :)

Hi I realized that the Android version is 1.33 but the Windows Version here is 1.32. Will there be an update here too or is the version 1.33 update only fixing stuff for Android?

Yes, please bring them here too. :D

Thanks for the reply

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Can you please add the content of the deluxe edition here drm free too? I mean the season pass.

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Using Wine is a bit complicated. You need to have some knowledge about the dependencies a game has. And make some manual adjustments in the configuration.

I run it with Crossover:

It's the most user friendly option in my opinion. But it costs something. There is a free trail version availlable.

Alternatively you can try it with the free Porting Kit:

It's the middle way between Crossover and bare Wine.

All these programs use Wine at their base but some are more user friendly, some less. Forager runs perfectly on Crossover but you don't have a guarantee that every windows game runs with it. The problem with Wine on Mac is, that it currently doesn't support DirectX 11 like the Linux version. So games which require DirectX 11 at minimum system requirements, won't run.

When you want to run every Windows game on your Mac, there is no other way than buying and installing a copy of Windows on your Mac with Bootcamp.

Is the soundtrack also coming here?

The same case with the Mac version. It seems as if it is intended to be so.

Now it works. I don't know what was wrong.

I'm not using Spotify. xD 

Sad that the soundtrack is only availlable on Steam again.

3 hours later ... nothing ...

I cant't open the Mac verison it sais that it's corrupted.

I don't know how to start the DRM free version on my Mac. I need instructions please.

Hi, will there be a update for Linux to the latest version?

Is it possible to run it on a Mac? For example with Wine?

How do I start the game under MacOS? There is only a exe in the downloaded files. I don't use Steam.

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I already wrote to a developer and he replyed that he will look after it. I also wrote to staff but no response yet.

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I'm playing the game on my Mac and I'm wondering how I can quit the game to Desktop when I'm in the main menu. There is a button that sais end game but then I come to a screen with the coverart and the only choice I have is pressing c which brings me back to the main menu.

I don't see an other obvious way to quit the game than pressing cmd + tab, then close the game by rightclicking on it in the bar and end it.

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I want to buy the game but when I want to pay with PayPal I get an error message. Seems to be a problem on this site. Buying other games here on works.

Wow, the last update was 2015? :(