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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog

Did i get a Key for steam too?

A topic by Pest Pulle created Apr 10, 2019 Views: 881 Replies: 15
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i pay the price at did i get a game key to? or oly the panteons?


It's only for Patreon supporters. But! If you donated $20 or more send me an email and I will see if I can send you one of the leftover Steam keys personally!

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hmm ok are 10$ ok to i bye the game 2 times 

Purchased for $5.00 221 days ago 

Purchased for $5.00 309 days ago

10$ for a Demo is a bit hard

and then pay agin for the full game will be a bit unfair

it would be very nice if you can send me a key too

thx agin for the game makes a loot of fun

The full game is releasing today.

Man i pay for the game in Steam and now when i click play this appear how  i can Fix it ? thanks

This text appers: unfortunately, none of your save data could be read.please note that save files from before Beta 7 are no longer supported ...

Can u hep me pl?


Try deleting your savefiles located in %localappdata%\Forager

Tendría que borrar o data o debug o forager , se perdería El Progreso? Eres un crack gracias por todo


Para encontrar las savefiles presiona Windows + R y copia y pega este mensaje: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Forager

Se abrira una carpeta con todas tus savefiles, tienes que borrarlas a todas ya que estan corrompidas y desafortunadamente si, se perdera tu progreso :(

Es que sigue sin ir

thanks it kept giving me an error with line 1 and two other lines now it finally works i've tried everything else before then i saw this.

Hello. I donated over $20 dollars as well. Could I possibly get a steam code as well? I loved playing your amazing game.

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so i dont get one? great a waste of money for a demo

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How can I check to see how much I've donated? Because I would like to pay the difference and get myeslf a steam key

Let me get this straight... all donators here, even though your profile says you own the game... Don't really own anything but the demo (which anyone can download). What a SCAM.

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Yeah, it's almost like it's an option to just donate to the creator, and we can pay what ever we want for the demo. Oh the horror, such a tragedy, the inhumanity. -.-

yea that a realy hart trick out