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thats caleld a softlock not glitch

ez  this took only 5 tries and i got it easy nice tits on the chacter

The bird has to be in the nest to move it

can you make it work for opera gx

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pre wolf boss update here anyone else?

why is lv 3 so hard

played this for about 3-4 years i think its gone  a long way

just sitting at a cool 1999 fps apprently

Can someone tell my the gallery's code 


like it


is sad that he wont reach the top 


us that akk you ned to win or is that just a push because i dont know what to do next


fine dont belive me dick

i like it cant wait for the next update

same im just sad that i couldn't save my game.

i got the best piece of junk from the junk box a WAR SOCK.

So far this game is a 9/10 the only problem is that there is only 2 scp's

well i give up i guess i got a lot of things but sometimes my guy wont interact with things like the recycling bench i press play , item is in it,  still has the  number for how much items i want (i even made it 100) but the guy just stares at the ppl entering the store

i can export my save

anyone got a good price to sell a emerald for

good game but i went to move before i went to save my save code and was still holding w so i lost all progress :'( but other than that it was agreat game.

Love it

is it normal to come back after a bit and finding out you got alot of 99,99,99 poeple availble to hire

don't know all i know is i'm getting hit faster than i am hitting her

i am sad i can right as they removed lynx i wanted to see what that animation looked like.

i can't beat the guard for some reason i tried more than 15 times and still didn't get it 

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when i jump on the platform by the spikes i can climb the wall and as you can see the ui has disappeared. if you don't fully understand it's probably better if you do it yourself and also it might be better so you can see what i mean by i can't do anything.(sorry sometimes im not really good at explaining things)

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this is great except for the part when the ui disappears and i can't do anything after i go off the screen (the top)

3236 (it froze so i couldn't get 5000000)

i like it


I know it is on steam but please add it to itch.