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It's only for Patreon supporters. But! If you donated $20 or more send me an email and I will see if I can send you one of the leftover Steam keys personally!

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hmm ok are 10$ ok to i bye the game 2 times 

Purchased for $5.00 221 days ago 

Purchased for $5.00 309 days ago

10$ for a Demo is a bit hard

and then pay agin for the full game will be a bit unfair

it would be very nice if you can send me a key too

thx agin for the game makes a loot of fun

The full game is releasing today.

Man i pay for the game in Steam and now when i click play this appear how  i can Fix it ? thanks

This text appers: unfortunately, none of your save data could be read.please note that save files from before Beta 7 are no longer supported ...

Can u hep me pl?

Try deleting your savefiles located in %localappdata%\Forager

Tendría que borrar o data o debug o forager , se perdería El Progreso? Eres un crack gracias por todo

Para encontrar las savefiles presiona Windows + R y copia y pega este mensaje: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Forager

Se abrira una carpeta con todas tus savefiles, tienes que borrarlas a todas ya que estan corrompidas y desafortunadamente si, se perdera tu progreso :(

Es que sigue sin ir

thanks it kept giving me an error with line 1 and two other lines now it finally works i've tried everything else before then i saw this.

Hello. I donated over $20 dollars as well. Could I possibly get a steam code as well? I loved playing your amazing game.