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Love this so far (haven't gotten 100% yet). Kind of wish there was a downloadable PWYW version (because you should be able to get paid for this neurotic masterwork, and because I want to play it in fullscreen like a huge nerd).

I really like this! Feels like a solid proof of concept for something bigger that could be built off of this. Also just a good game in general.

Amazing. I somehow "beat" this.

Maybe missing a cassette level?

I mean, I've never seen a homebrew game for any console on here that wasn't clearly identified as such.

Ah, that's fair. I thought to try that because those platforms had almost no significance otherwise.

Are you using a controller?

Okay, so when you say "climbing on walls", do you mean timing jumps to gradually ascend, or do you mean grabbing walls with the right trigger to climb them freely?

You can climb walls with the right trigger. A lot of people haven't realized this, seems like a conveyance issue.

It's a small 3D platforming game made in under two weeks. You can theoretically 100% the game on your first playthrough in under an hour, but I don't think that's true for most people (and not me either).

Do you have a controller plugged in? I don't know what the keyboard controls are like, but if you have a controller, you should probably use that. On controller, you can press the confirm/jump button (Xbox: 'A', Nintendo: 'B', Playstation: 'X') to access the main menu. You can also use the standard 'cancel' button for that controller type to go back or quit the game. In-game, you use the confirm/jump button to jump, the cancel button to dash, the 'Start' button to pause, and the right trigger to grab/climb on walls. Also the game is a really good translation of Celeste's mechanics to a 3D environment, and it's even great in its own right.

I think I might know of one good, hard 3D platformer, but I'm not far enough into the game to know if it reaches "hard". So yeah, very unexplored genre.

Which one did you think was impossible to find?

I'm awed by the skill and commitment it takes to play the game without using the wall climb, but I'm also afraid.

HOW in the HELL

So if I understand correctly, neutral jumps are actually in the game already. I've already seen a few posts where people didn't realize you could climb, some collecting several strawberries even. Sounds like a hell I would never want to deal with.

OH THAT's what that is.

I find it hard to disagree with this statement. Also, it seems like there might be a resurgence in the (only kind of) retro 3D platformer genre (see Q2 and Q3 of 2023).

Assuming you're using a controller, you should be able to use the shoulder buttons and/or triggers to climb. The game is a lot easier if you realize you have that ability.

The name is specifically referring to the Nintendo 64, but no it is not an actual N64 game. The "64" is meant to evoke the vibe of the games "Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain" takes significant inspiration from.

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (no but really)

O you poor soul

(seriously impressive though)

The game definitely has issues, but all games do, and that doesn't make the game inherently bad. Making such a bold complaint about QC on a free (and open source) game that hasn't even been out a week doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

It was made in under 2 weeks. No game ever reaches its "ideal" form, but this one should get some keyboard and mouse and mapping improvements sooner or later (it's open source).

Do you want to know how many there are?

You may be stuck on the two strawberries that aren't actually spawned until you do [something], like I was for a while.

This is a fascinating idea I know nothing about, and I do hope you get an answer.

true wisdom

Yeah, it's almost scary how amazing this game is with such a tiny dev cycle. (I want whatever potions EXOK is chugging)

Oh god are you okay

This is really fantastic.

Very nice! It feels like getting to later floors is highly dependent on luck, but it's very compelling.

This was really cool! I'm always itching for lo-fi dark souls. I liked the design and movement constraints. Fighting in cramped spaces is difficult! Only negative I would say is the game feels much more frustrating when not using fast mode. I almost gave up on the first level until I found that option.


I think it would be a really good feature for this game.

Are the photos you take in-game stored somewhere? There are some really nice vantage points in this game.

Already bought the bundle, but does this have controller support?

I'll hopefully come back to post more thoughts, but I wanted to mention that I found this game on the itch youtube channel and the video left a mixed impression. They got stuck on the sludge blocks that you have to divekick. I'm glad I still decided to check it out! In general, I think the game could use a little more tutorializing. What's here is really solid though.

Wow, this looks fantastic. Will be looking out for this.

The full game is releasing today.