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Very nice! It feels like getting to later floors is highly dependent on luck, but it's very compelling.

This was really cool! I'm always itching for lo-fi dark souls. I liked the design and movement constraints. Fighting in cramped spaces is difficult! Only negative I would say is the game feels much more frustrating when not using fast mode. I almost gave up on the first level until I found that option.


I think it would be a really good feature for this game.

Are the photos you take in-game stored somewhere? There are some really nice vantage points in this game.

Already bought the bundle, but does this have controller support?

I'll hopefully come back to post more thoughts, but I wanted to mention that I found this game on the itch youtube channel and the video left a mixed impression. They got stuck on the sludge blocks that you have to divekick. I'm glad I still decided to check it out! In general, I think the game could use a little more tutorializing. What's here is really solid though.

Wow, this looks fantastic. Will be looking out for this.

Love this color palette! Gonna pick this up now. Sounds intriguing.

The full game is releasing today.

They are actually working on a level editor.

In the US, you can use a bank account with Paypal. I don't know if it's the same in Belgium, but if it's possible, I think you have to log into Paypal separately and set it up before you try to make the purchase.

What specific problem did you have?

I'm using an Xbox 360 controller on Windows 10. My controller might be a bit old, but I don't have this problem with most games.

I believe they're shortening that stutter in an update soon.

I've been using an Xbox 360 controller to play Celeste and I've noticed some odd things. Using the analog stick in menus is very sensitive and sometimes results in skipping over menu items or options. Also, using the start button while in a level is very touchy. If I hold it down it will often trigger the opening and closing of the pause menu, unless I release immediately. I don't know if these problems affect the actual platforming, but it is possible. I do feel like my directional inputs may be misread on occasion, but this could also be error on my part.

I was replaying Chapter 5 and I got to the "Search" section. I went to the room where Theo was trapped in the crystal and accidentally dashed up diagonally toward the right and I think I hit the spikes that close you off from him. The game immediately crashed and pulled up an error log:

Celeste Error Log

1/29/2018 2:12:37 PM
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Monocle.Entity.CollideCheck[T](Vector2 at) in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Monocle\Entity.cs:line 553
   at Celeste.Actor.OnGround(Int32 downCheck) in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Gameplay\Physics\Actor.cs:line 93
   at Celeste.CS05_SeeTheo.<Cutscene>d__7.MoveNext() in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Gameplay\Cutscenes\CS05_SeeTheo.cs:line 36
   at Monocle.Coroutine.Update() in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Monocle\Components\Logic\Coroutine.cs:line 40
   at Monocle.ComponentList.Update() in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Monocle\InternalUtilities\ComponentList.cs:line 200
   at Celeste.CutsceneEntity.Update() in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Gameplay\Cutscenes\CutsceneEntity.cs:line 47
   at Monocle.EntityList.Update() in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Monocle\InternalUtilities\EntityList.cs:line 234
   at Monocle.Scene.Update() in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Monocle\Scene.cs:line 64
   at Celeste.Level.Update() in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Scenes\Level.cs:line 1725
   at Monocle.Engine.Update(GameTime gameTime) in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Monocle\Engine.cs:line 232
   at Celeste.Celeste.Update(GameTime gameTime) in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste.cs:line 155
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Tick()
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.HostIdle(Object sender, EventArgs e)
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameHost.OnIdle()
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.RunOneFrame()
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.ApplicationIdle(Object sender, EventArgs e)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponent.FDoIdle(Int32 grfidlef)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ComponentManager.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponentManager.FPushMessageLoop(IntPtr dwComponentID, Int32 reason, Int32 pvLoopData)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoopInner(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoop(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(Form mainForm)
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.Run()
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.RunGame(Boolean useBlockingRun)
   at Monocle.Engine.RunWithLogging() in C:\Projects\C#\CelesteFinale\Celeste\Celeste\Monocle\Engine.cs:line 309

It's telling me the link/invite is expired.

Yeah, there are 2 folders with different names like that. Launching from the app still closes the game after a second or two.

It's been a long time since I tried running the game, so it may have been this slow before, but I can't remember. Anyway, I'm running it at 1280x720 with no vsync and no AA. I'm getting 9-11 FPS. I would lower the graphics settings, but there don't seem to be any. Is there a config file somewhere that I'm missing that I could tweak to get better performance? I'm mostly interested in testing the level design, so sub-par graphics aren't really an issue. Any other potential workarounds for this? Thanks!

Specs: Windows 10, 8 GB RAM, Intel i7 @ 2.40 GHz, Nvidia 610M @ 2GB

Sorry I've been gone for a really long time. Anyway, I want to get back into testing this game. Just wasn't able to launch the game from inside the itch app. It opened for a couple seconds and immediately closed. It seems I'm able to launch it directly, so I will be using that method for now.

Interesting stuff. I definitely have some misgivings about capitalism, so it's pretty refreshing to see a game like this. I don't completely understand how it all works, and I think that could be helped by some tweaks. I think the game would be improved if you could see descriptions of the elements of society (buildings, institutions, concepts) after you've changed them. These descriptions could detail what they were initially and then what you transform them into. I think this would help people to understand what's actually happening in the game. I like the minimalist/low-poly look, but that also makes it difficult to discern what you're looking at.

Just finished the game for a second time. Really nice game! I actually like that you removed the speed cap. Blasting across the screen by charge-diving is quite fun. Anyway, I do have a suggestion/criticism: I played the game with a controller and found that the deadzone for analog movement is really tiny. I had to make an effort to not push slightly down and accidentally fall through platforms. I think making the deadzone larger or adding a slider for it would make it easier to play with a controller. Other than that, it controls great!

I shouldn't pressure you. That is a difficult decision.

Will we get a Steam key if we bought the early access version? I just like to have my games in one place. I'm planning to play this soon!

You don't walk through walls, you just control all ice on the screen.

Great! I'm planning to play regardless, but will there be new content?

Finally bought the early access build. Is there a forum for it?

Any idea when the next build will be ready? I don't want to miss it.

It seemed when I played that the demo required you to press the attack/charge button while at the same time requiring you to press a direction, either by letting go of the direction and pressing it again or by moving from a standstill. I thought of the run trigger in games like Super Mario Bros., where you can start running from a walk by simply holding the run button. I thought that would be much easier and more intuitive compared to the current trigger to start the charge in the demo. Stopping the charge doesn't have to be done this way if you want the charge to function as something other than a generic run.

I don't mind if you would lose momentum when you aren't actively increasing or maintaining it. (walk - maintain, dive - increase)

With regard to the speed cap, I'm not really sure what you mean, but I'm thinking you might mean something similar to high-level Super Mario 64 or Dustforce play (neither of which I can perform). Actually, this franchise(?) reminds me (favorably) a lot of Super Mario 64 in terms of movement.

Oh, okay. Assuming I was following the rules correctly, I won 2 out of 4, I think.

But wouldn't the JH be wasted if the 9H was used first? In the rules, it states you can only heal once per room.

Sorry, it's been a while since I played the predecessors, so I couldn't remember how dives worked with momentum. I think my main issue with it is that you have to wait before you can proceed with normal walking or a jump. I'm maybe being too picky about that.

I see why you would want to distinguish the charge from a normal run, and I think it should work. The thing I'm most concerned about with it is that you're not able to start charging while already walking. I feel like having to trigger it while standing still is unnecessary. Not being able to stop the charge instantaneously makes sense, though. I will say that the somersault is a pretty nice touch/reference. If you wanted to implement a charge jump to dive chain, you could limit spamming by only allowing the dive to happen once at the apex of the somersault. I didn't think of diving into a charge, but that could certainly be cool. That said, I'm not much of a game designer. I also noticed that you no longer gain height with the dive, which seems like a good change.

With the backfilip, I think the issue I have is that I press the direction and then immediately follow with the jump button instead of waiting for the direction change animation. I may just be too hasty about it.

I also kind of like the wicked damage boost jump. It's very difficult to pull off, so I don't think it should wreck the game.

While the game seemed to have low FPS, it didn't affect play very much. Probably just made things a bit more floaty, but it would certainly look better without the drops. The horizontal scrolling was not very smooth for me.

Ah, so you can consume multiple potions per room, but only gain health from the first one?

I forgot about this demo! I've played Super Skeleman and Skelemania and I really enjoyed them. I used a controller to play. I like where this is going, but I also have some criticisms.

I had some trouble with lag and scrolling, even with a 2 GB graphics card. I like the art and music, but the mechanics and controls felt a bit off. Triggering backflips is a hair slower than I'd like, but I could get used to it again. I'm not a big fan of how the dive works. Conserving some momentum is cool, but this can also be abused to continually dive across long horizontal stretches. There is also no way to cancel or reduce the momentum of the dive. I don't remember if this was present in the previous games. The lack of a smooth transition between running and charging feels awkward, as I was expecting it to function like a regular run button. It's disappointing that it's impossible to dive after a running somersault jump and retain the running momentum. I figured out that you can get a huge damage boost from spikes if you jump at the right time. Is that intentional?

Donsol community · Created a new topic Room with 3 potions

I'm playing with a physical deck. My current room is 9H, JH, 6H, QC. My HP is 10 and my DEF 11. I can survive or skip this room, but I'm not sure how this is supposed to play out. The rules state that you can only heal once per room, so is that incorrect or would I just have to discard a potion without gaining health. I'm going to run, but I don't see what the valid play would be here otherwise.


- Can't change resolution from 320x240, even though 1366x768 is selected and I pressed "Apply"

- Remap controller is also non-functional. Have all the options been implemented?


- Texture issue with portal when viewed from distance.

- Ball continues to roll within pipe. Not sure if intended.

- Upon pressing the purple switch in the main puzzle, the ball appears to be teleporting randomly or just moving very fast throughout the pipe, and even outside of it. This is based off of the location of the aura onscreen. Not sure if I will be able to complete this normally.

- For some reason, the location of the cursor seems to matter when near a surface and attempting to change gravity.

- The color change puzzle worked just fine, but one thing I've noticed is that unless you're very familiar with the different fields of gravity, you don't know exactly which direction is associated with each color.

- For example, when I put a red cube into the yellow beam, I'm not quite sure where the now-yellow cube will fall. This could create a lot of trial and error for later color changing puzzles and a lot of tedium as a result.

- I have a suggestion. What if the texture/effect/etc. of the beam itself showed the orientation of the corresponding gravity field? This could be shown as arrows within the beam pointing in the direction of the corresponding gravity field. It may be a bit inelegant, but it could help readability tremendously. (Crappy mockup incoming)

- Nope. The ball is definitely not where it's supposed to be. I'll just have to clip through the portal and...

- What. What is happening? I walk towards the portal and the level completely changes. I think this is one of the new levels. It seems to be superimposing itself over World_003. It also tanks my already shoddy framerate. Clipped through just fine, though.


- Ah, so that's what I was seeing! Now I'm not sure if that odd thing was intentional.

- This is pretty stunning. The infinite corridor of this level is very impressive looking. I like the detail on the windows. I see a tree. I should go to it.

- Well this is quite a conundrum. I have little idea where to go. Is this sort of navigation puzzle intentional? Still enjoying the views. I like how the structure is either a tunnel or a tower depending on your perspective.

- I think it would be cool if there wasn't an obvious break in the structure. You can easily see where the instances of the world meet. I think the illusion of infinite space would be stronger if this were addressed.

- Found a door! This button is missing its...button.

- I recognize this puzzle! I think this implementation is better. The solution isn't quite as obvious and it makes good use of the space.

- All the buttons in this area seem to have the same rendering problem. The tops don't appear or animate.

- Another color change puzzle integrated into a normal level. I feel like this space may be a bit large.

- This tree looks very yellow, even though the cubes are orange.

- Having a bit of difficulty telling these colors apart at a distance.

- These cubes are stuck above the switches. There seems to be invisible geometry underneath them. I don't think this puzzle can be completed legitimately.


- Oh, I remember this from the first build. Looks like there might be something to do now.

- This area reminds me of wind turbines or the wings of a plane. Very distinct look. Can't wait to see what winds up here.

- I was going to test water physics with the stairs, but I lost a cube to the infinite void. I guess I'll go towards that other portal.


- Looks like color change puzzle F here.

- Not much more I can say here. I still really like this level.

- Whoa, that doesn't look right. Looks like this hallway is broken. I like the climb down (or up) through this tunnel. Feels kind of foreboding. The change in scenery near the end is also nice.


- I saw this one before, too. It's still really cool looking. Good payoff from the previous tunnel.

- I don't think there's anything to do here, but I hope I get to see some really cool puzzles here eventually.

Okay, I've waited long enough for this. Let's give this build a go!


-First puzzle looks the same.

-The ball still bounces and moves back and forth, but now has an aura around it. I'm not sure that it makes sense for this object to bounce and roll, considering none of the other objects in the game work this way.

- Finished! Now to move on to the main puzzle

- This puzzle looks largely unchanged as well, though I can see a tree in a room nearby. Still love the effect of the pipe stretching between instances of the level.

- Changing gravity in mid-air feels more responsive and easier to do, but I've probably just gotten better at it. It seems to be the optimal way to do this puzzle. There's also a lot of sphere movement when it's on a surface. I feel like this could interfere with progress in the puzzle, depending on how a player moves.

- Surprised to see this puzzle here. I thought this puzzle could be a bit advanced for an introduction, but it still feels like a good puzzle nonetheless. It feels a bit jarring, but it also feels like an improvement over the previous copy-paste solution of the original sphere pipe puzzle.

- I'm worried that the gravity manipulation could wind up setting the sphere back in the main puzzle. It didn't affect my progress, but I also knew what I was doing.

- I found it a bit hard to land on the pipe here. I'm not sure why, but maybe the mid-air controls are a bit floaty. This reminds me of the solution that Portal 2 used to sort of suck the player towards the spot they intended to fall, in order to minimize frustration. A similar measure may be of benefit here, but probably harder to implement.

- Finished! Onward!

ColorChangePuzzle - A

- Looks unchanged from the original.

- This is a cool demonstration of how beams interact, but it's also very simple to solve, even without really trying. This puzzle may work well as the ending to a longer, trickier puzzle. A little bit of spectacle and tutorialization to cap things off.

- The level exit is broken.

ColorChangePuzzle - B

- Seems to be a variation on A. This one requires a bit more thought, but also feels a bit more clunky. Half of the level goes unused, though it may be intentioned as a red herring. Took a minute or two to solve. Level exit is also broken.

ColorChangePuzzle - C

-This immediately looks more interesting and complex. Okay, let's go.

- That was a good combination of color-changing and stair-building. Took me 3-4 minutes. I immediately went for the obvious solution of taking the purple block to the green switch, but found that the purple block was needed to get the blue block to the green beam. The rest of the solution plays out a lot like A or B.

ColorChangePuzzle - E

- Not sure what the open wall is for, but we get a cool overhead shot.

- Finished in about 8 minutes. Most of this time was spent rearranging yellow blocks, but I liked the idea. The player still needs an extended grab/placement range so these sections are less finicky. Ideally, you would be able to arrange the yellow blocks once and then just carry the blue/red block up/down the ladder. Again, most of the space in this room is not utilized.

ColorChangePuzzle - F

- Looks pretty straightforward, but long.

- This is stunning.

- Another short, 1-2 minute puzzle, but visually enchanting. I love this view.

- There isn't much to say about the puzzle itself, but the space in which it resides is wonderful. I like how the puzzle here serves as a buildup to the space you explore in the rest of the level. The falling section is very nice, but it could be skipped using the pillars in the chasm by the entrances/exits. I like the feeling of being set free for a few moments only to be confined again in an even more intriguing space.

- I feel like one or two more puzzles could be contained here. Namely, after the switch door and after the windowed hallway where the dead end is.

- It would be great if you could escape the second enclosure. I spent a good while just exploring the space available, seeing what ultimately simple geometry was creating effect I was seeing. This was my favorite part of the level and I wanted more of it.

ColorChangePuzzle - H

- I like the symmetry in this puzzle area.

- 6 minutes. I initially started with one red block and one blue block, thinking that the solution involved them supporting each other, but I didn't realize that all I needed to do was use a yellow block as that first support. I'm a bit disappointed that the solution wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be, but I still like this puzzle.

Overall, I liked E, F, and H the best out of the color change puzzles. I like the changes to World 3 for the most part, but I'm still craving another sprawling multi-puzzle level like worlds 1 and 2. Side note, it's a bit difficult to capture a picture of an entire puzzle due to the structure of the levels and gameplay.

(9 edits)

I started at the hub and went on from there, according to the playtesting instructions.

World_41 HubMini

- Here all we need to do is grab a blue cube from the tree and place it on the lone switch to climb up the pillar to access a new level.

World_53 WaterTeachingPuzzle

- This level immediately feels confusing. Walking off the ledge sends you into the void. Maybe this is intentional to force you to figure out the layout based on the structure in the distance?

- The water texture looks pretty ugly right now.

- The tree growing mechanic is pretty cool to discover, but I'm not sure how the player is supposed to figure out what to do other than pure experimentation. To be fair, there are few ways to experiment in this area of the level.

- I'm not sure it makes sense that the cube used to grow a new tree can be respawned, but it would make less sense puzzle-wise, I suppose.

- This is the second time we have to move a cube between switches. It's good to see this concept re-iterated.

- Cube rotation is introduced simply. The pre-placed green cube redirecting the water demonstrates the purpose of this mechanic nicely.

- The graphics for the water redirection really need work. The animation for growing trees is also lacking impact.

- I like how this area looks and feels very different from what we've seen so far. The Japanese-inspired architecture and wide open design is a nice change of pace from isolated puzzle rooms and hints at potential challenges utilizing large spaces.

- It's a little difficult to line up the stream of water when on a higher platform, depending on where you're redirecting the stream from. Maybe the next patch of "soil" should be placed further away?

- It takes a long time to fall from a lower platform to a higher one. Maybe the distance between instances of the level should be decreased? There are a lot of cubes here to manage and the backtracking is becoming tedious, especially since I already know how to proceed.

- This cube is too high to reach normally, like the cubes in one of the trees in World_41. Nice to see this element repeated.

- Nice use of the world wrapping here to show how water streams are also affected by it.

- What do I do now?

- Think I finished the green section. Not sure what purpose all these trees really serve, but at least I can see where to go next.

- It took a while to access the purple pagoda. This shouldn't take so long. Time to tackle this.

- So the final blue cube puzzle is broken due to a lack of cubes. Whoops.

- Finally done. Solution is broken due to lack of blue cubes. This visual is pretty great. Time to clip my way forward.

- Personally, I think this level has a great mechanic, but it ultimately feels tedious and pointless to grow all the trees when there's no discernible benefit to doing so. The green section feels too long and there's too much backtracking overall. You could say that growing trees is a nice diversion, but it takes too much time to do so at a satisfying pace. This area needs streamlined or it needs to have some kind of reward for growing all the trees.

World_41 Hub Mini

- Upon re-entering the hub, you immediately fall through the floor. Clip into the room to proceed. Now we can take these blue cubes out to the main level.

- We're required to use the water redirection technique we learned in the previous level here to grow a blue tree on one of the floating islands in the middle of the level. This shows that this mechanic will be used repeatedly.

- You can redirect the water again to grow another tree. This seems to be unnecessary, though. There's a fourth tree, but growing it seems to be currently impossible.

- When you gather 4 cubes, you can then try two different portals.

World_16 Staircase

- This is a visually striking level. It really takes advantage of world wrapping.

- The solution to this puzzle is fairly straightforward, though it can be difficult to line things up since the platforms are so thin. I do like how it showcases the ability to change gravity in mid-air.

World_003 SpherePipe

- This opening staircase sort of continues the previous level's theme and also establishes a sense of mystery regarding what's outside the walls.

- The pipe is pretty cool looking. It looks like a way of transmitting light.

- I was wrong. It's very surprising to see something that's not cubic, even if it's not a complete sphere. This is an interesting mechanic that makes the active gravity switching feel very important.

- This is also the only object we've seen so far that is affected by all gravities. Interesting.

- The blue cube and switch show a nice contrast between objects that are affected by a single gravity and those that are affected by all gravities. This also demonstrates how doors can be used other than for player traversal.

- Overall, that was a cool puzzle, though it may have run a bit long. It showcased the utility of changing gravity in mid-air, though it also showed how this is somewhat difficult to perform.

World_066 ColorChangeBeamIntro

- The initial impression of this puzzle is pretty interesting. It looks complex, but also open-ended. I've seen this mechanic before and I know how it works, but I still think the idea is pretty cool.

- Changing the color inside the triangle on the cube is a good way of showing which color the block was originally.

- The solution felt pretty straightforward, but it was a cool puzzle to introduce the mechanic. It may have been a bit too elaborate for the mechanic's first instance, though.

ColorChangePuzzle - A

- This puzzle makes good use of the vertical space of the room. It was a pretty elegant solution, though it kind of solves itself once you do the first step.

EDIT: Fixed the image links!

Jumping would break the puzzles, unfortunately. You found a sprint function? How do you use it (Xbox)?