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Thanks for the ideas! :D


I havent seen youtubers died in this game but it will realy sad if you start over after 10+ hours of gameplay(specialy after repetative) it would be cool if you add like a save feature(anyways ppl that can find the save files will just copy it somewhere and if they die they can just use it as a load) or like buyout feature(after death you can have like a pay money- revive,or minigame or smth like that)

Or make metaprogression sistem so starting all over again would not be so sad.

I havent played the game myself but what i have seen is the lack of hearts,some mobs from gameplay vids can do 2 (and i think there are even more)and it would be realy sad if you just get mobbed,i hope you will add some sort of HP upgrades like at that fairy nps,or add it in crafting,or some sort of that.(same for energy bar)

Dungeons.I mean like a building on an island like other npc that will alloud you to enter it onec a day and just play a dungeon like isaac/gungeon(i mean roguelikes)so you can get some money,loot,and maybe even rare passives that can be get only that way.

Bigger inventory or sort of ender chest.(what i ve seen that players suffer from lack of inventory,and crafting it sometimes is a long story,it would be cool if you get a slot every time you levelup(ofc with a cap),cuz selling things sometimes makes me cry)

Its all that came in my mand today,hope it helps you in your development jorney,good luck,i will reply again if smth more come to head.