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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog

Suggestions for the game ,and at all.

A topic by terorist created Sep 16, 2018 Views: 136 Replies: 3
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I saw this game from some of youtubers and i realy enjoyed watching it.I know the game is still in beta and lots of things are in progress but i want to tell some things that might be in your plans or you havent even thought about them.(I am sorry if the things i am about you heard like 100 times)

I want to sart about gameplay.Firstly i saw that early stage of gameplay is grind and nothing more,and the only enemy was slimes(and bulls/or kinda cows).So what about making for a player some more danger in early game(cus what i have seen is everyone just doged in mele or even when they got hit ,they just use faries to heal).Also i saw that the game is lacking not only that,it would be cool if we have an option to on/of Tower Defence mode(after you have unlocked a bunch of islands and connected all of them using bridges,you can build a special thing to unlock it,or just siply turn on this option) and every night you get waves of mobs moving to the center island(ofc you need defence type of building like walls towers,maybe even some AI guards that you can hire).As of rewards you get mob drops and maybe some rare items like gems or even smth more ;)

After all of that combat features you realy need more combat things.Like spells,pets.......(you know the examples for that)


I havent played the game yet but what ive seen is in late game its kinda getting grindy(even if in like 99 levels you just onehit any resourse).What about Factory features like sending mini dudes to mine for you in the area(same with everything else).

Realy hard to lose.Most of players for now are skilled and can evade very well,for them losing in this game is impossible(cuz of amound of heals and not only)

The leveling need to be changed a bit,for example split in to trees so it will be easy to navigate not just different things are in different colours but are so close to each other.

Different bars for starving and stamina.

Some famouse players like wanderbot went "all on money" build,i think its kinda overpowered and need to be nerfed,so ways of abusing will be destroyed.

More tools.........(i am not about simple axe for trees only,or pickaxe for stone,i am about makind some sort of trees of upgrading for tools,like not only 1-2-3-5 etc.)

Ingame wiki/content book.The game doesnt have BIG content YET,so it would be realy cool so you in one of betas just put all of that conten in to the book so players can use it a guide(if you do this like after a year of updating it will be hell hard to put all of content,much easyer to put it now and just add each new update).

Building upgrading.(WE NEED MORE SPEED........,and slots,and stuff)

I hope you will keep updating the game and it will become great,even better then some of "titans" of today.

After some more ideas come in to my head i will add them here if you need them.

Fogot about biome weather events like rain in forest biome(less vision,but plants grow faster)sandstorm in sand biome(everything moves,and speed is lowered)in snow biome (less vision,slowed,and if you are there for to long you can get dmged from freezing) and etc.


Thanks for the ideas! :D


I havent seen youtubers died in this game but it will realy sad if you start over after 10+ hours of gameplay(specialy after repetative) it would be cool if you add like a save feature(anyways ppl that can find the save files will just copy it somewhere and if they die they can just use it as a load) or like buyout feature(after death you can have like a pay money- revive,or minigame or smth like that)

Or make metaprogression sistem so starting all over again would not be so sad.

I havent played the game myself but what i have seen is the lack of hearts,some mobs from gameplay vids can do 2 (and i think there are even more)and it would be realy sad if you just get mobbed,i hope you will add some sort of HP upgrades like at that fairy nps,or add it in crafting,or some sort of that.(same for energy bar)

Dungeons.I mean like a building on an island like other npc that will alloud you to enter it onec a day and just play a dungeon like isaac/gungeon(i mean roguelikes)so you can get some money,loot,and maybe even rare passives that can be get only that way.

Bigger inventory or sort of ender chest.(what i ve seen that players suffer from lack of inventory,and crafting it sometimes is a long story,it would be cool if you get a slot every time you levelup(ofc with a cap),cuz selling things sometimes makes me cry)

Its all that came in my mand today,hope it helps you in your development jorney,good luck,i will reply again if smth more come to head.