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This game already has a really good concept. The game could easily be remade into a compelling political endless dropdown game with high scores.

Hmm...32 days since the last update. What's the next feature?

Could we possibly get a car with its own storage? And vehicles  that bots can use?

Of course. We're gonna see an amazing game come out with the next update.

I'm hyped.I love system-based games like Factorio, Oxygen Not Included, Rimworld, Prison Architect, so I get excited for a game like this. I hope the next update will be free, or at least the last free version.

It’s weird seeing animals enter the buildings of their own volition and then also come out of it.

Finally, an update!

This may become irrelevant once the next update comes around. It reworks the bot-building system and adds stuff like growing zone designation.

When's the next feature gonna be posted? It's been a while since you posted to the development log. I'm guessing it's either a big feature or a difficult-to-implement-but-necessary feature.

Certain buildings will require a metal flooring?

I've been really anticipating for the next update of the game. Any idea when it will come out?

Next few weeks? Next month?

Also, how are you guys gonna get more exposure brought to the game again once the next update is released? A lot of the original fans probably left and forgot about this game by now.

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I really like this game, but it's clear that it's still in development because after a few days of it's most hectic session, it's just the dealing with the same three promotions and the usage limits.

It's also glaringly obvious that anyone that's using a promotion is going to be within their usage limits to prevent confusion for the player.

But it's very clear how complex this game can get, dealing with various promotions, prohibited services, etc. especially when these categories intersect, like disconnecting Bronze users for using any services besides browsing.


How about this, you can have multiple decision criteria be true at once (i.e. using a promotion, but over their limit) and use the numbered list on the Company Policy email as a decision priority list. So on some days, throttling people who reached their limit will be more important than promotions, and vice versa on some other days.

Also, add more services like social media as separate from browsing, maybe even have news as separate, too. You could also add GPS services and things like that.

Adding scenarios involving news and information sites, as well as maintaining where users are, like in that South America scenario, can add a serious political element to the game to build on it's central anti-corporatism theme.

Okay, for quite some time, I've noticed that, quite often, trying to start the game just leads to an empty black screen. I've noticed that deleting and extracting the files from the zip file will fix it, but even after a couple of minutes after getting it working, closing the game and trying to run it again will lead to the black screen again!

I think the only reason why I haven't really noticed it is because I don't play often enough before the next update.

But it's becoming an issue.

This just happened right now:

I try to start the game, see black screen, close screen, try in windowed mode (with windowed mode just to be sure it's not some weird issue with full screen), see black screen, close game, delete .exe and Autonauts_Data, extract files from .zip again, run the game, it works, close the game, run the game in full screen mode, load my save, try something out for 2 mins to test for a bug, close the game and write something on the forum, 2 mins later start the game up again (this time for a prolonged play session), see black screen again!

Hmmm. When trying to reproduce the problem, for some reason, destroying and building new clay furnaces fixed the problem. But it was lighting up a sort of wide "square" area in front of the furnace, fading as it got further away, and it flickered like crazy. Maybe part of the reason was because there were two furnaces near each other and their lighting effects were interfering?

Firstly, my pumpkins still only appear in the corner of the map. I never got around to farming pumpkins in the last version of the game, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Also the lighting with the clay furnaces is weird.

Just use a name badge. And I personally prefer this than having to remember who does what until repeat names come out.

Buddy, this thread is from over two months ago.

I don't think the Kickstarter will get funded in time. It seems the game's already received its intial influx of backers and is only slowly progressing.

It still needs more mainstream attention. In my opinion, it COULD be possible to talk with, or even sponsor videos for, more mainstream YouTube gamers to have them play it. I know how that usually brings a lot of attention to some games, although it might be expensive (I wouldn't know). And you'll probably need a robust tutorial and wiki to help with introducing the game to new people.

Doing a YouTube search, I find that there were only 2 YouTubers on the first page that broke 1 Million Subscribers: MattShea [1.7M subs] and Blitz [1.1M subs]. Everyone else I could see didn't even break 500,000 subs.

I would recommend:

Not just because I'm subbed to Mark, Jack and Ethan, but because these guys are relatively well known YouTubers (mostly Pewds, Mark and Jack) and if any one of them plays it and likes it, they'll probably tell each other and spread word of it, inviting the others to play, thereby spreading it to a wider audience.

I'm pretty sure that others here can provide other well-known YouTubers who could play this game and bring it the popularity it deserves.

But take what I say with a grain of salt.
I'm just a fan of this game who knows that YouTube can help make stuff popular.

If you're talking about your character, the Autonaut, it runs on a tiny nuclear battery in it's heart. According to the source code, you actually DO have power like the workerbots (I think it's like 999). It just never runs down.

If you're talking about the workerbots, the Crude and Basic Workerbots are spring-powered, aka windup devices. Steam workerbots run on logs, although some people say they should run on charcoal. I think they should run on anything small and wooden (like sticks, planks, poles, etc.)

May I ask the logic behind why just about every cooking recipe requires a stick?

Dude, you DO realize that YOU'RE the Autonaut, and there's only 1 Autonaut: YOU! Everything else is a workerbot! Don't confuse people like this!

So far, the closest you can have as an objective is keeping as many of the Folk/Natives (the naked babies) simultaneously happy as possible.

Use mallet on a tree to make it drop sticks.

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Dude, just read the changelog:

Where should I start explaining?

I've been playing every update since update 5 myself.

Also, they even have a draft for a Kickstarter page here:

There, you can see some details of their later plans and stretch goals.

It's on their to-do list.

Will you also make it so that when using the < and > keys to cycle through your inventory that multiple similar objects in your inventory will come up as a stack in your hands.

Like, if I have 6 planks in my inventory, cycling to one of them will pull four out of your inventory and in your hands, and continuing will just skip all similar objects and go to the next object.

This game is way too early in development to make a tutorial. Watch some gameplay videos by Denki and look at the tutorial I made here:

It looks very appetizing. I'll watch it wriggle in my campfire.

They'll probably do something like that as a stretch goal.

Actually, they don't have a point. But, rather, they ARE the point. Their happiness is the point of the game. You're supposed to make as many of them as happy at once as possible.

I found out that Denki plan to implement train systems in the game, so maybe they'll take out that mechanic?

Dude. A Repeat command will loop as long as the condition is true. Once that condition is false, it will move on to the next step. Like, they were told to keep doing something until the storage filled. If they find that it isn't, they keep doing the task. If they do find that it's filled, they'll move on to the next step, which is nothing, which means they stop. They weren't told to keep checking after the condition was fulfilled.

You need to put the whole program into a forever repeat, then once the condition is reached once, it will go out to the forever repeat, and that will bring it back to the top and keep checking the condition until it's false.

Dung is cow poop. Put dung in Fertilizer storage and pull out to get fertilizer.

What's the point of conveyors if storage gets transported to any other storage?

I'm no expert in this field, but maybe more people should find out about this game so that you can get more potential backers. I don't think enough people that would be willing to pay know about this game yet.

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The game is in pre-pre-pre Alpha, so they can't exactly implement a formal tutorial yet. But I can try to make one:

Welcome to Autonauts! Here you'll build workerbots to automate all the tasks in your quest to make the natives happy. (As of Alpha 14, there is no exact goal or objective. Keeping as many of the natives as happy as possible can serve as a challenge if you need an objective.)

That little guy in the center of the screen is you, the Automationaut! Look how cute you are! (As the Alphas continue to come out, your character will change).

To pan around the map, use WASD, Shift+RMB, or the middle mouse button. To move around, click any tile on the map.

Now let's try to pick something up! Look around for a stone and click it. Good! Now you've picked it up and it's in your hands! Now let's pick up another. See how they stack? You can hold 4 of the same items in your hands at once. Let's put the stones away for now. Use the "/" key to stow the stones in your backpack. Great! If you want to get them out of your backpack, use the "<" and ">" keys to go through the items in your inventory.

You can also use "i" to open the inventory screen. On the upper left, you see 4 squares. That's your hands. To the upper right is you! Those squares around your picture are the slots for clothes that you'll be putting on later. In the middle of the screen, you'll see a long row of squares. That's your backpack inventory. And on the bottom of the screen is for installing upgrades that can help you do more things. (As of Alpha 14, the Autonaut does not have any upgrades.) For now, let's put the stone back into our inventory. Drag the stone from your hands to your backpack. And click X to close your inventory, or just press "i".

Okay, now let's start making tools. You may be a robot, but you can't collect the local resources with your bear hands. Click any nearby stick. Now you're given the options to craft a Crude Axe or a Crude Shovel. For now, let's make an axe. Great! Oh, and one more thing about your inventory, you can drop all things in your hands by right-clicking any empty tile. Press ">", right click any tile, and press ">" again to pull the axe back out. Good.

Now click any of the trees nearby. Great, now you've made a log. You may have also gotten a tree seed or two from that. You may want to pick those up too, but you'll have to stow away your axe with "/" to pick them up. Now let's chop down another tree.

Good. Now let's start building things. Press E to open the buildings menu. Select "Simple Flooring" and place it on any valid area. Press E again to close this menu. Now take your two logs to the blue Simple Flooring blueprint. You can only carry 1 log at a time in your hands because a large item like a log uses up 4 hand slots. Stow them in your backpack if you want to take both, or just take one at a time. Add them to the blueprint by right-clicking the blueprint while holding the logs in your hand. Great. Also, in this game, for every building you delete, you can build it again instantly. Try opening the building menu again with E, click the garbage icon, and click the simple flooring. Now select Simple Flooring from the building menu and place one. See! So if you want to move something, simply delete it and replace it somewhere else and you don't need to worry about "rebuilding" it.

Next, we're gonna build a crude bench saw. We can only put THIS blueprint on simple flooring. We can use our axe to chop up logs into 2 planks and chop up planks into 2 wooden poles. But a crude bench saw will produce 4 planks from a log and 4 poles from a plank. You can see the materials you need in the corner of the screen when mousing over the blueprint.

When you've made your crude bench saw, next step is to make a Worker Assembler. This doesn't need to be on simple flooring. The Worker Assembler is probably one of the most important buildings in the game, as it allows you to make Workerbots which can do a task for you over and over. You can change the item to make in the bench saw by left-clicking it and insert what it needs by right-clicking when you have the items in your hands, like with blueprints. Once you've built it, continue reading.

Great. Now we're getting close to making our first Workerbot. One of the items we need for our Crude Workerbot is a Crude Gear. We can make one with a Basic Workbench from the building menu. This also needs to be built on simple flooring. When you've made it, click the workbench and select "Crude Gear." After you make it, add it to the Worker Assembler as you would with any other building. Continue once you've created the Crude Workerbot.

Awesome! We have a workerbot! But it's not gonna do anything yet. Why? Because we have to program what it needs to do! Press spacebar to enter "Whistle Mode," which will pause (As of Alpha 14, workerbots will not pause in whistle mode while walking until they stop walking) all workerbots and let you select them. Click the workerbot to show it's brain. In the brain, you'll see a button to play, record, and trade. There's also a small square button to expand the brain screen if you can't see all of the program. Have your axe out and click the record button to start programming the bot. Now the workerbot it following your actions. Click a tree and see how the orders are automatically added to his brain. Right now, there should be three commands: "Find Tree," "Walk to Tree," and "Use held item." If there are any other commands, drag them out of the panel to delete them. You can also click the small button of letters to open the command panel to see some more commands that are harder to do in person. Once you've chopped down the tree, the bot need need one more thing. See, right now, if you ran the program, it would only try to do the task once. This is because it doesn't have a repeat loop. Click the repeat button in the of the brain and then click Run. The workerbot should then walk to the nearest tree and try to chop it.

But wait! What's this? It seems he doesn't have a tool to chop the tree down. Try pressing spacebar (Whistle Mode) and clicking the workerbot. Then click Trade. Try giving your axe into his hands and see what happens. Ah! Now he's working! For now, we'll want to stop his program. The tree seeds will despawn pretty quickly and you'll run out of trees. Go into Whistle Mode again, click him, and click Stop.

Here are a few tips: change the program of your tree chopping bot. You may have noticed by now that tool eventually break. The same goes for when this guy is using it. Eventually his axe will break and he'll just stand there waiting for his hands to have an axe to use. To avoid this, open his program window, click Learn (the record button). Click Repeat. Now drag repeat to the program. Drag the other 3 commands into the repeat loop. Now click the white drop-down window on the repeat command and click "Until Hands Empty." Then click any stick and any stone on the map and make another Crude Axe. Click repeat in the lower corner. Great! Now we have a much better program where the bot will make a new crude axe whenever his current one breaks!

Right now, we have a robot to perform a single task repeatedly: To chop trees within his search radius. But we don't just need that. We need to plant the seeds so that new trees can grow, and we need to store those logs in an orderly place. We need to build an assembly line for logs!

To do that, we'll need a General Storage, a workerbot for digging holes, a workerbot to plant seeds, and a workerbot to carry the logs to the storage. Build a General Storage next to the trees and make 3 more workerbots. Good. Now put 1 log into the General Storage (right click while holding a log). Now the storage has become a log storage! It will stay a log storage until it is deleted. Now program each of the new robots to the 3 tasks mentioned earlier. Good. Now you should have a steady stream of logs!

If at any point these workerbots have a battery flashing over them, it means they're running out of energy. You need to wait until their energy empties completely, then manually rewind them. (Notice that these guys are windup robots.)

Now here's something important to the game. Try building a General Storage next to the Crude Bench Saw. Now take 1 log from the Log Storage and put it in the new storage. Ah, now this has also become a Log Storage. But look! This storage has the same number of logs as the first one, and it's increasing with the number of logs put into it. And, the capacity of both storage is now out of 200 instead of 100. Also, as you take logs out of the second one, the number in the first also decreases! See, in Autonauts, all similar storages are connected. This means if you put a log into a log storage, then you can take it out from any other log storage!

Another important tip: if your log production keeps running like this, then your robots will even chop down trees when the storage fills up. When it fills, the workerbot that puts logs into storage will wait until the storage is not full. You can try re-progamming them by changing the "Repeat Forever" to "Repeat Until ? Storage is Full" in the drop down menus. (You can only change this in Teach Mode.) Now click the small "?" box in the Repeat Command (expand the panel if necessary), and click the log storage. Now they'll stop once the Log Storage is full, so you won't have huge piles of logs just sitting there.

Now, let's move on from building a production line and move on to what that game (as of Alpha 14) has as an objective: making the local Folk happy! You may have noticed little sad guys around the map. They need a home. Open the building menu and build a Crude Hut. Now pick up a Folk and place him into his new home. Aw, he's happy now! But soon he's going to get hungry. You can feed him Apples, Milk, Watery Porridge, Milky Porridge, Crude Bread, or Apple Pie. You can even make little clothes for them using spinning wheels and rocking chairs! They won't make him happier, but darn, won't they look adorable!

Now that just about covers the basics. Now build big villages and rescue the Folk. Keep them happy with various foods. Try to make production lines for milk, crops, fleece, metal, component parts like gears, and all the other things you can make in the game. Time to automate everything!

Important tips:

Gears and Wheels are made using a Wood Router.

Some items like Gears use up 10 spaces in a storage, so you can only store 10 per storage placed.

There are currently 3 workerbots: Crude, which are slow and have shorter energy life but have larger inventory and carry more, Basic, which are much faster and last longer but have smaller inventories, and Steam, which are fast and have large inventory but need to be recharged using logs.

Using a Seedling Tray is recommended for a log production. If supplied 15 seeds and 5 fertilizer, you will instantly get 15 seedlings, which grow back much faster than just planting a seed.

When you give a "Find nearest" command to a robot, it will have  a search radius where the center is where it first had picked up what it was looking for. You can use beacons to change the exact search area by clicking the "?" on the Find command and clicking a beacon. Moving a beacon will carry the range of the commands associated with them, too.

You might make multiple robots to do the same job, but instead of programming each, you can make Crude Data which can backup and restore a robot's program. As of Alpha 14, you just need it in your inventory or the inventory of the robot to back it up/restore it.

If you want to rename your robots, make a Badge from the Basic Workbench and put it into a robot's upgrades.

To write on Signs, press Z while holding them.

To make fertilizer, put Dung (which a cow sometimes makes while eating) into a Fertilizer Storage.

You need a bucket to milk a cow, remove milk from a Milk Storage and feed it to Folk. Similar with water and collecting from water bodies.

You can cut the local plants and plant them in flower pots.

Having a scooter in your inventory will let you use it.

To go to other islands, build a canoe, put the canoe in shallow water have a paddle in your hands, and use the canoe to travel. You can build a bridge to let bots cross quickly.

If you want to change a storage box's item, you can't directly. You have to delete it and place it again and it will be ? storage again. Remember, you rebuild deleted buildings instantly.

Know that stowing away items ("/") and cycling through your inventory ("<", ">") can be programmed.

Instruments have no practical purpose (as of Alpha 14), but you program robots to use them!

The totem pole has no practical purpose (as of Alpha 14).

The Shout command is used to communicate between robots in conjunction with the "Until Hear" command.


If there's anything I missed, reply to this.

Could you make it so that we can use the scooter as an upgrade for our character so that we don't have to use up a whole slot of inventory space just to move more quickly?

It's also used for Seedling Tray.

Put Dung in Fertilizer storage and when taking out, it turns into fertilizer.

In earlier updates, Basic Workerbots were superior to Crude Workerbots in every aspect. I'm simply curious as to why Crude Workerbots now have larger hand and backpack inventories (v11.1). Why are we now given a reason to keep using Crude bots? Or is it to balance the game once we gain the Basic bots (and not let us just exponentially boost efficiency)?

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    Vendor:   NVIDIA
    VRAM:     3072 MB
Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly
Platform assembly: C:\Users\Rafi\Documents\Entertainment\Autonauts\Autonauts_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.dll (this message is harmless)
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- Completed reload, in  0.025 seconds
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desktop: 1920x1080 60Hz; virtual: 1920x1080 at 0,0
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Did you #ifdef UNITY_EDITOR a section of your serialized properties in any of your scripts?
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