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The Lazy CookView game page

You are a lazy cook, so you make a robot to do part of the job for you.
Submitted by JodieHasAShovel — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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On Topic#2143.7273.727

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Music Source
Music from Uglyburger0 (

JodieHasAShovel (Everything) , Uglyburger0 (Music)

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Nice game, wish the robot was a bit more useful


ADORE the artwork. Although the music is very relaxed, I'm not sure if that vibe sits well with the scenario of managing a bot that runs into things.

Although the AI did often get super stuck behind a table, it was ironically a good thing because it let me spam click a bunch of garbage away to get my rating back up.

I think the cooking and frying takes way too long, and that there should be better signs to indicate what stations are what, because at first, I kept throwing things into the garbage thinking it was some kind of packaging station.

You could definitely make this deeper. Maybe take elements of other cooking management games to improve cooking gameplay, too, like being able to set something aside so that I can work on multiple orders at once. Or maybe adding more nuance to managing the AI than just clicking away the garbage. Maybe the AI can take care of more customer-facing tasks that we need to be aware of.


love the art work. Cool game !


The UI animations were really smooth, and the music was a bop.

One thing though, the tutorial was very in-your-face, in other words, it covered half of the screen, and it should really be visible at the first time the game is played, in any plays after that the player should click a "Show Tutorial" button or something.

Also, my short-term memory is shorter than a fish's, and i assume a lot of people are like me, and so it'd be great if you added like a "Current objective" indicator, where the thing you need to interact with is highlighted, so you know what you need to do faster.

Lastly, the player has to be exactly in-front of something interactable in order to be able to interact with it, more room would've been appreciated.



Very cool cooking game which captures the feeling of being the only one working at the counter in a busy food service place perfectly.


Nice game


I had quite a  lot of fun playing this game. That is all I have to say you are so talented


Beautiful game, excellent presentation and drawings.


Very nice art style. I had trouble understanding what to do at first but then I got the hang of it :)
I wish there was more time though, or at least simpler recipes guaranteed at the beginning. Nice work!


Kinda good game. I like cooking games like that. Great game, i played in it for 30 mins. Half of this time i have tried to understand what to do, and i did it. Thank you for game!


Cooking games are not my thing, but i had to try it because of the interesting artstyle.

I really didn't understand what the "give to robot" step is, i just... hold E on another person and get a new task, the robot is just doing its thing, i can't reach it...

I think the robot can leave debris behind the clipboard, making it impossible to see and maybe remove? I think?

Maybe add some sort of highlighting, or dynamic text message, that lets you know what you're interacting with. With perspective , it's wasnt 100% clear to me where you have to stand to interact with a specific thing. Also the interaction seems to continue after it completes, until you let go of the key

Overall, pretty good!


Really cool, takes a bit to get used to but once you do it's awesome. I love the art so much! Great work on every part of this.


Great concept and the art style is amazing! Great job!


I really liked this -the lil robot thrashing around had me laughing -really good job on the art work too! The menu movements had a nice polish to them too -awesome job! :D


oh also really liked the music too!! :D

The music is well done.. very addictive. I had it in the background for like 30 min or so while chatting on Discord LOL.

Very interesting game concept. It was a bit confusing to me at first until I found the menu or the task list in the bottom right corner. Definitely need a tutorial before playing in the actual level.

There are some bugs with the loading bar above the player sometimes.

Other than that, just well done, especially knowing that you made it in/under 3 days.


What a surprise, I wasn't expecting a cooking game for the jam, liked you art style and the tooltip with the control was very important during play. Congrats on the submission.


Good Game! I like the artstyle who is very unique and the idea is really cool! Maybe drawing everything (and the UI!) with the same overall brush size would make everything fits more together. I like the level design and the personality of the robot, it’s cool to play with ^^ Concerning the game design, I would advice for a notification bubble system, or maybe a yellow outline on our next equipement in our receipe. But that’s because I’m just blind and I havn’t seen the list in my first playthough ^^’



Very nice game, I really like the art style. I found a bug where when you hold E the bar stays afterwards, I have no idea how it happened I can't redo it.


Saw your posts on Discord and instantly knew: We had kind of the same idea! And your game also has a similar art style. Think we can officially call our games Wowie twins :-P

To your game: I like the art + music.  Some of the customers  gave me memories on Rimworld - I was playing this game a lot, one of my favourites! I was able to prepare the fried potatos and that made me really proud. But the meat somehow didn't work. It didn't want to cook.

All-in-all a good game. Great job!


huh, weird bug, none of my testers encountered it. Sorry for the issue.


Reminds me of Overcooked, but with a robot. The linux build has severe performance issues and sometimes crashes for me, if I resize the window to big - otherwise it seems to be working.


I use linux as well and it works fine for me. Check if it is running on cpu or gpu.


Admittedly, my laptop isn't a graphics beast, it only has an integrated Intel UHD Graphics - however, since your game just uses 2D graphics and similar games run fluently, I wanted to point it out to you in case you had no opportunity to test it yourself on Linux. But I guess it's just my weak PC then :D