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Thank you for your suggestion, will be definitely added

Thank you so much, yeah it was a lot for the time that we had, but we are proud. We are happy you enjoied

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, I am working on tutorials and explanations of the minigames. We've done what we could with the time that we had

Thanks for the suggestion, I am working on tutorials for the games

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got jumpscared my the hand lol, cute game

WOW! amazing in every way. Great difficulty curve between levels, greate UI and menues, loved the sounds (but hated the fly sounds very much), super simple, cute, and I loved the level design

Amazing polish and really cute art.

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Loved this game, it didn't really use the typical gameboy controlls, but really solid entry. You should have probably worked on some sound.

Also really nice difficulty level scaling

Amazing game, should win the jam

Amazing game, loved the puzzles and the level design. And the music was great too. Difficult and fun at the same time

yeah so it needs nore more balancing for the happiness meter, it would give at least a difficult, since the game really does not have one

Really great idea, was a little confused on what to click on to change scene, maybe work on a visual indication of where clicking brings you

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I loved this game so much I finished it in 437 days.

I didn't understand what triggers the winning condition, so if you could explain that would be amazing.

Loved the music, but with such a long gameplay it gets really annoying.

also I didn't understand the "🙂1,00" that never changed for all the game, is this an unfinished feature?

I didn't expect added content so far into the game, with the major and I loved the idea that you could add daily hours. Thanks for the experience.

I really liked this game, great idea

Thanks we hope you enjoied it

Thanks for playing

Thank you very much

Thank you very much

Thanks for the suggestion, we will definitely think about that. Thanks for playing

Rerally liked this entry, I found it really challanging and felt really angry every time I lost a life. Really well made

Yeah unfortunately we didn't really have the time to add explenations, thanks for playing

what engine did you use?

so it was a feature?

Very nice platformer, liked the stile, and the interesting mechanic.

Maybe it was the machine I'm using but I experienced a lot of lag spikes, always in the same areas. Other than that I loved it. Wasn't able to beat the boss, perhaps you should show how much life left he has.

Really amazed of what you were able to do in so little time!

Thank you

thank you


I know, I didn't do a good job with the tutorial, thank you

Thank you very much, about the feedback I know these problems, and I'll fix them if I'll ever work on this project again. Thank you anyway 

Grazie Alessio, ho tra l'altro scoperto che io e te ci siamo già sfidati nella Global game jam in AIV

Would really like to see more of this game

Really cool looking, but the antagonist is super stupid

exactly what I did

Very cool idea

maybe I was doing something wrong... but I wasn't gaining money

Really nice game, didn't really get how it's connected to the theme

Really cute game, got stuck between two blocks and could not move from that

good idea, needs more polish

Nice game, found some bugs, I didn't understand how it works (but that is because I'm dumb), but I LOVED the style