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Very polished game.

I like the Music and the UI a lot.

I can see myself playing this for hours. Especially since the maps are randomly generated. 

One small improvement you can make is to add a sound effect when I reach the charge lvl I need to go to the next lvl.

Cool game and good game concept.

Moving the cars is a bit buggy I would say. Sometimes I can't even pick the car. a bit more polish for that is needed IMO and the game would feel amazing after that.

I would see myself playing this for hours.

Cool game. I mazed a lot inside that magical maze.
I can see your idea for the game and its potential. But the execution could have some improvements. Like adding a mini-map for exapmle or changing the maze for each item ...etc
And full respect for finishing the game in/under 3 days.

Very polished game.

I like your approach here of making the game short but making sure it is polished enough.

The music, sound effects, the movements, and even the Art are soo cool.

Yeah, that wait I meant. if just you guys had more time. But still, the result is great either way.

BTW the Menu UI looks so polished and cool as well.

The music is well done.. very addictive. I had it in the background for like 30 min or so while chatting on Discord LOL.

Very interesting game concept. It was a bit confusing to me at first until I found the menu or the task list in the bottom right corner. Definitely need a tutorial before playing in the actual level.

There are some bugs with the loading bar above the player sometimes.

Other than that, just well done, especially knowing that you made it in/under 3 days.

Fascinating concept. I feel like the story has the potential to grow more if you guys had more time, of course. 

The music is cool and it's working really well with the game idea. 

I wonder if it is possible to use an API for a real AI photo generator in the game. That would be interesting.

And finally,  I wish there was a button to restart.

Note: Whoever chose the AI pictures, does love butts a lot. 🙃

Fascinating story.  Very emotional as well. The music is just perfecto.

Well done.

I have the same problem in my game BTW
Although I fixed it, I can't upload the new version until the jam is over so GG to me as well for not doing that from the beginning.

Simple and enjoyable.
The art is different than anything aI saw in this jam so well done on that.
the music is nice and works well with the gameplay.
This game is one of my favorites in this jam.

Note: working with random and randomization sometimes sucks and makes you wanna die.. I pushed the dice(box) like 4 times and it didn't change to anything else but the white shape. This behavior comes from just depending on randomization. But we gotta control it a bit here so players don't get frustrated. The fix is simple. just record what is the last 1 or 2 "shapes" the player got and if the last 2 times are the same don't include in in the randomization process.

Fantastic game.. I really enjoyed the challenges there (even tho I'm not that good with playing these kinds of games)

Cool music as well (the dice throwing sounds were a bit louder than they should be IMO or it should appear less) but that doesn't make the music bad no the music is awesome and well done.

Cool design.. I'm still trying it RN but I have a question..
How did you add that extra download button in the top middle of the page?

Good game.. Nice music and visuals as well.

I didn't understand the objective of the game but I'm certain that it's because of me.

Also, z/x didn't do anything for me. the scroll worked and the tap did work as well.

And the last tip I have for you is to check the dynamic sizing when you upload a web version of the game because not all ppl have the same screen size or screen resolution. if that won't work for your game, I suggest you to just settle for 720p resolution that will work will with most laptop screens and anything else as well.

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For this jam I didn't make something fancy as for I wasn't even gonna participate cuz I didn't like the theme. However, I decided in the last couple of hours to make something funny as a joke and to have some fun. So I made a joke that tells you jokes.

Great game as usual from you guys...
I like the creativity of just literally "roll the dice" around to collect stuff. Also, the visuals and the music are fantastic.
Note: I didn't use jump or think it would help meet to the red spot faster.

The whole idea of making this was a joke TBH...
So yaaay

Cool game and very creative...
Although I struggled to understand the connection between speed and anything else,  it is a really fun concept that might turn into a perfect game later.
Good job

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thanks for that ... sry for let you repeat the game from tha start A lot..
However you can use R to restart the level  😁

Also you forget that you can shoot your gun (you have 2 bullets in the 2nd lvl)

Tanks Graveyards

a puzzle strategy game 

thanks ...

you mean that when you die you shouldn't start over from tha bilging yeah i feel you man 😁

thank you for trying the game ...
c'mon man it's just two levels how hard is it 😁 but no really i know it's not cool to let players restart from the first level
However that what i did, i had no time to thing or to build something more than what i did 😁

also yup tank duplication bug is a pretty common bug all players had it but me IDK why 😂😂😂

ohhh is see now there really is a spikes but it blends with the background WOW 😂😁

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are you being sarcastic or it's there really a invisible spikes ...
Holy Moly ... Hold on i'm gonna test that theory and come 🤣🤣

Also nice Art it's remind me of prince of Persia art IDK maybe it's that game or something from that ERA ...

Side Note:  i never searched for the translation of the word Persia and till this moment  IDK what it means 😁 i guess i'll find out now

yup i had some fun and nice mechanics ....
However i stuck at level where i die whenever i touch the ground after jumping ... wish i can continue playing yeah if you fix it at some pint tell me to try it again

thank you i'm glad that you liked it...

also i'm impressed that no body  till now has notice the watermark till now, but yeah the time was almost over and i did'nt have any texture/sprite for the ground so i ended up with get any random camouflage pic and stretch it to fit :)

such a fun game i like it ...

i gave it 5 stars on fun :)

i with that the start  button is space so my hands is on the keys and ready to play ...

also you can manage the sounds a bit more  so it's balanced coz it's too high.

however that doesn't mean that it's a bad game ore something, these things is just my feedback to enhance it a bit more

thank you for you feedback ...

Of course i'll try your game as well

thanks for playing it.

I agree with you... it's lessons we learn to apply on the. next game

my game this time is a puzzle strategy game 😁

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cool game nice music.. liked the idea 

and most of all generates on your first game 

to me it's my second one...

 in my first jam did horribly bad... 

i focused on the Art 80% of the time goes for it then i start paneling because i need it learn how to use unity and build the game it self with no time so yeah it was time (i think it was 2019 - 2020) 

Holy moly ... it's start as a little joke story but it turned to an actual story  entire one 😁😁

(2 edits)
its a puzzle strategy game...
somewhere out there in the darkest age of there planet it's all begins🌍🪐🌌 ....
you play as a tank, a hero , a last hope for his planet😎,
 the objective: is to destroy all Enemy defenses🚧🚧.
"but sir we don't have so many ammo any more?!!" he says with tension marks on his face...
he continues "no way we can win sir... sir do you co!!!"
before he finish his sentence you stand up and say with very proud sound :
"I have a plan... a good one " then you laugh that confidence laugh then you continued:
"we will look like we are failing, and for that we will sacrifice some of our units... you might ask how we will gonna win if we list more units and we have low ammo right?!!"
then you take a holy big  inhale then say(with spirit and a huge smile with that look[when some one was preparing to you a snare]🤠)

"i guess you will see my friend you will see... we will save our planet and we will save this dark timeline"
Aaaand Scene 🎬 .

 here it's you turn to play the game

also the exit button is not working, i'll fix it in some point so don't judge me for that 

cool idea but it's a bit HARD for me ...

i challenge you to win my game (it's just 2 lvl ) 

also don't forget to rate it on your way 😁

how about Responsive and screen sizing for both executable versions and WebGL ?!!

my game look awful on small screens it's not responsive at all.

i see a lot of beginners tutorial on  how to make a character and platformer but not so much about that stuff ...

do you know what ... after i played the game for  a while here my feed back about at

the more i played it the more i love it that's it.

and also it's could get some more polishing, the good thing tht you can do that after the jam ends you can continue developing it more and more if you want :)

thanks for trying it ...

tell me more how do you seen it hard exactly ...

because i can win second level  with 3 ways ...

its just like puzzle games you just need to think ahead before moving

(1 edit)

thank you for trying it...

yup i know it's not that  nice to do it that way, but because it's just 2 levels i thought how about make it somewhat challenging  by doing that

(1 edit)

I'm on Linux right now and your downloadable Linux file is 0 Byte LOL ...

i'll try it as soon as i set in front of Windows PC :)

thanks for replying again ...

Out of topic thing: i liked your account avatar GIF ... LOL