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Simple yet effective. Really addictive gameplay loop. Failed a couple times but wanted to keep going to see if I can win this. Got 12 points in the end. Well done Johnas :)

Litterally the same 😭😭

Well I don't have an Nvidia GPU my potato only has an integrated intel GPU

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Very nice game I enjoyed it all the way through and even decided to stay and solve all the puzzles. 

So much content for a game jam game and it is very well polished. 10/10 game

Sick music and nice gameplay. Love it!

It keeps crashing for me and it is very laggy. Too bad because I watched the gameplay and it seems like a fun and polished game, 

Good to hear you like it, thanks for playing!

Very cool idea, I liked this game a lot. It was very fun and also a little disorienting trying to figure out where to go and I always like that "prototype" graphics

Thanks :)

Yeah aside from that and a few things the game feels super polished but then again I couldn't figure out what to do and I kept dying for some reason

An underrated masterpiece. I genuinely enjoyed this game. It is super polished, the music is great and relaxing, characters are cute. One of the best games on this jam 

Cool game but could use some sound effects

Very ambitious project for a game jam. Graphics are so good but the game freezes on my weal laptop also I couldn't figure out what to do

Very nice game, I felt the excitement as I was getting near the goal but I unfortunately died without getting into helicopter. Our games are similar in some way

Not really in the mood of reading but maybe some art would make me wanna read. Also you could have included it here on itch as a browser game. Better luck next time :)

Really cool game, I liked it a lot and I also like the fact that it is procedural. Though I couldn't figure out what to do with the hearts and I kept dying because of that

I didn't see that jumpscare coming, you got me. The game is very atmospheric especially with that old windows UI and you even have a small lore, but there are things that I would like to point out. First of all it would be good if you gave me hints on what to do. It took me a while to figure out that I need to type out the exact same text, at first I thought it is some sort of riddle. Also I couldn't figure out how to use flashlight so I lost. Lastly some feedback on where I typed the text wrong would be nice because one tiny mistake and I have to look through the whole text to find my mistake. But that being said it is a cool submission, I liked it.

Hey thanks man!

Yeah unfortunately I panicked and unparented back button in the last hour. Thanks for playing!

Wow this is so cool, never seen anything like it. Though it was a bit unclear what was going on, I chose the attack the guy option and he shot me and then credits rolled.

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Okay I am trying to run this. I have python installed but not pygame. I will be back when it works

Edit: I managed to install pygame and run the game but I think the game was broken. It kept showing "click to play" screen and when I click it it loads bunch of sprites and goes back to click to play screen again.

Thanks for playing! Yes, I am aware that Dmitri is kind of annoying because I didn't have much time to improve his AI but hey he is also useful at the same time

Thanks for playing, I am glad you liked it. I agree Dmitri's AI is a bit annoying, I made it in the last 3 hours and was in a bit of a rush

Very cool puzzles. I didn't have enough braincells to get past level 5 though. Now I don't know if this is a bug or a feature but I could jump across the gap in the first 3 levels and ignore the rest of the stuff there and go straight to the goal

The graphics are gorgeous and the fact that you have done it all by yourself in the jam period is mad impressive. You clearly put a lot of effort into this game but there are things that spoil the fun.

  • Camera sensitivity is too high
  • FOV is too low. Makes it harder to see what is going on around you
  • Character is extremely slow

If you fix the problems above and maybe add some sound effects I am sure it will be a fun experience.

This is hands down the most game of all time

Enjoyed the game all the way through. I wish there were more levels, this is so much fun. I gotta say this can be turned into a great mobile game. My only complaint is that it sometimes didn't respond to clicks for some reason but other than that the game is perfect and super polished.

The game is very atmospheric with all the cinematic sounds and I like the hear sound mechanic. 

I encountered a bug though. In the end I reached a sign showing "to the city" and a promopt wit text "walk away" appeared but when I press Space nothing happens so I am basically stuck in the same area.  Also you can spam j and k quickly to move as fast as you can press those buttons. All in all good submission.

It was quite a lot of fun trying to remember where each door leads while leaking my last braincells. Still after all that effort I could only get past tutorial lol. Very cool game and your idea is unique and fits the theme so well 10/10

Very well polished for a jam game and it was quite fun but a little difficult. Cool submission

Sure, I will

I think I made the game a little too difficult yes. It requires pro gamer skills. Thanks for playing btw :)

Oh thanks a lot, that's good to hear!

I had a similar idea too but I thought it might be to hard for my tiny brain to execute in a 72 hour period. Really cool game I enjoyed it a lot(aside from some bugs). In the last level where you make platforms from crates it detects the crate that is beneath and in front of it as if it is in front

This game was just very good and it made me keep playing for almost and hour. It also feels super polished for a gamejam game

The game is so fun and addictive and it is so cool that you made a leaderboard for a gamejam game.

It took me a while to figure out I have to defend the spider so it seemed I keep losing randomly. Also I like the fact that it forces you to move while also trying to defend the spider. I tried my hardest to get to the leaderboard but either the game is hard or I am bad at this. 

Thanks man good to hear that.

100% Good game

100000% that was a galactic fall