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oh no! Can you send me your level file please and I'll take a look. What is the name of the bot that's stuck?

Ok thanks. Added to the bug list.

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Use a mallet on a tree :)

Yep and in fact they will probably be some of the first things we'll address if our crowdfunding is successful.

The seedling tray requires both seeds and fertiliser to make seedlings.


Yep as this game is so early in development we've deliberately not done this yet. But we'll definitely be doing something along the lines of what you're suggesting. 


hmm interesting. I'll add that to the suggestions list. Thanks

The new Hot Bar should help you do this :) At some point I'll probably make it that pressing the numbers 1-9 will select an item from your inventory

Sorry about that. Sometimes we need to make changes like this because the game is still really early in development. I realise it's a pain to rejig things all the time but hopefully we can add features which make the process not too painful :) 

In answer to your question use a Mallet on a tree.

Yep I would agree. Thanks so much for your feedback.

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Ok thanks. That will be fixed in 16.3 shortly

Ok thanks.

In case you're not aware you can use Q to stow your currently held item and "," or "." to recall an item from the inventory.

Also you can change the default key bindings before you launch the game.

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I use Drop Box but there are many online file sharing services available. Just google "online file sharing" sign up to one and you're away.

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It's possible, but right now our focus is on a single player experience. Once we've got a more solid game we'll possibly add MP later.


This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version. In the mean time you can save/load to fix it. Thanks for reporting

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Yes, when i say "level" i mean your map

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Oh no! Can you send me your level please and I'll have a look. What bot names should I look at?

There's a bug in 15.1 where some objects scale badly. This will be fixed in the next version

Try a shovel :)

It's possible you ran out of bot memory to add any more instructions?

Ok thanks. I'll add that to the bug list.

Any kind of online file sharing service is fine. I use Drop Box but there are many others. Just do a search for "online file sharing"

We'll be adding other methods of transport as we go. We're still stuck in the stone age just now so when we hit Steam age we'll have trains :)

With a Paddle in hand you right click on it. Right click on any adjacent tile to exit

ok that's new. Yes that would be great if you could send me you level please.

If you click the Repeat button it will grab all the instructions and put them inside a Repeat Forever. If you Drag the Repeat button you can drop it anywhere you like and use the Drop Down menu to change what type of Repeat it is.

Use Q to teach it to Stow things in its hands

Unfortunately nested Repeat Times isn't supported yet.

Yep that's a known bug and will be fixed in the next version. Thanks

Use the Sickle :)

Fishing rods are made on the Workbench. You need String but to get that you'll need to research Weeds first.

At the moment the only real 'objective' is to keep as many Folk happy as you can but housing and feeding them. We'll be expanding on that idea as we go.

Yes planks and poles can scale strangely when you use them in a Crude Oven. This will be fixed in the next version. In the mean time you can save/load and that will reset everything.

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Give it some wood. Logs, planks or poles

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Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. What is an "action board"? 

That's just the way the model looks. They always come in pairs :)

That's a known bug but it will be fixed in the next version. If it becomes too annoying just save and load and it should reset.

Thanks for reporting!

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First you need to research Weeds in the Bash Research Station :)

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These are not implemented :)

All instruments can be played with Z

Hi, yeah I made a bit of a boo boo and there's now a version 15.1 to fix those problems.