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Can you try forcing the game to run in with OpenGL please? Add "-force-glcore" to the command line


Unfortunately, if we release it too early, we'll just get loads of complaints about things that don't work or can't understand. We're going to release when we think it will be ready and make everyone happy rather than angry/confused.

Not in the next release but at some point, yes.

Yes, we appreciate the value of Steam Bots being able to self fuel. The next version will only go up to a certain point on our tech tree and subsequent versions will extent this. It just happens that the next version doesn't reach the Steam Age and so your bot tech is limited. The Mk3 bot will most likely be very similar to the original Steam Bot and future versions might include even more advanced bots like charged batteries or solar powered that don't require fuel.

Yes, we don't really have an equivalent of the Steam Bot in the next version, we'll only have Mk1 and Mk2 bot parts which require winding, but Mk3 will probably be like the old Steam Bot and will appear in a subsequent version. We'll also be adding lots of Steam Age related buildings and activities.

Hmm. Quite a few of those have been done but I'm not really sure of the exact number. When the next version comes out we'll only be going up to, but not including, the Steam Age so a lot of the things on that chart won't be available until a later release. We've pretty much completed all the objects we plan on releasing in the next version and right now we're spending a lot of time improving balance and structure. But we've still got a long way to go :)


Unfortunately the changes have been so great than you'll need to start again. Though hopefully you'll enjoy it all over again :)

The No_Lighting build has lower quality rendering for lower min spec machines

OK so the error seems clear "No supported renderers found". Looks like it's a video driver problem, presumably because of your hardware combination. I don't really know anything about Linux but searching for VK_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_DRIVER yields many links. You can maybe find one for your particular hardware. Sorry I don't have a specific solution.

Can you send me this file please? Hopefully there will be something useful in it :)


Stay tuned. There will be something soon :)

This is made in Unity so we use C#

These should be working properly. Can you post your full script here please? 

In the next version you'll be able to replace individual body parts as you upgrade them, thereby avoiding having destroy the old ones and reprogram them. Much easier! Of course you still end up with left over body parts :/

If you've never programmed before I'd recommend starting at the beginning with something simple like Scratch. Try the Tips section for some tutorials and you can study other people's projects for inspiration. It might look a bit childish but it will teach you the fundamentals of programming using drag-and-drop instructions. 

Once you've got to grips with that you can move on to something like Python where you need to type the instructions in.

And then you could move on to Unity. They've got a good tutorial section and there's a big community. Unity is what's used to make Autonauts.

Yes, multiplayer is a very much requested feature. Unfortunately it's not something we're working towards right now. We're a small team of 2 and we're using all our time just to make a single player experience. Once and the game releases we'll consider adding multiplayer to it.

We're not sure. We're working hard to make it happen though

Yes. We'll probably also publish on other platforms too.

We're really not sure. There's still loads to do and we're actively looking for a publisher right now. But we'll announce a firm date here and in Discord when we know

When you click Downloads, just click the "No thanks etc" link

Did you save before you closed? If you did, just load the level up from the pause menu. If not, you can always try loading up an old Autosave. Click load and browse into the Autosaves folder and look for the latest one.

Unfortunately not. We're not at a point that we can share anything just yet.

Thanks! Yeah this month has been the most exciting for me because we're finally able to take all the things we've been making for the last year and play a proper game. 

Oh, this isn't tedious. It's amazing fun!

Ah, I'm not really sure. I just make the game in Unity and it packages it up for me into the final game. You should probably do a search for how to pull apart a Unity game.

Yeah, unfortunately the old level files are incompatible with the new ones.

Yep, we hope to support all of those things after the next version comes out.

Great analysis! Yep, you're exactly right, the inner loop is overwriting the outer loop's counter. This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next release. Thanks

Yeah we have actually thought about this but decided against it. The thing that makes Autonauts unique is the use of bots. If you allow the connection of buildings either directly or via a conveyor it removes a large part that. Hope that makes sense :)

Nice solution! In the next version you can specify exact rectangular areas for all Find Nearest functions so hopefully it will make things like this a bit easier :)

Yep, they're stumps. At the moment they're purely decorative, to give a feeling of the effect the player is having on the landscape, and are automatically dug up when you dig on the tile. We had a notion to grow mushrooms on them but that was dropped.

Hi, yeah sorry about that :( That's actually a known bug and will be fixed in the next version. Thanks

Back in November we stopped doing weekly builds because we found downloads had dropped right off. At this point we realised we needed to make the game significantly better and relaunch it to reach a new, bigger audience. That's why we've not released anything for so long. Once the new version comes out (and it won't until we're happy we've made the game significantly better) we'll continue to do monthly builds. As for not caring about our fans' thoughts, we've had an open forum for ideas and opinions on both Itch and Discord since the day we launched. We take feedback very seriously and are always appreciative. Unfortunately, given we're a 2 man team, progress is slower than everyone would like. We try to keep everyone up to date with what we're doing at least once a month but sometimes we just don't have time because there's too much to do. You'll just need to be patient :D

Nothing solid, but we're in the conversations with a few publishers at the moment.

Good idea! Thanks :)

No, sorry. We don't have any release date yet

When you teach a bot "Find Nearest" his zone while be where you were standing when you taught it. It doesn't matter if you move the bot somewhere else. If you want to change his zone you need to reteach it. And yes, I think there is also the visual bug you spoke of. 

The next version will allow you to edit each zone which is much easier. Areas will be rectangular instead of circular so it's much better for creating useful spaces.

Bots are added/removed to groups by dragging and dropping.

The "2 people" icon is for creating a new group. The "3 lines" was used for editing the settings of a group but that's now been removed in favour of a more immediate method. The "+" and "-" will expand and collapse all groups. The down arrow just sorts in reverse order. We're not sure if we'll keep that, it was left over from the old bot list.

Each group has an icon which shows if all bots are working correctly or if any have any problems. Green = "all good", Orange = "low energy" and Red = "no energy" or "broken tool". The icon to the right is a "-" and will collapse the group. 

Hope that helps :D

Good questions. I hope this will answer it  :)