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Hello, sorry for the late reply. 

First of all at what point in the game does it crash?

And what OS are you using?

Denki is a 2 man team

We'll probably have a free, limited version.

Yep, they require wood to burn so give them logs, planks or poles. They will also fuel themselves with any wood they have in their inventory.




1. No but you can stack them 3 high now achieve the same thing.

2. In the next version you can!

3. All artwork is considered placeholder. We'll be hiring a professional artist soon hopefully :)

4. Wow! Your level file must be huge. Yes, you can post it here or we have a place on our Discord channel called #show-off-here which would be perfect too.


Yep, you got it!

Also you'll find me as "Aaron" on Discord :)

"TileExtra" is a way of showing which tiles had any behavior associated with them. The only time this array is used is to control when weeds grow back. "T" is a timer for the tile's state. However this array won't exist in the next version.

At the moment, no. In the next version yes! Sorry


Oh I see, yes Discord isn't very good for looking through past conversations. But it's really good for holding real time conversations.

What ever you think really. There's a #show-off-here channel for this kind of thing :) Try this


nice! you could post that to our Discord server if you like :)

Replied to Sharidan in Autonauts FAQ

It stands for "Timer Disabled". When there's too many things in the world I start to despawn them, except for things that have been deliberately picked up.

That's just how the game is for now. In the next version we'll have properly random worlds :)

You'll find all the previous versions here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bw9pqekl4VFiVWg5TFVfM0pTdjg


You'll need to use a few bots to do it. In fact I always keep my bots as simple as possible and have lots of them. So one bot could put in planks, one bot could put in poles and one bot could make and put in gears.

Posted in question

We're not sure yet

Posted in question

We're hoping to have a free, limited version as well as a paid version.

Put a name tag into a bot's upgrade slot and you can then rename it by clicking on the box at the top of the Brain.

By having a scooter in the player's inventory it will be automatically used every time the player moves.

String needs to be researched. Picking up a weed will start the process.

It behaves pretty much the same as normal storage. 

Yep, storages will be upgradable.

Replied to Raniel951 in Autonauts FAQ

We've just updated our itch page which kind of answers this :)

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No, unfortunately not :(

Hello! It's true that when we release the next playable version, anyone who donated £20 or more for the Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha  will automatically own that update (and all future updates). If you'd rather a refund instead, just let us know so we can arrange that for you. Thanks!

The basket is used to remove clothes from Folk when they get dirty. Click on the Folk with the basket in your hands then click on a wash tub to clean them.

No, the next update isn't out yet.

Replied to gmrose9 in Autonauts FAQ

"DT" needs to be 100 to show dirt. Anything less shows nothing

Yes, you're correct about "EN"

Replied to gmrose9 in Autonauts FAQ

Sorry, I didn't see this message until just now.

"EC" stands for eat count and shows the number of times it's eaten before it needs to make dung. "FC" stands for fat count.

"DT" is dirt which is between 0 and 100%. 

"EN" is number of seconds of energy left * 100

Replied to gmrose9 in Autonauts FAQ

Those two control the way they eat. You can safely set them both to zero.

Replied to gmrose9 in Autonauts FAQ

Ah cool. You're going to make your own saves! :)

"ST" means State. This number represents what state the object is in. So for a tree it could be growing, falling etc. Different objects use this in different ways

"STT" means State Timer. This how long the current state has been running in hundredths of seconds.

"SM" only applies to trees and is either 0 or 1 to show if it's "small" meaning it only grows to half normal size.


Sorry, but the game's not in a playable state right now. We're not planning on releasing anything until we're happy that it's going to be a good experience for everyone. So we don't plan on doing any releases until it comes to Steam EA. Thanks

Sorry, but we don't really know ourselves. The more we do, the more we find needs to be done! But we're working hard to answer that question. Thanks :)

Sorry, but you're going to need to be more patient :( We're not really sure when the next update will be but we're working hard to answer that question!

Great idea! thanks :)

Clean clothes become instantly dirty is you put them onto dirt Folk. You need to clean the Folk first :)

Excellent suggestion! Yes it would be a very good thing to give the player more debugging information so they can work out when it goes wrong. Thanks :)

Nice ideas! Thanks

\o/ Yay!

Yeah we've been thinking about how to do underground mining it gets quite complex for the player to manage. We want to keep things as simple to organise as possible.

Nope. Just push the lever and go :) When we add a train it will need both water and fuel though.

Yep it's a crane. You need these to lift heavier things like carts onto tracks

Actually we had similar ideas as well! We imagined having a whole range of special bot parts that beefed up one stat but nerfed another. But we decided it's more fun to see the bots use equipment.