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Ok thanks. I'll add it to our suggestion list.

Ok I think what you want is to be able to use a script in different ways for tasks that are very similar but not identical. Is that right?

As of version 7 on wards we changed it so you could save your levels anywhere on your machine rather than a specific folder. When you click Save does the panel come up asking you to choose where to save?

The file is called Version 8 but it's actually 8.1 :)

hmm. On loading that level it's not happening for me but I'll look into it. Thanks

You should update to 8.1 first :)

Can you give me your level file for this one please?

It's on our to-do list but not sure when we'll add it. Soon is the best answer i can give :)

Selecting Restore loads the data into Mary's brain; she now knows what Pete knows :)

Then we give the disk with Pete's data on it to Mary...

We take the Crude Data Storage from Pete's inventory and put it in ours.

Hey, here's Mary. Let's give her the data we just copied from Pete...

Now Pete has Crude Data Storage inserted, when I look inside his brain I see two new options: Backup and Restore. I select Backup to save his script to the disk.

I take the Crude Data Storage and put it in Pete's inventory - a bit like putting a disk in his drive :)

Created a new topic Copying Data Between Bots

That's Crude Data Storage between me and my Bot, Pete. You can make that in the Worker Assembler with 1 Plank and 1 Metal Plate.

Thanks! There's a new version 8 happening later today which will improve some of the scripting elements so keep a look out :)

Today :)

Yep this is a known issue. Thanks

An apple tree will drop between 1-3 apples so keep chopping/replanting :)

A change we made with Version 7 was to allow you to save anywhere on your machine. I think on Mac it will default to the desktop but you can point to any folder you like. Your old save files will still be on your machine in possibly in a folder like Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/Denki/Autonauts/


Yes this is a known bug with my flaky route finding :) I'll be re-writing at some point. Thanks for reporting.

Posted in Game broken?

Yes I've had a report of this bug before. Could you send me Autonauts_Data/output_log.txt in your install folder please and I'll see if I can spot anything. Thanks

Thanks so much for your thoughts and ideas.

Yep it's true the current system isn't very flexible and can be time consuming. We'll be addressing this as we go but we're taking small steps with the scripting because one thing we're very aware of is not everyone wants to be a programmer, though I wish they would :)  So we need to make sure the base system can be used for all situations without getting too complex. That said we have a lot of demand for ideas like your suggesting so we need to make sure these features are available, but not required. Hopefully you'll see this development unfold in future releases.


I've seen this reported by someone else recently. Can you send me Autonauts_Data/output_log.txt please and I'll see if there's anything useful in there. Thanks

Hi, Thanks for the questions.

A) Yes though we're not sure which languages or when it will be done.

B) 2

C) There will definitely be randomly generated maps soon. User edited maps MIGHT be a thing later but that's not our focus. In the meantime you can use the unofficial editor here https://john-games.itch.io/unofficial-autonauts-level-editor

D) Possibly. Depends if we can think of a useful reason for it. We don't do anything unless it has a purpose :)

E) We're planning that sort of stuff right now but don't have an actual figure yet.

F) For now Unity is OK though we're starting to get some lag issues with some of the larger creations by players so we may have to swap to Unreal. If we do it will probably be sooner rather than later.


1) Yep we've got plans for a number of different bots with different specialties.

2) We've considered this, but put it to one side for now. It's been done so many times already and we wan't to try something else before going down the combat route.

3) Yes :) We will have some. We just don't have an audio engineer yet.

4) Yep we'll be adding more decoration buildings/objects as we go.

And bonus question

A-1) I spent a day working on a real farm! It literally came from that :)

Thanks so much for your interest in the game!

Thanks for the offer. At the moment the game is only just beginning so we're a LONG way away from any sort of translation because the game is changing all the time so we'd rather do it when things settle down a bit. 

Replied to TRON_Neo in Autonauts FAQ

You can find your old save files in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts

Right I think I've got that big fixed. It should work in Version 8 on Monday. You'll need to reteach that particular bot however. Thanks

You need to put 15 seeds and 5 fertiliser into the seedling tray. Once you've done that they change into 15 seedlings.

We disabled bots carry bots because it was causing too many problems but we'll probably add it back in at some point.

Yes I'm trying to work out how the bots with no names bug is happening but I've not been able to work it out yet. So I don't really have a solution to fixing it for you yet.


Replied to Levysena in Autonauts FAQ

If you join our Discord server you can speak to me directly. 

What version are you using? There was a fix for the black screen problem in Version 7.

If you're on PC it will be something like this C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts

We've not added that yet but it's something we'll be adding later. You can, however, give it a hat :)

Yes the "ghost" bucket is a known bug and will be fixed in version 8 on Monday. I think everything else you're seeing is as a result of this bug. Thanks

Yes this is something we may add in the future. Thanks

ok yes that would be great if you could please.

So, just to be clear, Cereal Seed works fine but Cereal doesn't. Is that right?

Yep I've seen a few people report this bug. Do you have a bot that makes bots?

A 'converter' is just our word for any kind of building that takes ingredients and turns them into something else (the workbench for instance).

Would you mind posting a picture of the script you use for this bot please?