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Nothing solid, but we're in the conversations with a few publishers at the moment.

Good idea! Thanks :)

No, sorry. We don't have any release date yet

When you teach a bot "Find Nearest" his zone while be where you were standing when you taught it. It doesn't matter if you move the bot somewhere else. If you want to change his zone you need to reteach it. And yes, I think there is also the visual bug you spoke of. 

The next version will allow you to edit each zone which is much easier. Areas will be rectangular instead of circular so it's much better for creating useful spaces.

Bots are added/removed to groups by dragging and dropping.

The "2 people" icon is for creating a new group. The "3 lines" was used for editing the settings of a group but that's now been removed in favour of a more immediate method. The "+" and "-" will expand and collapse all groups. The down arrow just sorts in reverse order. We're not sure if we'll keep that, it was left over from the old bot list.

Each group has an icon which shows if all bots are working correctly or if any have any problems. Green = "all good", Orange = "low energy" and Red = "no energy" or "broken tool". The icon to the right is a "-" and will collapse the group. 

Hope that helps :D

Good questions. I hope this will answer it  :)

Once it goes to Steam. Really it's our way of saying thank you to all the people who donated a large amount to us in the past. But of course the rule still applies to future donations :)

He'll just ignore it and look for a bot that can take it :)

We've added some new pictures to the comments that should help explain what's going on :)

We've added some new pictures to the comments that should help :)

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This is the passing action we added a while back. If you RMB close enough to a Bot indicated by your selector, you throw whatever you're holding to it and it catches it - or it throws what it's holding to you.

Here's one way to teach Bots how to throw to each other. The Bot on the left has been shown to find the nearest Bot in an area and 'add' to it (in this instance, the search area is a single cell, to guarantee which Bot is the target). It's as simple as that. You can build up silly sequences with Bots throwing things to each other now :D

I agree :)

We're considering publishers that share our view as to how Autonauts should be developed and released. We're in conversation with a few right now but I can't really say who at the moment.

Did you have any in mind?

When you cut a tree you will get a log and sometimes tree seeds which you can replant. I'm not sure what you mean by "sapling".

I presume the "bot making other bots" tries to catch the "learning one" because it wants to pick up the new one it just made and put it into bot storage?

If that's the case you can make sure the bot storage is outside of the "bot maker" search range.  To do this you can either move the bot storage far away or use a Beacon to adjust the bot maker's search range size. If you've not used Beacons before, create one at the bot maker and place it at the center of where you want the bot maker to search. Then go into teach mode for the bot maker and click on the round icon on the right of the Find Nearest instruction. This will allow you to select the Beacon you just made. Now all searching will be restricted to the range of that Beacon. If you want to adjust the range for the Beacon just pick it up and press Z.

Oh I see. You mentioned your phone so I thought you were trying to run it on that. On a PC you need to unzip the download first. Right click on the file you downloaded and select Extract All. This will create a new folder which will contain the game.

Alternatively you can install the official Itch app from here which will manage all of your Itch downloads (like Steam)

I'm not sure what you're asking. Let you know how to what?

Our office is in Scotland.

Sorry, this game doesn't work on mobile phones :(

Thanks! We're not sure yet but probably somewhere in the range of £10 to £15

Uh oh!

So did this just start happening while you were playing or after you loaded a save game up? Would you be able to send me your save file please? If you don't know how, I can help

Yes the workbenches are making Mk1 bot parts.

Mk2 parts will probably be made on a different machine. I'm not sure what will unlock them yet :)

At this stage that seems unlikely. But never say never :)

On the left are 3 crude bench saws.

Yes, in front of the saw is a basic workbench.

Yes we wanted the worker assembler to have a more basic, functional look. We'll probably introduce and more advanced assembler later on.

All of the bots you see are the same type, that is to say they're all made of Mk1 Drives, Mk1 Frames and Mk1 heads. There's no concept of crude bots any more. The assembler isn't set any more to what bot type you want. It just creates a bot out of what ever parts you put in. So the icon you see on the assembler is kind of redundant.


This automated Bot Workshop earned another badge and unlocked a bonus blueprint for a Bot head variant.

No problem. Thanks.

At the moment the rectangle is a place holder button which, when clicked, allows you to edit the search area for that instruction (each Find Nearest instruction now has one of these). And yes, we'll also allow this to reference a Beacon.

You can use them to water flowers in pots :)

Will this do? :)

hmm there's not a lot in there for me. Did you grab this file just after the freeze? or have you played the game some more since then?

Unfortunately that's not the log file, it's the level file. Your log file can be found in Autonauts_Data/output_log.txt (on PC) where you installed the game. Also I'd need to see this log file after the freeze, not before.

Hmm, I've not seen that before :/ 

Does this happen every time, or just once?

Also I'd like to check the log file for any errors. Do you know where that is and how to send it to me? (i can help if you don't)

Unfortunately we've been so focused on other game elements that the "Brain" screen hasn't really changed much since the last version. With so little development capacity we don't plan on doing much to it for the next public release. However realise this is an important part of Autonauts and we will DEFINITELY be giving it a complete overhaul at some point to include things like If/Then and arithmetic operators so you'll hopefully be able to make really interesting scripts :)

Yep, the entire game will be rebalanced in the next version.

OK  when you download you get a zip file. You need to first unzip this file. Right click on it and select Extract All, select OK and you'll end up with a new folder next to the zip file. Now go into that folder and run Autonauts.exe

Interesting. So you mean a bot that walks around keeping backups of all the other bots' scripts?

Aw shucks :D Thanks!

Thank you!

\o/ Thanks!

This will be in the next update.