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Like this...

If anyone else comes across this I will post Blend files soon.

vOv   I've done a number of 3d projects on Scratch and was hoping to get this running too.

This is super impressive. I'd like to try converting this to Scratch. Would it be possible to share the .blend files you extracted for this? Or any more info you're willing to share about the models?

Sorry, I only just saw this. We sent out keys for all donations above £20. If this includes yourself, pop over to our Discord and send me (Aaron) the email address you used to make the donation and I'll look into it. 


It will make things easier if you come to our Discord and DM me (Aaron) about this problem and I'll help you out. Thanks

Here you go

hmm the only way to do that would be to start a new level, sorry

\o/  Woot!

There's a Show Folder button on the Load screen. Also it might be worth putting questions about the new Steam version onto our Discord or Steam Discussions, just so they don't get confused with the old Itch version

Sorry, we don't have a Linux version yet, that's something we'll be doing later :(

Added to the bug list, thanks

Yes there's been some hold up at Humble's end. They have the Steam keys but for whatever reason they're taking a long time to distribute. Sorry :(



Thanks so much

Yep that's it sent now. Somehow we missed yours. We hope you like it!  \o/

Hi Namifrog! I sent all the keys out yesterday to the email address you used when you made the donation. Check your junk folder and if you can't find it I'll send it again. Let me know

£17.99/$19.99/€19.99 with a 20% launch discount

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It should be a folder inside where you installed the game. If you can't see it that means you didn't unzip it properly. How did you unzip it?

If you donated £20 or more we've sent you out a key today. If not, it will be available at 4PM BST tomorrow. Thanks

Yeah!  \o/

Can you send you the output_log.txt file please? If you're on PC you'll find it in the Autonauts_Data folder

Yep, new bots will be making an appearance in a future update which require no input at all. 

OK no problem. Shout/Until Hear will be something I'll consider for a future version. Thanks

As an alternative to your example we now have Bot Teams that can do that same thing. You assign bots to a team then you can press the Stop/Go button for the entire team. 

For now they've been removed but we may add them in in a future version. Out of interest what kinds of things did you use them for?

Actually it was only available on the MK1 and above bots but after watching Katherine of Skye's last video we've decided to enable it on the MK0 bots as well. This will be ready for the proper release.

Unfortunately we're now concentrating on the PC only :( Linux and Mac will hopefully come later. Sorry

\o/  Just telling people about it is a huge help, thanks!

\o/   Thanks!

Hopefully we'll be able to announce the price and release date very soon!

Hopefully we'll have a date really soon! We're hoping to have a free demo available but it may not be ready in time for release. 

Quite a bit. The Steam version now has a proper structure and objectives. So that means missions and lots more research and a proper end goal. Also the Folk are now a core part of the game. They give you Love which you use for research so you need to keep them happy to keep the love flowing. There's 3 play modes now, Campaign which has all the missions, Creative which is do anything you want and a third mode which has all the objects and buildings unlocked but you still need to manufacture stuff. Of course there's a whole lot more new building types and objects and there's some special big buildings called Wonders which unlock special abilities. There's a lot more changes than this but that's the big stuff. You can check out past posts here on updates but not everything has been listed there

The Steam version will be translated to 10 languages, including Russian.

Yep, we'll have a short tutorial.

Paid. We'd love to make it free but we need to eat :)

Not in the Itch version, but the new Steam version coming out soon will have Creative mode with cheats

There currently isn't a way of doing that unfortunately. We did change character every version we put out but there's no way of selecting what you want. We'll hopefully have a character set up screen when then Steam version is released.

The NoLightingVersion disables the lights to make the game run faster on some systems. 


Thanks. This will be fixed in the new version we will release on Steam