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hmm. If it worked before, then maybe. The new version requires a higher spec machine so it might be too slow. If you can run other mid-range PC games then it should be OK. We're hoping to release a demo version so you can try it out.


You can find a link to all our social media pages on the Autonauts page but here's the Discord link.

See our reply to Drone Better :)

We'll possibly be doing a Beta program as we get closer to release but that's something we still need to discuss with our publisher. If we go ahead with it we'll probably make an announcement on our Discord server.

Thanks for reporting this bug. I think this happens when you have many bots adding and taking from the storage. This should be fixed in the next release

Yeah I suspected that error might have been what was happening. Never seen a 15GB file though :)

That bug will be fixed in the next release.

Argh! Sorry about that. This bug will be fixed in the next version.

These broken berries sounds like you've run into an error loading up your previous save file (possibly related to my previous post). Have a look at the contents of the log file for any errors or, if it's small enough, send the log file here and I'll take a look.

Sorry to hear about your storage problem. The only thing I can think is going on is the game is producing an enormous log file because of some repeating error. However this would take quite a bit of time to produce a file that consumed that much. Moreover, every time you launch the game a new log file is started, freeing any space it previously used. Anyway have a look in this folder ~/.config/unity3d/Denki/Autonauts/Player.log and keep an eye on it as you run the game.

Failing that, I really have no idea why it would use that much.

Sorry :( Most feedback suggested that cleaning wasn't much fun. However the Folk will require certain things to be happy (food, shelter, clothing etc) so it's something we may reintroduce in a later release. We've not removed all that much from v21.2 and we've added in a whole load so you won't be short of things to play with :)

Hi! Yes, sorry about this I think it's a pesky bug. I'm not quite sure why it keeps happening as it's difficult to catch. However this won't be an issue when we finally release a new version on Steam as we no longer use the wash tub any more. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Yes the new Steam version will be paid, but hopefully we'll have a limited, free version released at the same time

Sorry, there's still a lot to do

We won't be updating the Itch version any more. Sorry :(

Sorry, it will be released on Steam some time towards then end of this year.

Sorry for the confusion, the new version will be available via Steam some time towards the end of this year.


Thank you

Hi. Apologies for the confusion. Autonauts on is the Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha: a public prototype used to help prove the concept and help us build The Real Thing, for release through Steam. The version hasn't been updated since November 2017 and we won't be updating it again. Obviously we haven't made that clear enough so, moving forwards, it'd be wise if we reiterated that every time we keep our followers in the loop with progress.

Thanks for the support! We really appreciate it

Unfortunately the version you have will not be compatible with the next release which will come out on Steam first. So yes, you'd need to buy it. We're hoping to release a free, limited version of the game though.

Oh and I should probably add we really appreciate your interest and belief in us. It's very reassuring to know people like yourself are still willing to support us at that level. Thanks!

We're certainly closer, that's for sure. It's been a long, but rewarding road for us :)

Unfortunately I'm pretty certain our publisher wouldn't be interested in outside investment. 

Thanks for the bug report, sorry about your lost progress. This will be fixed in the first Steam release towards the end of the year

Oh no! Unfortunately there's been a few reports of save files not appearing. This can be because you've chosen a folder that you don't have access to. Try saving to your desktop instead (and do an early test save to make sure it works). When we release the next version on Steam it uses a much safer system and this sort of thing won't happen any more. 

Sorry about that :(

It's possible but at this stage we're concentrating on PC and then possibly console. If it proves popular enough we may do a mobile version

\o/  Hooray!

Thanks for the feedback. More programming commands are a big request and we plan on adding more some time after initial release. Changing the terrain will be available from first release. The Folk will play a much more important role and not just be a pain to look after. When you say have a bot return to its shelter do you mean to put itself into bot storage? At the moment bots lose their program when stored (this will be fixed in the first release) but even if it could do that you're then left with the problem of how it would come out again :) The first version that comes out will probably be PC only but a Mac/Linux version should follow shortly afterwards. We're hoping the price will be in the range you suggested.


We agree! There's no solid plans yet but it's certainly something we'd like to do. It will depend on the success on PC

Folk are now a key part of the game. They give you hearts in return for feeding and clothing them, which you use to research new technology.

You're In luck! We won't be exclusive to Steam, but what the other vendors are still need to be decided between us and our publisher.  We may even publish the full thing on Itch :)

When you land your ship on a new planet you'll also be given a box of infinite Folk Seeds to colonise with. 

Great! Keep the questions coming :)

\o/  Thanks!


The game will still be called Autonauts and we won't be applying a version name like we used to in the prototype.

Yes, every building that can accept an item will have these signs showing what is stored in them.

Yes Folk still exist. Now the player needs to create them from Folk Seeds.

Bots now don't need badges to be renamed, you can rename them any time you like.

Yes we'll be sticking with the txt format though a lot of the variable names have changed so the old files are completely incompatible with the new game.

When you click save from the pause menu, what happens?

Some nice ideas! We've actually done/doing some of those so that fits well with us :)

You mean you can't install it? What have you tried so far?

Yep, that's something we'll be adding when we do a big overhaul to the scripting system. This will happen some time after our next release

Can you try forcing the game to run in with OpenGL please? Add "-force-glcore" to the command line