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Thanks! Actually we're not really taking a break right now, we're making some big changes which means we can't really do weekly builds while that's going on.

Thanks for the ideas!

BTW you can already change a bot's working area using a Beacon. While you're holding one press Z and you can change its radius and name.

There's possibly a bug where 2 bots try to add metal to Storage that has one 1 space left. Is this what's happening?

Something else do check, the Repeat instruction has a little check box on the right. Make sure it's clear.

For any Repeat instruction there's a little tick box on it. Turn it on and if any instruction inside it fails it will quit the Repeat and carry on.


That is amazing! It's fun and informative. It reminds me of Minute Earth videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeiYXex_fwgYDonaTcSIk6w

You should post that into the #show-off-here channel on our Discord server :)

The old system used to save in a place like this C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\Test.txt but you might be better off starting again.

Replied to TCtopCAT in Autonauts FAQ

You can use the official Itch app to keep you up to date (it's like Steam). We've stopped doing weekly builds just now until early next year so we can put in some big changes.

It can be used in a few different ways. 

Use LMB on a Folk to remove their dirty clothes then RMB on a Wash Tub to put the clothes in. When the wet clothes comes out use LMB to pick them up then RMB on a clothes line to dry them. Then LMB on the dry clothes and RMB on a clean folk to re-dress them.

It can also be used to collect dirty and clean dishes.

I replied to your previous message but in case anyone else sees this, this is actually a known bug on our bug list. Thanks for reporting :)

We'd like to do that but right now there is only one programmer on this and we're focusing all our time on making the game. But this is something we'll probably look at in the future

actually that's a known bug on our bug list but thanks for reporting it!

Oh I see yes, the files are badly named. x86 means 32 bit. I'll rename them now

You can use it to make Milky Porridge, Butter or just feed it to Folk.


Are you just downloading from Itch or are you using the official Itch app?

Replied to poobradoor in help me

The chopping tree bug is known and on our list. Thanks

No it's not bad to do multiple things but it is slower.  Two bots can do two tasks at the same time.

The first bug is probably because your cursor is hovering over a panel like the Brain. Move it back into the world and it should be fine. This is a known bug and will be fixed at some point.

The second bug: Are you moving the camera at the point when the game autosaves?

ok thanks for your help. I've added it to the bug list.

Posted in help me

The only clothing available at the moment is the Jumper which make on the Rocking Chair

Use the Crude Oven to cook pie.

Thanks for the suggestions!

At the moment these are just decorative. They look best when you turn the lighting down but if you're running the NoLighting version you won't really see the lighting effect they have.

Bread is now made in the Crude Oven.


hmmm. There's nothing special about the last bot that put something in so it should be all-or-nothing really. Can you do me a favour and send me your level please so I can have a look? If you could set it up ready to go wrong that would be great.

Thanks for the bugs!

#1 This is a known bug, thanks

#2 This is possible known already. The current known bug only happens if two bots, at the same time, attempt to put in a resource into storage that has only 1 empty space. One of the bots succeeds and the other one skips an instruction. Is this possibly what you're seeing?

You can see a list of our current bugs (and user suggestions) here 



hmmm. Ok that problem is on my bug list so I'll look into fixing it properly. Thanks

It doesn't look like it's crashing, just taking a very long time to load. I've had a few cases of this before. Can you confirm that if you leave it for a very long time (maybe 15 mins or even more) it will eventually load please?

Yes seeds expire after a certain amount of time so you need to make a bot that goes around collecting them and putting them into storage

Replied to spectorblade in Beacon

While it's in your hands press Z

Nope I need the output_log.txt contents. The level file will be too big to post here.

Bridges are built like walls but you'll need to explore the water first with a canoe and paddle.

Just open the file in any text editor, select everything (usually CTRL+A), copy it, then paste it into a reply here

Yep the save file has lots of numbers in it like that. You can send me those using any free Online File Transfer service. I use Dropbox but there are many others. If you get stuck you can cut/paste the contents of output_log.txt into a reply message here (the level file is too big to do that with)

You can't. Fences will automatically rotate depending on what other fences are around them

Can you send me your level file please and I'll take a look?

Also can you send a file called Autonauts_Data/output_log.txt in your install folder please?

Thanks, ChicagoBob! That's a lovely thought. We will reactivate the option to donate on download via itch.io, because that's at least an existing means of allowing people to optionally support the development Autonauts. We should probably set up a Patreon account, too.

It might be worth trying the "NoLighting" version to see if that makes a difference.

Failing that I'd really need to see that log file to go any further

Thanks for this!

We knew the 'sell' - the marketing - would be tough but we it's clear that we just weren't strong enough :(

The game - the structure, the direction - is definitely lacking, so that's what we're focussing on in the next few months.

Makes sure you've done enough research (10 weeds for string maker, 20 sand for mortar mixer). Once completed you'll find them both under the "Misc" building category.

When you say you launched it from "itch.io" do you mean the official Itch app? or do you mean the link on the Autonauts Itch web page? If it's the latter can I confirm you've unzipped the download correctly?

Unfortunately we don't have any version of Linux to test on. We've been relying on the community's testing efforts to tell us when something is wrong.

I've had a report of this before. I think it happens when you try to save to a place it doesn't like. Try saving to your desktop and see if that fixes it.

At the workbench :)

Oh no! If you send me a file called ~/.config/unity3d/Denki/Autonauts/Player.log I can have a look and see if there's anything useful in there.

That's the right file but it seems to be from version 11 according to this

C:\Users\Donovan\Desktop\Donos Games\New folder\Autonauts_Version_11_Windows_64-bit

Can you try again and look in your latest install folder please?