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How do you use cheats now?

A topic by Cookieth created Aug 15, 2017 Views: 976 Replies: 4
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With the unity launcher for the game, I was looking at the controls and it says cheat buttons are there. There are new ones too. It used to be only the t button that did cheats. So how do you use them now?


The cheats are not enabled for the build. It's only something usable in the Unity Editor.

can you re enable the cheats for people who want them?


Not in the Itch version, but the new Steam version coming out soon will have Creative mode with cheats

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That would be amazing for people who would want to plan things out ahead of time. It would also be amazing to see what does what so that you know whether you should, for example, use many wooden axes vs a few metal ones. (Basically finding what is more efficient.)