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That is cause you dont always get metal when you mine it. This was made for balance i think and to make it so the game does not seem too easy.

You know what would be cool? If you could dye the basic white wool items customly . Even the wig too. I really want to make a rainbow Afro wig.

You can build a canoe and paddle or make a bridge to the other islands. Cause it is not on the main land.

What do you think will be in the update? What will the player model be? Im thinking there will be some Halloween stuff in this months updates.

The thing that says "Potter" in its name. Isnt it clear?

Cats attacking robots!

No tengo ni idea de lo que hace.

You cant use cheats anymore. Cheats are only for testing the game. If you check the keybindings in the unity launcher it does say its there but only the devs can access it or they just turn it off when they send out the new build. Its only for testing.

When ever i use the shout command it does nothing at all. What is its use if it even has one?

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With the unity launcher for the game, I was looking at the controls and it says cheat buttons are there. There are new ones too. It used to be only the t button that did cheats. So how do you use them now?

Don't say it doesn't work anymore cause, of course, it won't work. The new update removes it so yeah it won't work clearly.

Please help I wanna get the player models from those and put them into V3...

I mostly want v2 tough.

Thanks, mate. And what do you think were gonna be dressed in for v4? In v2 we were in a hard hat and what ever it was. I don't think I like the top hat and suit for v3 that we have right now.

How? I do not know how to do this...

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Idea for bots!

You should be able to have bots that can trade items to other bots so you don't have to give them tools they need. The metal tools are quite strong but they break over time.