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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

how do u use the cheats?

A topic by zac3942sgc created Jul 16, 2017 Views: 12,442 Replies: 58
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how do u use the cheats?

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There is no cheats


in  controls it list cheats can u explain that if the is no cheats



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EDIT: This only works for Version 3.

Actually, there are cheats in the game and quite easy to activate:
Open the save folder: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\

Create a new text file called Cheat.txt

And, that's it, reload the game and the cheats should work (At least the CheatTools button works now).

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  1. The CheatTools-Menu is usually bound to T.
  2. A text document.


how do i get on the  C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\      folder???


if you dont know how to use your computer pls go hang yourself upside down

when you say C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\

do you mean the folder Autonauts_Data in the folder Autonauts_Version_4_Windows_32-bit or is it in another folder.

just wondering because i made a text document in Autonauts_Data  called Cheat and also tried Cheat.txt and Cheats.txt

No,  never change anything in the data folder of a Unity game.

Changing a file in the data folder can compromise the game in very strange ways.

Another way to get the to the right folder (on Windows):

Press Windows + R.

Input %appdata%\..\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\

Press Enter and it should open the right folder.


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You pick a stone and a stick with the left mouse button.


Tried, doesn't do anything. 

I misspelled the file name. It should be Cheat.txt, not Cheats.txt.

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ooh okay, gotcha. I will report back with results.

Edit: Tried it with the different spelling and it still didn't work.

Edit 2: Don't put .txt after creating the text document, just put Cheat it works perfectly. 

Where to find it on mac?

Library/Application Support/Denki/Autonauts/

It dosent work.


cheats are for losers mate



Don't say it doesn't work anymore cause, of course, it won't work. The new update removes it so yeah it won't work clearly.

you can still cheat in v21

Tell me (plz)

no just wait until December when the "creative" mode comes out 


There is no real reason to use the cheats that exist for Autonauts in the current version, since all they will do is allow you to set the capacity of each item's storage bin to a very large number and the current number of items in their bins.  In other words, you don't need to cut down logs and turn them into planks and poles and other items, etc.  But all that really means is that you skip doing all of the interesting tasks of the game.  If you just want to say "I beat the game", go ahead and tell yourself that, even if you haven't really done so.  I recommend instead that you enjoy playing the game just as the rest of us have. 

Cookieth is correct. Version 4 disabled this method of enabling cheats.

How do you drop stuff on mac ?

did u try right-clicking?

So, if Version 4 disabled that method, how do you do it now?

What he wanted to say is, You can't cheat anymore


you can still cheat i found a way 


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well why did they make it?

The main reason for "cheats" in any game is that developers need them for test purposes. They must have the ability to set up any possible mid-game scenario without playing for hours to reach that point.  

What we call "cheats" are predominantly development tools.

your exactly right.turns out cheats were never meant to be released to the public (Aaron forgot to remove them) but next update there will be a "free" mode with cheats enabled 

Dude, please autonauts is hard to me and i'm too lazy to do something but please.


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if you use dnspy and put the Assembly-Csharp.dll and go to "-" there is the cheat codes

Thats how to get to the code... not how to activate cheat tools 


Why would you need to cheat?

Using general storage and the cheat engine we can make endless resources like logs rocks etc ... and just put in the general storage 7 logs and putting and taking the log and in the cheat engine the te in the cheat engine to appear a number only and mudolo to 1 And activate and we have infinite logs en version 8.0

wow i started a long chat




Best cheat is to save the game open the save file and look for ResourceCount and change those storages to max them out just need a storage in game with at least 1 item in though.


I change 21 which was metal pole to 99 logged back in and had 99 instead.

thats cool.

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Can You Put a download link to version 3.0?


You'll find all the previous versions here


*Cheaters Never Win*

Anti-Gamers are cruel & Cultist. Just don't do Drugs.

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there are cheats still in game (version 21) but i aint telling you how until they get added to the main game beacuse i dont think the devs want cheat tools to be active. heres proof

Ive just finished talking with one of the devs on discord and turns out the next version of this game (release is meant to be end of this year) will have 2 or 3 modes with one of them with the cheat tools enabled so please stop asking me how to activate them now, im not gonna tell you

it will be paid I think

and after all cheat are normal as long as the game is not multiplayer and there is no learderboard

it is AN EARLY ACCESS we are supposed to play around with it 

so it will not be much dont make it much of a deal

however I have opened assembly c-sharp.dll with Dnspy what should I open (CheatTools -CheatManger-CheatTools Button) or what 

and what should I modify

so please tell me :)


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I found an article in Autonauts' official WIKI that describes how to activate fashion... And it WORK  in newer Version too!