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You will need a shovel to deal with the tree stumps.  When you click on them while holding a shovel, they will be treated like soil, the stump will be removed, and a hole will be dug in the soil.  You can then replace the hole with normal soil by digging there again.

When that option at the top of a Repeat Loop is checked, then if any actions within that loop fails (such as a "Find Nearest Log" when there are none to be found, or "Add to Log Storage" when that storage bin is already full), the loop will be exited and the next action after the bottom of the loop will be run.   

Each bot and the Farmer/Player may only hold one "tool" in its hands at any one time.  It may hold multiple tools in its inventory or backpacks.  Of course, everyone needs to correctly select to which bot you wish to give an axe and to which other bot you wish to give a shovel or spade or something else.  You can press the space bar on your PC to blow the "whistle" which will show the names of all of the bots so you can select the right one.  You can also click on the "bots" icon at the right side to show the list of all of the bots, and then you can click on the name of one of them to select it.  Be sure to give your bots names that are meaningful.   I like to name my bots by their task such as "Tree Chop", rather than naming them "Bob" or "Sam".

I agree.  I also like to put a "Wait" command after the inside "conditional" loop before the end of the outside "unconditional" loop to avoid the annoying jittering of the execution of the two loops.  In the new version 125, I get the "Wait" command by training the bot to go to a spot and clicking that spot again, and then changing the number of seconds shown to wait to an appropriate value for the situation. 

In the old Autonauts (version 21.2) as shown below and similarly in the new Autonauts (version 125), the weeds appear naturally.  In 21.2 they continue to grow again where they were dug from until you put fertilizer on the ground.  In the new version, you must treat them as a crop because they are used in several foods such as Spiced Mushrooms.

In the old Autonauts (version 21.2) the Incinerator and the Recycler have their blueprints in the "Special" group and are both made with 4 logs, 2 planks, and 2 gears.  I have not yet built them in the new Autonauts (version 125).

When you use a shovel (spade) to dig up weeds, you get Weeds (Loose) or Weeds Dug.

When you use "Repeat until Storage Full", the commands in its loop will run until that Storage is at or above 95% full.  When you use "Repeat until Storage Not Full", the commands in its loop will run until that Storage is below 95% full. 

Hi Denki.  Thank you for that answer.  Can you tell us the links to the Discord and Stream Discussions?

I looked at the properties of my Autonauts run icon and I saw the info shown below.  Are the files for new Autonauts stored on my PC somewhere or stored online somewhere?  Where are these files?  Thank you.

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Put them in the Recycler or the Incinerator.  If you want to store them, build a Worker Storage and put them in that.

Thank you, Denki. Can you also let me know how to start the tutorial again after I stopped it yesterday?

Thank you for your response.  The issue that I found is only in the tutorial, and I hope that Denki will review it in case they need to adjust their code.  I have exited from the tutorial and have enjoyed playing the game for several hours.  I will start the tutorial again because although I feel that I understand well how the old version of Autonauts works, I'm sure that there are many features in this new version that everyone will be experiencing for the first time now, and I would like to learn about those features from the tutorial.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Click RECORD?

I just got the new Autonauts and I really enjoy it.  I'm sure that all of your fans are enjoying it too and trying out its new features and methods.  I had to buy a mouse with a wheel because that wheel seems required by the game.  I could not find a way to map the "Zoom" feature to some key and the tutorial seemed to require that I use that feature before it would progress.

Now I am in the tutorial for "Better Scripting Part 2", as shown below, and it says "Let's get our Bot to work! Click RECORD."  I don't understand what it wants me to do.  What is the "RECORD"?  Is this a bug?  Thank you for your help.


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Hi Denki,

Thank you for answering my questions to you regarding the new version of Autonauts.

I recall that several months ago I had asked if "New Autonauts" would contain a bot similar to the Steambots of version 21.2.  At that time, I believe you said that the initial release of New Autonauts would not include Steambots.  I would like to suggest that a future release include some type of "Self-Powered" bot (similar to the Steambot).  Please allow me to describe how and why I see them as a very useful type of bot.

As shown above, I have several Workerbots wearing "Baker's Hats" which will collect ingredients to bake bread and stored it into a Bread Storage bin.  There are two bots wearing a "Party Hat" and a "Guy Fawkes Hat" that watch the Bread Storage bin and Shout "GoBread" or "StopBread" when it is not full or is full, controlling the baker bots.

Significantly, there is one Steambot wearing a "Traffic Cone Hat" named "Wd@BreadS" that is responsible for winding/recharging the Workerbots at the Bread area. 

It is also coded to be "Self-Powered".  It will move to the Log Storage bin (at the left hidden behind the "My Brain" window), take a log from the Log Storage, and stow that log into its inventory if possible.  If its inventory is full, the log is still in its hands and the bot will put it back into the Log Storage.  If its inventory is not full, its hands are empty and the command to put the log into storage will be skipped.  It will then find, move to, and recharge Workerbots 15 times.

I have coded all of my recharging bots to be "Self-Powered" because I found that if instead I simply used two or three Workerbots to do that task, eventually some area would have all of its recharger bots be out of power at the same time and I would need to manually recharge at least one of them.  My goal is to have a fully self-sufficient world that would run correctly without my having to manually fix something.  I believe that many players of Autonauts have a similar goal, along with getting all of the folk to be extremely happy at the same time.

I hope that this will encourage you to consider adding a "Self-Powering" feature (possibly as a bot enhancement object) similar to the Steambot to a future release of New Autonauts.  I can imagine that you may already have in mind something different that will solve the issue of multiple recharging bots failing at the same time.

Thank you for your consideration of my suggestion.  

Thank you, Denki.  I saw from Katherine of Sky's videos how the option of stopping a whole team was set up.  That will be convenient for many situations where the Player wants to manually control the team.  I encourage you to also implement the "Shout" and "Repeat until Hear" commands so that stopping and restarting the teams could be automated based on the coding of the bots and not needing the Player's manual control. 

I presume that it could be possible to create code that could be taught to bots to stop and restart a team based on some condition similar to some of the "Repeat until …" or "Repeat times …" conditions.  That would probably be more complex programming for you than programming the "Shout" and  "Repeat until Hear" commands.

I found that in the 21.2 version that I was able to set up several hundred bots to run their entire world by themselves and keep nearly all 100 folk extremely happy consistently, and at times all 100 were extremely happy.

Hi Denki,

Here is one example where I use the "Shout" and "Repeat until Hear" commands.

In the lower image, I have one bot wearing a Party hat named "Go Fish" who will repeat an empty loop until the Salmon Storage is not full and then will Shout "GoFish" and then wait 60 seconds.  I also have one bot wearing a Guy Fawkes hat named "Stop Fish"  who will repeat an empty loop until the Salmon Storage is full and then will Shout "StopFish" and then wait 60 seconds.  I also have 7 bots without hats named "Fish1" through "Fish7" who will repeat an empty loop until each hears "GoFish", and then will repeat an action loop until each hears "Stop Fish".  That action loop contains "Find nearest Deep Sea Water" and "Use held item" (the fishing rod).  There are other bots for storing the salmon and for winding the bots.

I have most of my bot teams set like this with a pair of bots that shout "Go …" and "Stop …" and the active bots controlled by those two, that is repeating the empty loop until they hear "Go …" and then repeating the action loop until they hear "Stop …".  I think this simple structure can be easily demonstrated in the new version of Autonauts in the Academy system of trainings, plans, and certificates, once the coding for Shout and Hear has been added.

Thank you for all the great work you have done with developing this wonderful game and for your interest in my suggestion.


I have looked at several You Tube videos by Katherine of Sky showing her playing of the new version of Autonauts.  I have not seen her show the "Shout" and "Repeat until Hear" commands that exist in the 21.2 version.  Do those commands still exist in the new version or have they been removed?  I hope they are still there (or will be added later) because I found them to be extremely useful in version 21.2.  Below is shown one example from the new version of the "Repeat" command that does not include "Repeat until Hear".



Thank you Denki for that information.  I have watched several of Katherine of Sky's videos and I am impressed with what I have seen there of the new Autonauts.  I realize that what I have learned from the 21.2 version of Autonauts will be helpful in solving some of the issues that Katherine had in her videos.  Here is a link to those videos:  Katherine of Sky Autonauts.

To build an object from its blueprint, the blueprint must first be placed in the world somewhere, which is done by clicking on the desired blueprint from the list on the left and dragging it to the desired location in the world.  The blueprint cannot overlap other placed objects or blueprints, which would cause the blueprint to appear in red and prevent it from being dropped.

The following blueprint objects must be placed on "Simple Flooring" rather than on bare ground:  Crude Bench Saw, Basic Workbench, Bench Saw, Metal Workbench, Wood Router, Kitchen Table.  The Simple Flooring needs to be created before those objects' blueprints can be placed upon it.  You will usually need to place several Simple Floorings adjacent to one another to have enough room for several desired objects. 

Once the blueprint has been placed, it may be rotated if desired by pressing key R as many times as needed.  Then drop the required logs, planks, poles, etc. that are in your hands onto the blueprint, one by one, by right clicking on the blueprint.  Once all of the required parts have been added, the blueprint will be replaced with the actual object. 

Hi Denki,

I’m sure that I speak for all of your fans when I say how excited I am for the release of the new version of Autonauts coming on October 17th this year. That’s just a few days away now!

I have seen two videos on You Tube from Twisted of Honey Bunny Games who has been playing an early release of this game: and

In the second of Twisted’s videos, at one point he had created a bot which he named as “Recharger” which would “Find nearest Bot (Discharged) in …” (the first selected area), “Move to Bot (Discharged)”, and “Recharge Bot” and then would “Find nearest Bot (Discharged) in …” (the second selected area), “Move to Bot (Discharged)”, and “Recharge Bot”, all within a “Repeat forever!” loop, as shown below.

Twisted described a problem with the commands he had set up.  He said “(The bot is) gonna be stuck on this command until a robot in the other area is discharged. … I want to find if anyone knows a way to skip the command if he doesn’t fulfill it like within 10 seconds.  That’s what I need right now.”

I see that when I compare a typical “Repeat loop” in the old version with a “Repeat loop” in the new version, as shown below, I see that the “Repeat Failure Option” that appears in the old version and shown containing a down-arrow does not appear at all in the new version.


I understand that in the old version, when the “Repeat Failure Option” is checked and the down-arrow appears, if any command within the loop fails (such as a “Find nearest …” command that cannot find anything or trying to add dirty clothes to a wash tub that contains no water), then the “Repeat loop” will be exited.

Can you tell us if the “Repeat Failure Option” will appear in the new version?  I certainly hope so.  Perhaps Twisted did not click correctly on something that should have provided that option.  If it does not appear, is there something that will take its place?  I feel that the game needs something for situations like this.

Thank you.

If you are thinking that a save file from the current version 21.2 of Autonauts (or earlier versions) might somehow be used with the next version under development that will be released on Steam later this year (hopefully), please be aware that the next version has so many dramatic differences from the current version that asking Denki to include in the new version some method of converting old version save files to become usable would delay the release of the next version another year.  I don't think anyone wants that to happen.  Instead, we should simply play the next version from its own starting point and enjoy playing it as a new game rather than as an extension of the past game, just as we did when we first started playing that one.

I have tried to replicate the scenario that you described above.  I have created a bot named "Milk&Dung" that follows your steps within a "Repeat Forever" loop, as shown below.  It will find and pick up a bucket, find and milk a cow, move to and add the milk to the Milk Storage, drop the bucket, find and pick up a dung, and move to the Compose Bin and add the dung.

I then changed the focus to look at your posting.  Because I always use "windowed mode" in Autonauts, I could still see the steps that the bot followed while the focus had changed, as shown below.

Although the bot some times needed to wait at the "Find nearest Dung" step until a cow had dumped a dung, it would continue to follow all of the step as long as there was room in the Compost Bin.  When there was no room in the Compost Bin, the bot couldn't add the dung and so it would fail several steps.  Perhaps that might be similar to what happened with your bot.  Since you said "Trying to pick stuff up with a hand that should be empty", maybe you were implying that there was a failure when the hands were not empty.  If so, I can understand that the bot would fail there.  I would view that as an opportunity to try to find a solution (perhaps using a "Repeat 1 times" loop with the test-for-failure option checked).

Good luck. 

I would expect that the bots would not have waited in their working through their steps while you had changed your focus to another window.  The bots would continue working without your focus, and when you came back they would certainly be on a different step than when you last viewed them.

If you meant something different than this, please provide us with "before" and "after" images that show what you meant.

Hi Talamann.  It's nice to see your progress as a beginner on Autonauts.  Lots of players have enjoyed this game for several years.  I can give you a few suggestions if you are interested.

1.  The "Player-Farmer" that you control has built a "Crude Axe" from a stick and a stone.  Next, he should build a "Crude Shovel" from a stick and a stone.

2. With the Crude Shovel, you can dig holes in the same type of land where the Pine Trees grow.

3.  You can pick up the Pine Tree Seeds that look like acorns and drop them into the holes.  New Pine Trees will begin to grow from those seeds.

4. When you taught the first Crude Worker Bot to cut down a Pine Tree, and then drop the axe, and then pick up the log, and the drop the log near the Bench Saw, you should retrain the bot to drop the log into the Bench Saw by right-clinking on the saw itself rather than on the arrow square by the saw.

5. For the Bot Assembler, instead of making Crude Worker Bots, you should make Basic Worker Bots.  The Basic Worker Bots will work longer than the Crude Worker Bots before needing to be wound up again.

6. To name your bots, you will need to build a Name Tag for each one on the Basic Work Bench, and then blow the whistle (pressing the space bar) to alert all of the bots, and then click on a bot and move the Name Tag to the "Updates" row of the bot.  You can click on the assigned name of the bot and then give it a new name of up to 10 characters.

Good luck.  Please make another video showing us your progress.


If you find all 100 folk in the game, you can then build enough bots to get all of them very happy.  Good going and keep enjoying the challenge.

From the "Research" group of equipment, build the "Stir Research Station" on or near the sand using 5 planks and 1 pole.  Grab a bucket and use it to take about 20 buckets of sand and put each one into the "Stir Research Station".  After the research has completed, a message will be shown about a new blueprint that can be found in the "Misc" group of equipment for the "Crude Mortar Mixer", which then can be made using 5 planks and 1 pole.  Mortar can be made in the Mixer using 1 clay, 1 bucket of sand, and 1 bucket of water.

I suggest that you click on this link for steps to download and install Autonauts:

Thank you for that information, Denki.  Since there hasn't been any announcements here for over 50 days, I'm sure your fans appreciate any news on your progress.

If your screen color is pink or purple even when you are not playing the game then the problem is not with the game,  The problem is with your computer.  You might want to try taking it to a computer repair place or getting a new computer.

You do not need to send your save file to me.  Instead, start Autonauts and once it shows you the Farmer-Player, press the "Esc" key to bring up the menu.  Click on the "Load" option.

A window will open labeled “LOAD FILE”.  Change the folder to the one that contains your Save files.  Click on the file name that you want to load so that its name is shown in the “FILE NAME:” field.  Click on the “Open” button. A window will open labeled “Load Game?”  Click on the “Yes” button to load the file. Your save file will be loaded and you should now be able to play Autonauts as it had been before whatever changed had happened that caused you game to crash before.  Good luck.

I suggest that if you have a recent save file that you made the last time that the game ran before it started crashing, load that save file.  Hopefully that save does not include whatever happened in the later game that caused it to crash, such as a huge amount of new objects (like a huge tower of harvested items).  Loading the save file that doesn't have too many objects or some other problem will probably let the game run without crashing.

If you think that you don't have a good save file, look in the "Autosaves" folder below your "Autonauts" folder, which contains the files that are automatically created whenever you see the piggy-bank appear in the bottom-right corner while the game is running.  Find the most recent Autosave file created before you started the game that crashed and load that file.  Below is an image of a typical "Autosaves" folder which should be named something like "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\yourname\Autonauts\Autosaves".

If you have more than one bot putting objects into the same storage bin, you can often get those bins to contain more that 100% of their capacity.  Often bots are programmed to "Repeat until Cereal Seed Storage is full" with the repeated task being "Add to storage".  The condition "Repeat until … full" can be satisfied at only 95% full.  Similarly, the condition "Repeat until … not full" can be satisfied as soon as the storage drops below 95% full.  Thus, if several bots are doing a loop based on either "Repeat until … full" or "Repeat until … not full" and those loops contain other loops such as "Repeat until hands empty" containing "Add to storage" commands, all of those bots might have checked and found that the storage was below 95% full and then emptied their hands by adding to that storage, causing the storage to exceed 100%, just as shown above.

That's great.  Now all you need to do is build a bunch of bots that will clean up the mess by putting all of those logs into storage bins.  You might also want to consider creating some bots that can monitor if the log storage is full or not;  if it is full, you could create more bots that take action based on that, such as no longer cutting down the trees and no longer digging holes for planting tree seeds and no longer planting those seeds into the holes.  Once the monitoring bots have found that the log storage is not full, the other bots could then start cutting down the trees again, digging the holes, and planting the seeds.

Please be aware that if you get a huge number of objects in your game, such as 20,000 objects, the game may start to slow down, and when you try to load a save file with that huge number of objects, the game might take about 1/2 an hour to load the file.  It's no fun waiting for a file to load.  I suggest that you build one or more incinerators and create a lot of bots that could put the surplus objects into the incinerators.  The bots that monitor your storage should still control the bots that fill the storage, and so the surplus would then be managed.

The Autonauts game provides lots of interesting challenges.  Maintaining storage and minimizing surplus is one such challenge.  Good luck.

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The "Folk" in Autonauts will provide players with lots of opportunities to create bots to help the folk.  You can create many types of foods, such as crude bread, fried fish, mushroom soup, and apple pies.  Once you have the foods, you can then feed the folk.  The bread, fish, and pies need crude ovens to cook them.  The pies also need kitchen tables to make pastries from several ingredients, which are later combined with apples to make raw apple pies, which are then cooked to become apple pies for the folk.  The mushroom soup is made in the cauldron, but farming the mushrooms themselves is a task requiring multiple bots to dig them from the ground, collect some for cooking, and collect others for planting back into the ground.  

After you have fed the folk with some foods, they will often get dirty and then need to be washed.  Again, several bots are needed to fill the wash tubs with water, put the dirty bots into the tubs, and then return the clean bots to their huts.

Bots can also be used to make hats and to make clothes, which then can be added to the Farmer-Player, to bots, to animals, and to folk.  If a folk is wearing a hat or clothes and then eats something that makes it dirty, more bots are needed to remove the dirty clothes from the bot before it can be washed.  The dirty clothes needs to be washed and washed clothes that come out of the wash tub wet need to be hung on the clothes line to dry before they can be given to the clean bots.  If you put clean clothes onto a dirty bot, those clothes will become dirty immediately.

Some players enjoy the challenge of somehow getting all 100 folk to become very happy at the same time.  The indicator at the top left of the game shows how happy the bots are and it is possible to get everyone very happy.

Good luck.


Correction:  The indicator at the top left of the game shows how happy the folk are.

It's not really "illegal" and I wouldn't even call it unexpected.  In real life, just about every product we buy comes in storage containers (boxes or bottles) which even though they are "full" when purchased can still have some more added.

The maximum capacity of storage bins in the current version (and for most versions before) is actually 105% of the listed capacity, so one bin that should hold 100 items can be over filled to 105 items, especially if there are multiple bots filling it at the same time.  This is similar to when the bots are in a "Repeat until Storage Full" loop, for which Storage Full is true when it is only 95% full. 

I did something similar.  I created a bot which I named "Beacon" that creates Beacons and then puts them into the "Beacon Storage", as shown below.  I was able to avoid the problem that you are having by making the "Find nearest Beacon" command centered on the spot where the Beacons are created (as indicated by the question mark (?) following the command) rather than centered on a specific Beacon (which would instead be indicated by the blue-and-red symbol) which I'm sure your "bot-beacon" has connected to its "Find nearest Beacon" command and which you said uses the "local" Beacon.  Try changing your bot's commands this way.  Good luck.

I suggest that you terminate Autonauts by right-clicking on its icon in the task bar of Windows and selecting "Close Window".  Then, you should be able to start another session of Autonauts.  Next, if you have a recent save file that you made before the basic bot being trained got put into the shed, load that save file.  If you don't, look in the "Autosaves" folder below you "Autonauts" folder, which contains the files that are automatically created whenever you see the piggy-bank appear I the bottom-right corner while the game is running.  Find the most recent Autosave file, and load that file.  Below is an image of a typical "Autosaves" folder which should be named something like "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\yourname\Autonauts\Autosaves".

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It takes several steps to make string.  First, you need to build the "Bash Research Station" from the "Research" group of equipment.  The "Bash Research Station" is made with two logs and four planks.  Once it has been built, you need to use a shovel to dig up about 10 weeds.  Add the dug weeds to the "Bash Research Station" until the research has finished and the blueprint for the "String Maker" appears in the "Misc" group of equipment.  The "String Maker" is made with six planks, four poles, one gear, and one stone.  Once the "String Maker" has been built, you then add five dug weeds to it to make string.

I do not speak Portuguese, but I see that “Google Translate” says that “como pesquisar para ervas daninhas?” means something like “How do you research weeds?”  Below is the “Google Translation” to Portuguese of my answer above which I had posted to the question “How do you make string” last year.  I hope someone who speaks Portuguese can provide a better translation.

São necessárias várias etapas para criar corda. Primeiro, você precisa construir o "Bash Research Station" do grupo de pesquisa "Research". O "Bash Research Station" é feito com dois troncos e quatro pranchas. Uma vez que foi construído, você precisa usar uma pá para desenterrar cerca de 10 ervas daninhas. Adicione as ervas daninhas cavadas à "Estação de Pesquisa Bash" até que a pesquisa tenha terminado e o blueprint para o "String Maker" apareça no grupo de equipamentos "Misc". O "String Maker" é feito com seis tábuas, quatro pólos, uma engrenagem e uma pedra. Uma vez que o "String Maker" foi construído, você adiciona cinco ervas daninhas a ele para criar uma corda.