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Thanks for that information Denki.  What you said about the bots being made of drives, frames, and heads makes me want to guess that the symbols on the three basic workbenches behind the worker assembler must therefore indicate that those workbenches are making those Mk1 drives, Mk1 frames, and Mk1 heads.  Is that correct?

And when you said "This automated Bot Workshop earned another badge and unlocked a bonus blueprint for a Bot head variant" does that mean that we could set the last workbench to make something like "Mk2 heads"?  Or since there is a "bonus blueprint", will the Bot head variant be made on a different machine built from that bonus blueprint?  Thank you.

Hi Denki,  Thank you for adding another image to this post. 

I see at the far left side that there are 3 bots behind 3 machines, either bench saws or crude bench saws.  Would you let us know which?

In front of the saw on the right I see what looks like a pallet containing planks and a bot next to it.  In front of the saw by the door I see what looks like a pallet containing poles and a bot next to it.  In front of the saw on the left I see a different machine and a bot next to it.  Is that machine a basic workbench?  I think it is because in front of it I see a storage bin containing crude gears with a bot next to it, and crude gears are made at the basic workbench.

In front of the two pallets of planks and poles and in front of the crude gear bin I see what I believe are three more basic workbenches with bots next to each and to the left of them I see what I believe is the Farmer Player wearing a "Farmer's Hat".

In front of the 3 workbenches I see what I believe is a worker assembler that has been set up to create Crude Workerbots (which need crude gears) rather than Basic Workerbots (which need gears that are created by a wood router that does not appear here.)  This new version of the worker assembler does not look at all like the current version of the worker assembler, but I guess that you wanted it to look more like the logs, etc. used to make it.

In front of the worker assembler I see what I believe is a Crude Workerbot (which is larger than all of the other bots which must be Basic Workerbots) and a worker storage for Basic Workerbots.

On each of the machines, I also see symbols that I believe indicate what those machines are making.  The symbol on each of the saws looks line either a plank or a pole.  The only symbol that I can identify on the workbenches is the one on the first workbench which is a crude gear.  The symbol on the worker assembler looks like a Basic Workerbot, which makes me think that this machine's output must have just been changed from Crude Workerbot.

Please correct me if I have incorrectly identified anything here,  Thank you.

This image is fantastic!  It shows a lot of the great, new features that are being added to Autonauts and to the way that the bots can be scripted.

I see in the bot's script a command that says "Find nearest Pine Tree in" followed by a white box.  Can you please tell us what the options are that could appear in that white box?  I hope those options still include something similar to the "?" icon for finding the nearest tree to the training location and something similar to what in the current version is a blue and red icon for finding the nearest tree to a specified beacon.  Thank you,

WOW!!!  This is exactly what I wanted to see and much, much more!  This really will increase interest in Autonauts' next version.  Keep up the great work.  Thank you.

If you use the "Repeat until hear" option for your bots, you will also need other bots that "Shout" what you want these bots to hear.  For example, below we see in the bottom image there is a bot wearing a Party Hat that is named "GoFish".  This bot waits until the Salmon Storage bin is not full, and then will shout "GoFish" and then wait for 60 seconds.  A second bot wearing a Guy Fawkes Hat that is named "StopFish" waits until the Salmon Storage bin is full, and then will shout "StopFish" and then waits for 60 seconds.  There are also seven bots without hats with names such as "Fish1" that wait until they hear a bot shout "GoFish" and then will repeat a loop in which they use their held item (the fishing pole) to fish for the salmon until they hear a bot shout "StopFish".  Three other bots will take the salmon that they catch and store them in the Salmon Storage bin.  Two other bots wearing Traffic Cone hats will rewind the bots when their power runs out.

Thank you for replying.  I was not asking for any changes to the "Brain" and I don't expect that you would make changes there at this time.  Actually, I was scared that there might be too much done there that would make the game "simpler" for many new users that don't understand scripting.  Please just give us one ordinary screenshot that would reassure us that the current layout of scripting remains mostly the same.  Thank you.

Hi Denki,  Would you please show us a small screenshot that shows a sample of the "My Brain" commands from the next version?  I'm sure that it will stir a lot of interest in the game again.  There has not been very much discussion about Autonauts here in the past week.  Thank you.

I found that the pitchfork was added for Version 18 that was released for Halloween 2017.  That version had a lot of new objects added for that theme.

You could cut down the apple trees to get the apples, but hitting the trees with the mallets will give you apples without losing the trees.  If you cut down the apple trees you would have to dig holes and plant apples in the holes and wait for the apple trees to grow again.  It's faster to just use the mallets.

You can cut down apple trees with an axe.  You will get one log and two or three apples from each apple tree that is cut down.

So do I.  I have not found any use for them.

You can dig holes in the ground and plant apples in those holes that grow into apple trees.  Any place that you can dig a hole for a pine tree could also be used for a hole for an apple tree.  I like to keep my apple trees in an area that is a bit away from the pine trees.

Also, since you can build bots that hit pine trees with mallets to get sticks, you can build bots that hit apple trees with mallets to get apples, so I like to keep the apple trees in one group and the pine trees in another group.

I suggest that you build a canoe and a paddle for the canoe and then travel to the land on the left side of the map.  There are many apple trees there.  Once you have revealed that land, you can put bridge blueprints down so that bots can build bridges there (since you can't carry a bot when you are in a canoe).  You should use the canoe to reveal all of the hidden land on all the edges of the map.

Does Autonauts take half an hour to load for you?  Do you want to know why?  Do you want to know how to fix it?

Did you start making bots that would cut down trees and bots that would dig tree seed holes and bots that would plant tree seeds in the holes?  Was everything working great for a long time?

Did you decide to build a super-tall pile of something that just got higher and higher?

Did you start growing cereal and then got bots to cut down the cereal, and bots that would put the cereal in threshing machines that made cereal seeds and straw, and bots that hoed the ground and other bots that planted the cereal seeds?  Did all that left-over straw become another super-tall pile?

Then after all of the great work that you did, and after you would save your game at the end of each day, and you would load the game at the start of the next day, did the game start to take longer and longer to load until you just couldn’t wait any longer for the load to finish?  Did you decide that the game must be broken?  Did you decide that your save must be broken, so you gave up on that save and started the game over again from the very beginning?

I can tell you what the problem really was and how you could get your game to load an old save again and how to make your saves take much less time to load.

The problem is the size of your save file.  If your save file has a size of about  2,700 KB or less, the file size is okay and that file will load in a reasonable amount of time.  If your save file instead has a size of about 3,400 KB or more, the file size is too large and that file could take half an hour to load.

But what makes the save files become so large?  The fault is those super-tall piles.  Every item in the game, from the first tool you created to the last piece of straw at the top of one pile to the highest dung in your dung pile, will appear in the save file with a list of information that might look something like {"ID":"Straw","UID":1537101,"TX":185,"TY":74}.  If you have a super-tall pile of straw, each straw object will appear in the save file with a list as long as that one.  I once had a save file that had nearly 20,000 straw objects in its super-tall pile and that file had a size of almost 3,500 KB, which took more than half an hour to load.

What should you do to prevent the save file from becoming so large that you can’t enjoy the game because of its load time?  The answer is one word: Incinerator.  You must forget about building those super-tall piles.  You must instead put all of the straw that you have not put into storage bins (for making hats or making bricks) into the Incinerator.  Any item that is put into the Incinerator will be deleted from the game and so will not take up space in the save file.  You will need to create bots that will take unneeded straw from the pile at the output of every threshing machine and put it into the Incinerator.

What should you do about that save file for your great game that you had before it started to take too much time to load?  If you have another smaller save taken before the one that would not load quickly, load the smaller save file instead.

Use Microsoft File Explorer in Windows to look in the folder that contains your regular save files.  You will see that each file shown has a Name, a Date Modified, a Type, and a Size.  The save files all have a Type of “Text Document” because they all have an extension of “.txt”.  When you look at the save file that takes too long to load and you see that its Size is too large, you should notice its Date Modified. 

For example, as shown below, my large Save file that took too long to load has a Name of “Save112617.txt”.  Its Size is 3,490 KB and its Date Modified is 11/26/2017 7:25 PM.  I have a smaller file that has a Name of “Save112517.txt” with a Size of 2,940 KB and a Date Modified of 11/25/2017 4:25 AM.  I was able to load this smaller file after the large file became a problem to load.  I only lost about a day and a half of time between the two saves.

But what could you do if you don’t have a smaller file that you had saved before the larger save file that was a problem?  The answer is: Autosave files.  As the Autonauts game runs, you see a piggy bank appear in the lower right corner of the game about every 10 minutes.  The piggy bank indicates that an Autosave file is being created at that time automatically.

Use Microsoft File Explorer in Windows to look in the folder named “Autosaves” that appears inside the folder that contains the Autonauts.exe file.  If you click on the column heading Date Modified, the files will be sorted by those dates.  Scroll down to the files that have Dates Modified that are before the Date Modified of the large save file with the problem.  Look for a file with a size that is less than about 3,000 KB.  In my Autosaves folder is a file with the Name of “Autosave_25-11-2017_04-23-49.txt” that has a Date Modified of 11/25/2017 4:23 AM and a Size of 2,938 KB.  Copy your similar Autosave file and paste it into the folder with your regular Save files.  Then in the Autonauts game, Load this file.  The file should load in a reasonable amount of time and you can again play the game. 

Next, be sure to build the Incinerator and get rid of those super-tall piles that caused the problem.

Create Wooden Mallets for several bots.  Those bots will need to use those mallets on Pine Trees to get Sticks and use the mallets on Apple Trees to get Apples.  You will need lots of bots to get lots of sticks and apples to make the foods.

Please do not eliminate the beacon.  It is a very useful part of the game.  If you eliminate it, the game will be much more limited.  Thank you.

There are 100 folk in the game already.

The wheel that is made on the Wood Router is needed to build the Clay Station.

Hi BlackBerrest3,  You were correct in that I did not completely understand your earlier statement.  After reading it again, I now realize that my statements about the missing "Move to Charcoal" were only correct in reference to the original screenshot that showed the "Find nearest Charcoal" with the blue and red button that indicates "nearest to the beacon" as shown in the image on the left below.  Once I realized that you must have changed the "Find nearest Charcoal" to use the question mark that indicates "nearest to a location" (the stack) as shown in the image on the right below, I must admit that you were then correct.  I'm sorry for my misunderstanding.

BlackBerrest3 - You may believe anything that you wish.  For everyone else, if your commands include "Find nearest Charcoal" and "Pick up Charcoal" but you do not have "Move to Charcoal" between them, your commands will fail just as they did for BlackBerrest3.   That's just the way the game works.

As I replied to your posting of this issue in the "Feedback, Bugs 'n' Stuff" thread,

I see that your commands include in the "Repeat until hands full" loop to "Find nearest Charcoal" and to "Pick up Charcoal" but they are missing the command "Move to Charcoal" between them.  Thus, the "Pick up Charcoal" will fail and the "Repeat until hands full" will never be completed.  The loop will continue forever.

I see that your commands include in the "Repeat until hands full" loop to "Find nearest Charcoal" and to "Pick up Charcoal" but they are missing the command "Move to Charcoal" between them.  Thus, the "Pick up Charcoal" will fail and the "Repeat until hands full" will never be completed.  The loop will continue forever.

Your save file is contained in a folder.  I have suggested that people name this folder such as "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\yourname\Autonauts".   Open that folder.  Click on the save file that you want to delete.  Press the "DEL" key on your keyboard to delete that file.

You can build crude huts or crude brick huts and then put them into those huts.  They will smile and be happy (for several seconds).  Then they will become sad because they are hungry.  You can produce food such as bread, mushroom soup, cooked salmon, and apple pie.  When you feed them they will smile and be happy again (for several seconds more).  Then they will get hungry again.  You can also create hats and clothes for them.  As they eat, they will eventually get themselves and their clothes dirty and be sad again.  You can take their clothes off with a crude basket and put them into a wash tub to clean them and then onto a clothes line to dry them.  You can also put the folk into wash tubs to clean them.  Once they are clean, you can put them back into their huts and put the hats and clothes onto them again.  And then they will be happy again (for several seconds).  Just like raising your own kids, you will need to take care of them and make them happy for a long time.  If you can get the indicator in the top left corner of the game to show that you have 100 extremely happy folk, then you can be proud that you have accomplished the measured goal of the game.  Show us a screenshot showing the 100 extremely happy folk and we will see how well you have done.  Good luck.

The game and its files will be extracted to the folder you chose and that folder will now be show.  The folder includes the file named “Autonauts.exe”.  Right-click on that file and select “Pin to taskbar”.  The game will appear on the taskbar with the three-arrow Unity icon, which you can now click to run the Autonauts game.  

A window will open that says “Select a Destination and Extract Files”.  Enter (or Browse to) a folder with a name such as “C:\Users\Owner\Documents\yourname\Autonauts”.  The field labeled “Show extracted files when complete” should have a check mark.  Click on the “Extract” button.  

This game, like many others was downloaded in a compressed format, indicated by the “.zip” extension.  You will need to “unzip” (”uncompress”) the .zip file to get all of the working files onto your PC.  Open your “Downloads” folder.  Right-click on the .zip file and select “Extract All”.

If you haven’t opened the game yet, I presume that you may have just downloaded it from the website.  What you have downloaded is probably a file with a name like “Autonauts_ Version_21.2_Windows x64.zip” or “Autonauts_NoLighting_Version_21.2_Windows x64.zip” and that file was downloaded into your “Downloads” folder.  

If your map is full of storages, I imagine that most of your bots are set to "Repeat Forever", including those that produce resources (cutting down trees, mining ore, etc.) and those that put the resources into storages.  In that case, even if there were bigger storages, those too will eventually get filled and the problem remains the same.

You might find as an enjoyable challenge trying to regulate the bots that produce resources so that they stop doing so when the storage is full and later start producing those resources when the storage is not full.  Try also using the "Shout" and the "Repeat Until Hear …"  commands so that bots that identify that a type of storage is full or not full can control the bots that produce the resources and fill the storages.

Of course, the folk need to be fed which should use up the stored resources.

I am very impressed by the images shown here.  I see in the top image what I believe might be cereal growing at three levels, short and green, medium and yellow, and tall and yellow which is probably ready for harvesting.  I see what I believe in the front-right is a bot with a flail harvesting the cereal. I see what looks like at least 3 bots doing something with white cereal seeds near 3 pumpkins.  I see what I think might be a bot with a shovel planting seeds in the center.  At the left side I think I see a bot pushing a cart of cereal seeds past another bot that I can imagine might have filled that cart with the seeds earlier.  I see windmills and stone walls and brick walls and storage bins and perhaps a recycler or incinerator in the distance.

In the bottom image I see logs that are no longer shaped like round tree trunks but are instead six-sided.  I see that the logs can be stacked to form walls and can also be stacked for use in this lumber mill.  I see what I believe must be 6 crude bench saws for cutting the logs into planks and poles.  I like the details of those crude bench saws, including what might be white cranks which the bots could turn to operate the saws.  I see differences in the bots.  One of them is short and might be wearing a pink hat (or maybe that is the Farmer Player).  Some have one green top-light, some have two green top-lights, and one has a single yellow top-light.  I also see on the right side in the distance what might be the beginning of a tower of objects that have not yet been put into storage.

In the future, I would very much like to see an image that shows a sample of one bot’s “My Brain” commands.  That would really increase interest in the game from those of us that enjoy automating the entire game to do everything.

Thank you for all you are doing for us.

The storage bins that contain the same object are automatically connected to each other.  If you have only one storage bin with room for 100 logs and you create a new storage bin and add one log to it, both bins will now have room for 200 logs, etc.

Denki has provided us with very good information on many issues.  I would like to suggest that rather than exactly following Denki's statement "Just download it and put it into a folder on your desktop", you should instead download that file and put it into a well-named folder that is not on your desktop, such as a folder that you can create below your own "Documents" folder named "Autonauts" as shown below.  Keeping all of your Autonauts files in this folder will help you to find them. 

Too many times people suggest that files and folders be "put on your desktop", but if you put everything there it will become a big mess.  If you always dump everything on the floor of your home, you would have the same problem.

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In addition to the wiki that Denki spoke about, you may also like to see how Matt Shea on You Tube played Autonauts during 2017.  I find Matt's videos to be very entertaining and informative.  The first ones pertain to earlier versions of the game but the last one is for the most recent version 21.2. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu_Jc10gF_fBNv3QrWeN8qYGg-_LqsiLK

I think your suggestion that the game include "if" statements is good.  In your example "if stone store full", "move to incinerator", "add to incinerator", you could replace the first line with "Repeat until Stone Storage not full" and you would get the same result.

Hi zergologist.  Which of the steps that I listed above was the last one that worked for you?

I also asked Denki many months ago to add a "Repeat until ? Storage Empty" option and a "Repeat until ? Storage Not Empty" option.  I was told that it would be added to the new version of Autonauts.  Since then I have come up with another way to check for Empty by stowing and cycling the object and using the "failure" down arrow to test it, as shown below.  If there is any butter in the storage, the inner loop will continue to run and the bot will shout "ButterNotEmpty".  If there is no butter in the storage, the inner loop fails and the bot will shout "ButterEmpty" and then wait 10 seconds before it repeats the outer loop.

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A more complex example is the Apple Pie bakery shown below.  I want to have four sets of bots that make pastries, raw apple pies, and the apple pies.  I found that when I first built the bakery and directed the raw apple pie making bots (wearing the top hats) to put the apples and the pastries onto their own kitchen tables, they would sometime run off to another area to get the apples and the pastries that were not the nearest to their tables.  So, I added a beacon with a very small range near each of the tables.  Now, the bots no longer waste time running to the wrong apples and pastries.

Beacons help with "Find Nearest …" commands.  After you have built your beacon, pick it up and you can then give it a name and a range by pressing Z.  The name is only a label and is not used by the Bots.  The range is the size of the red circle that limits where the Bots will search for the nearest specific object to the beacon.  In the example below, the Steam Bot wearing the Traffic Cone hat will find the nearest unwound Workerbot (to the beacon) and then recharge it.  You can tell that it is nearest to the beacon because the "Find Nearest …" command has the blue and red button (indicating the beacon) instead of the question mark (indicating no beacon) as the point to which it must be nearest.

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Beacons help with "Find Nearest …" commands.  After you have built your beacon, pick it up and you can then give it a name and a range by pressing Z.  The name is only a label and is not used by the Bots.  The range is the size of the red circle that limits where the Bots will search for the nearest specific object to the beacon.  In the example below, the Steam Bot wearing the Traffic Cone hat will find the nearest unwound Workerbot (to the beacon) and then recharge it.  You can tell that it is nearest to the beacon because the "Find Nearest …" command has the blue and red button (indicating the beacon) instead of the question mark (indicating no beacon) as the point to which it must be nearest.

A window will open labeled “Load Game?”  Click on the “Yes” button to load the file.