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Weeds (loose)?

A topic by powerguy1983 created Oct 19, 2019 Views: 1,092 Replies: 3
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How do I get these?  I unlocked the crafting station to use these a long time ago but have no idea how to get these.

When you use a shovel (spade) to dig up weeds, you get Weeds (Loose) or Weeds Dug.

Where do you get weeds in the first place

In the old Autonauts (version 21.2) as shown below and similarly in the new Autonauts (version 125), the weeds appear naturally.  In 21.2 they continue to grow again where they were dug from until you put fertilizer on the ground.  In the new version, you must treat them as a crop because they are used in several foods such as Spiced Mushrooms.