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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki


A topic by Nathan539 created 57 days ago Views: 87 Replies: 5
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i went back on and while my bots were putting seeds into the container the number went upto 202 and then a few frames later goes back down to 201


Thanks for reporting this bug. I think this happens when you have many bots adding and taking from the storage. This should be fixed in the next release

heres the save file if you want to check it out your self!nj5UFASR!2pqt8vsnllJtcstI6sDfR8u2s1jdiB04fInJNwA1rm0

It's not really "illegal" and I wouldn't even call it unexpected.  In real life, just about every product we buy comes in storage containers (boxes or bottles) which even though they are "full" when purchased can still have some more added.

The maximum capacity of storage bins in the current version (and for most versions before) is actually 105% of the listed capacity, so one bin that should hold 100 items can be over filled to 105 items, especially if there are multiple bots filling it at the same time.  This is similar to when the bots are in a "Repeat until Storage Full" loop, for which Storage Full is true when it is only 95% full. 

oh btw the tree seed storage is at ~100