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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Talamann Gaming Autonauts Playthrough

A topic by Talamann created 35 days ago Views: 41 Replies: 1
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Hey all, just thought I would drop this video here:

I absolutely love this game, honestly played for another two hours after I played this episode! I cannot wait to make a part 2.

Hi Talamann.  It's nice to see your progress as a beginner on Autonauts.  Lots of players have enjoyed this game for several years.  I can give you a few suggestions if you are interested.

1.  The "Player-Farmer" that you control has built a "Crude Axe" from a stick and a stone.  Next, he should build a "Crude Shovel" from a stick and a stone.

2. With the Crude Shovel, you can dig holes in the same type of land where the Pine Trees grow.

3.  You can pick up the Pine Tree Seeds that look like acorns and drop them into the holes.  New Pine Trees will begin to grow from those seeds.

4. When you taught the first Crude Worker Bot to cut down a Pine Tree, and then drop the axe, and then pick up the log, and the drop the log near the Bench Saw, you should retrain the bot to drop the log into the Bench Saw by right-clinking on the saw itself rather than on the arrow square by the saw.

5. For the Bot Assembler, instead of making Crude Worker Bots, you should make Basic Worker Bots.  The Basic Worker Bots will work longer than the Crude Worker Bots before needing to be wound up again.

6. To name your bots, you will need to build a Name Tag for each one on the Basic Work Bench, and then blow the whistle (pressing the space bar) to alert all of the bots, and then click on a bot and move the Name Tag to the "Updates" row of the bot.  You can click on the assigned name of the bot and then give it a new name of up to 10 characters.

Good luck.  Please make another video showing us your progress.